I run.

And that’s all I can do.

I will run and run and run and die.

Perhaps then I will find sanity.


~ by Logan on September 2, 2009.

16 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. They were the best day of our lives. The summer had settled into a moderate heat and all the children played with the funny man in the shinny suit. At night, he would sing by the windows, and his voice was like the summer carnival in Morrison.

  2. Logan, where the fuck are you these days? I haven’t heard from you in over a week, and even though you assured me that you were fine, this isn’t exactly reassuring… Call me asap.

  3. Running from what? Whats happening man?

  4. This certainly isn’t good. Joshua, can you go check on Logan, maybe get him help?

  5. I have recovered Matt’s notebook… Will give a status update when I have the chance and depending on what the police deem is allowable.

  6. …The police deem allowable? Joshua, what happened to Matt?

  7. Matt, Logan, and Alex…
    Maybe Joshua will be next.

  8. Ian, when you say Alex, do you mean the guy who was making the film “Marble Hornets”?

  9. i believe so sallyb

  10. are you in fact suggesting that Josh here is J from marble hornets?

  11. No… Because ‘J’ from MarbleHornets is Jay…

  12. No, “J” is a shortening of his name… he didn’t want to give out his first name, so he calls himself J. Also, I think MarbleHornets is staged, but I DO believe in Slenderman.

    • Jay is his name, it is not just the letter as an abbreviation. Check his twitter, youtube, any wiki or forum that talks about Marble Hornets… it’s not that hard to figure out.

  13. Jay is is name. But that is the name of the CHARACTER. Yes. It is “staged” as an ARG. This however is a side story to MH. Therefore it would not be outside the realm of plausibility that “Joshua” is also “Jay”.

  14. and this is were he lost it…

  15. Knowing is wanting.
    Wanting is seeking.
    Seeking is desiring.
    Desiring is SIN.

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