Something in the Trees

I just woke up from a ridiculous dream that I realized I’ve been having repetitively. I don’t remember how it begins but I remember how it ends. I’m standing in some sort of arid region dotted with a few spindly trees. The tree nearest to me looks like it’s on fire, but I can’t really tell since I don’t have my glasses on or contacts in, so I start to move towards it, and only then do I realize how ungodly tired I am. Each step seems like a battle in itself, but as I get closer, I realize that it’s not the tree that’s on fire, there are several things in the trees that are burning.

I hear a voice that is familiar yet unidentifiable say “Now…”

And then I woke up clawing into the air. I turned on my light and even then it took me a few moments to figure out I was in my room at home. I guess Matt’s fixation with trees is starting to gnaw at me.

On the way to my computer to write this something else occurred to me…


I was looking at the first page again, and from how I was holding it realized that the long streaks on the bottom right are from Matt’s hand when Dr. M pulled it out of his hands. It’s kind of unsettling to see the physical result after hearing a story like that.


~ by Logan on August 7, 2009.

22 Responses to “Something in the Trees”

  1. The inclusion of dreams is suddenly quite interesting. How long have you been having this dream? Do you remember anything more about the voice which said “Now?” Have you been much of a dreamer before this recurring dream?

    Most importantly, have you seen a tall slender man clad in a suit with a blank face, in real life?

    This may be more important than you think. As before, I can be reached at at gmail.
    ~Dav Flamerock
    Miskatonic University

  2. I’m not sure how often I’ve been having the dream… A few days maybe? I haven’t had it since I wrote about it though, so I guess this pseudo-journaling thing has at least accomplished one thing. I’ve had plenty of dreams in the past, and even some that have been recurring, so I didn’t think this was particularly out of the ordinary. Also, I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything specific about the voice beyond that it doesn’t belong to someone I know. I guess it sounded like a middle aged man? It’s a bit hard to describe a random voice.

    There’s been a pretty good lack of slender men clad in suits with blank faces… No worries on that front.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but feel free to tell me anything you think might be relevant.


  3. Were you carrying a gun in your dream?

  4. @Dublin

    Now that you mention it, yeah, I definitely remember that I was. Why do you ask?

    • Maybe you could kill the Slenderman?

      • Chances are that shooting the Slender Man is something that previous victems would have tried already. As you can no doubt tell by my refering to them as ‘victems,’ it probably didn’t pan out too well for them. Although, I can certainly see myself turning to run from the Slender Msn even if I had a gun, so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that fear paralized their trigger fingers.

        But even if you tried, the odds are against you.

    • Sorry for the delay, I just found this site, but I’m currently researching memetic infections for a college project. When you were dreaming do you remember being you, or someone else? Do you usually wear glasses, or is that just the dream? Did Matt?
      Please answer promptly, this may be vitally important for your continued safety.

  5. Oh good, it is good to know that recurring dreams are not irregular for you. More comforting is the fact that you have not had this dream again since posting this. Hopefully this trend continues.

    Surprisingly, the fact that you did not know the voice is a very relevant piece of information. In your original post, you implied that it sounded like someone you knew but could not remember. I cannot say exactly why, but it is much more comforting to know that the voice is not someone you knew.

    Dream Well,
    ~Dav Flamerock
    Miskatonic University

  6. I’m thinking that your dream stemmed from page 2 of your notebook, and I’m pretty sure I’m right. Check the trees in the drawing and tell me whether or not you see them too.

  7. ble

  8. sl

  9. On

  10. Well Logan looks like your a chosen one 😛

  11. That’s a nice hat. Shame Tall, Dark, and rapey doesn’t wear a hat anymore.

  12. Logan, Slenderman is absolutlely real. If you haven’t watched the Marble Hornets videos already, you should. And you should watch out for Totheark..

  13. Lol Marble Hornets is fake, here is a video where the cast of Marble Hornets are doing fan fiction about Marble Hornets. So don’t worry it is fake but very interesting.

  14. I think Dublin noticed that there was stick figures in the tree in the second picture… *shivers*

  15. just saying it looks like the artists comic version of himself in xkcd

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