Second Page

And the second page:


The stick figure isn’t too hard to pick out, but this is the beginning of his obsession on what apparently is trees. You can obviously see the tree there as well as a spider-like bush or something. Any ideas what the thing on the right is other than just a sunburst on the remaining hole in the page?


Also I noticed that all of the lines that were made when the pencil cut through the page he used in his picture. I left a message for the doctor that was treating him, so hopefully I can learn a bit more than I already knew about the notebook and how they used it.


~ by Logan on August 5, 2009.

12 Responses to “Second Page”

  1. weird,

  2. It is but a noise, a shadow, a warning. To see it is to deserve it. Follow the angel of death to the ark. Only the chosen shall live. The Waters of God will engulf sin. The world is his playground but everything answers to something. That something is close, rounding the forgotten planet. Repentence is aimed at something false. Humanity has failed, follow him to the ark. His origin will be the last place for salvation.

  3. Hawaii is nice this time of year. Someone’s pokingthethirdeye.

  4. My brother……..he draws pictures like this. Strange,cryptic,disturbing…….simaler to these. Please if anyone reads this…help me.

  5. run as fdasr and as fast as can, is too late, hes coming runrunrunrun

  6. The figure in the background looks to much like a creature not like a spider I’ll search it up and repost.

  7. Wow that didn’t take long its called Slender Man He always stays behind trees but i dont understand the thing at the bottom right

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