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As a few of you no doubt noticed, since I received some emails in concern, I’ve been doing my best to stay as uninvolved from these matters as possible.

Logan rather sternly told me that I should not visit this website, I should not contact him, and I should try to not even think of him. So… Well, I did. But there have been some rather extenuating circumstances that have changed that.

Many of you here have been genuinely concerned about Logan and myself, and honestly, in this confusing, nonsensical, and dare I say supernatural series of events, it has been a source of comfort to know that there are people out there who cared and believed in what was occurring. Because of that, I feel I owe it to you all to at least update you on what has happened.

Two days ago, at about noon, I found this in my mailbox:


Even though I cannot just flat out recognize Logan’s handwriting, I didn’t think it was much of a stretch to assume this was from him. I decided to finally take a look here later that night and saw that he had since been posting every now and then, but most importantly was the picture posted on Wednesday. I knew exactly where that place was, and it wasn’t far from my house. I immediately called the police and told them that he might be in that area and resisted all temptation to go there myself.

Yesterday I received a phone call that they found his body nearby. He didn’t have any ID on him so they’re not sure, but his clothes are the same as what he was wearing in the photo. The only thing he had in him was a smartphone, which could explain how he posted the picture, but it had been smashed to pieces in some sort of struggle. They were still trying to determine cause of death, but the only thing they said to me that stood out at this point was that he was blind in his left eye, which I can’t possibly see as being a coincidence given previous pictures he’s posted.

I didn’t sleep at all last night, and this morning I received the call that they’d like me to come ID the body. At this point, I don’t see how it could be anyone else, but I promise that as soon as I get home I’ll post again to let you all know, since I feel I owe you that much. I’m leaving to drive to the police station now. Come to think of it, I haven’t ridden my motorcycle since I broke my arm, but as anyone that rides could tell you, it’s a fairly relaxing activity, so at least it might help me clear my head. I’ll post as soon as I get back… I don’t see how this could take more than an hour or two.

Game Over

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Untitled 1

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HE dIGs and digs and digs and digs and digs and digs and Digs and digs and digs

the Rain pours and pours and pours and pours and pours and pours and pours and pours and pours

i am crumbling joshUA

staring at the world through this foggy glass

nothing can be [un]made while I lean upon this windowSILL

Found. You.

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I can hear the laughter.

Through this endless night and after.


I can hear the singing.

Chorus, verse, and refrain ringing.


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Do you have any idea how sad it is when your only comforts from a friend are ramblings that don’t make an ounce of sense?

Someone has informed me that a phone number of mine was in the notebook. The number in question was an old Pay-As-You-Go phone that I had that ran out of credit, but I still had the phone (although for the life of me I cannot find it). I tried calling it and, well, that’s not my voice. That’s Logan’s. I left him a message so here’s to hoping that I’ll actually hear back from him now that I seem to have a way to contact him.

But why use my name?


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you HAve come upon a door.

stop trying the haNDle if it’S not working.

if A dooR is locked, surEly you must first find THE KEY?

The Notebook

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For the sake of those interested actually seeing this, here’s Dav’s video of looking through the notebook:

Part 1

Part 2

Another Note from Joshua

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Logan. Call me. You know my number.

As a note to everyone else: It is clear that Logan, wherever he is, still has access to the internet and this blog, or at least he does intermittently. For the sake of clarification, I’ll start every post of mine with “AUTHOR: JOSHUA,” and will go back and edit my previous ones as well.

Also, a quick update while I’m at it: I also feel like I owe you an explanation on what happened to Logan, or at least, as much as I know. When no one had heard from him for two weeks, I finally went over to his apartment, and what I found was… Interesting.

The key that he usually had hidden underneath a false rock in the garden wasn’t there, so after some convincing I got the super to let me in. The entire apartment seemed like it had been overturned, with two exceptions. The first was that the refrigerator seemed untouched, which I can only assume is because it’s so fucking heavy, and the second was his bedroom. The bed was off of its frame, books were thrown from shelves, there was a hole that appeared to have been punched into the wall; but his desk was immaculate. It was completely clean, aside from the notebook, laying dead center, a knife and a set of colored pens beside it.

And… that’s about it. We immediately called the police, who swooped in and inspected it. I haven’t heard of anything new other than that they couldn’t find a single fingerprint that didn’t belong to Logan or belonged to me and had been created when I entered. But that claim in itself makes me suspicious. There should be other fingerprints. He had people over all of the time. My fingerprints should be all over the place, not just where I touched when I went into his apartment that day. Our other friends’ fingerprints should be everywhere.

That’s all there was to it. He was gone without a trace, leaving only a wrecked apartment and that notebook in his wake.