It’s Like Christmas…

Only with freaky ass drawings. I decided I might as well do some shooting to catch up to page 13 and 14 that I posted earlier…

MattsJournalPage06.jpg MattsJournalPage06b.jpg

Page 6 and the back of page 6. I actually rather like this one in an odd way, plus page 6 (the front only) is the first page to have used pen instead of pencil.


Page 7. Very exciting, I know.


Page 8.

MattsJournalPage09.jpg MattsJournalPage10.jpg

Page 9 and 10. The left vertical lines of the “No”s are lines from the pencil cutting through the page.


Page 11 (and the back of page 10).


Page 12 (and the back of page 11).


~ by Logan on August 10, 2009.

11 Responses to “It’s Like Christmas…”

  1. Have you had anymore dreams?

  2. Why don’t you just post all the pictures in one post? Why are you slowly showing them to us? You’ve obviously seen the entire book, if there’s anything interesting in there, you should just show it.

  3. It takes time to sit there, take a high-quality photo, and upload them. Chances are he doesn’t see anything interesting thus far, either–these just look pretty random.

    God, you’d think you could let the boy have a life now and then.

  4. So he drew a wing bone and then based the wing shape on it.

  5. The first one is a ridiculously hairy penis!
    Page 9 though…
    “There there there.
    Where where where?
    There There There!
    He spoke, his voice, I knew his voice.”

  6. i am particularly fond of page eight / / // it seems to be the most sane in a strange way

  7. Uhm am i the only one that thinks page 7 is an example of slenderman with his extra arms/tenticals using them to hypnotize someone?

  8. Page 6 looks like someone standing in the rain

  9. i noticed that logan draws over page seven when dav looks at it. he says that it is interesting sarcastically, but it seems that he finds true interest in it later on

  10. Sees without eyes, watches without sense.
    He touches cold but feels hot,
    and draws thunder in place of ice.

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