I was driving home on my motorcycle with the notebook and some asshole businessman walked into the road in front of me. I was able to stop, but my bike fell over and I broke my arm. The guy is mainly an asshole since, as I lay there on the ground in pain, he just walked away, and the cops weren’t able to find him. If he’d at least helped then he’d just be an ass.

Oh well. I’ll get pictures of the entire notebook up this weekend once I’m done being sidetracked with my arm. And by sidetracked I mean high on pain pills.


~ by Logan on September 24, 2009.

43 Responses to “Accident”

  1. Really?
    Any chance he was wearing a black suit and black tie?
    Be careful. Beware of that notebook and the Slender Man as well.

  2. A businessman huh?

  3. Joshua, I must warn you, you need to avoid this “Business man” at all costs, I can’t stress this to you any more. You may also want to avoid Logan’s journal. You are in great danger and if you aren’t careful, you could end up like him.

  4. Once you’ve got those pictures up, my friend, you need to burn it. Please. The cycle can end with you.

  5. Don’t let anyone else touch the journal or see the journal, either. Don’t even mention the journal if you haven’t already.

  6. You’re next!

  7. Stay away from this man.

  8. The Slender Man moves through entertainment. That’s how he chooses who will be next. Watch out, Joshua.

  9. dont avoid him. the truth is more important.

  10. Hey man, wasn’t there a picture of some arm bones on one of the first pages of the journal? Weird

    • i was just going to post the same comment…things are certainly coming together.

      • I agree.
        That book is trouble.
        I feel like the Matt guy really went through some shit.
        Now I just need proof that the Slender Man is real.

  11. Watch yourself…

  12. A… businessman? I don’t think that was a businessman, mate…

  13. And so it begins…

  14. hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahhahaah….

  15. What a jerk. Wall street has no time for the little guy these days.

  16. maybe it was you who was the asshole and the business man who was the victim????

  17. Yo

    No, but really this is not Marble Hornets.

  18. What’s so special behind Marble Hornets? there was nothing special in the footage just some shots taken while in a car. Interesting footage for a project in film. Every time I watch one of these videos I keep thinking that exorcist chick is going to pop on the screen and the volumes is going to raise to scare the Jesus out of me! WTF!!!lol

  19. Did this guy look at you?

  20. A tall business guy not walking entirely straight and ridiculously thin, I assume?

  21. its like watching ringu . . .

  22. damn dude.

  23. I’m not sure if I believe this…. but there’s a part of me that wants so badly for this to be truth.

  24. I have an unhealthy obsession with slender man.

  25. He walked away? You’re sure?
    As far as I’ve known about Slenderman… He moves quickly when he’s been seen…
    Maybe I’m wrong.

    Be careful, Joshua.

    • from what i’ve seen he doesn’t move at all when he’s seen unless he’s moving to finish something and it’s never away from the person who’s seen him/it.

      also i notice that he (they?) only show up near conflict; the fights between the people involved with this stuff, soldiers occasionally.

  26. I think your blog is great. Just keep on! I think so, I will be back again.

  27. Sometimes there are things we can’t explain, things that don’t make sense to us. It’s best not to get involved with these things but for those of you who do…stop before it’s too late.

  28. just reading all of this makes me think about that much used trope in campy horror movies where the kid thinks that the tree branches against his window look like a person or a hand or what have you, perhaps this “Slender Man” idea or thing has been around for longer then you think?

  29. Ooh, let’s just hope this wasn’t a proxy of Slendy, or anything like that. Get better!

  30. So. Joshua takes over and suddenly everyone is on board? Hmm. Interesting. Certainly appears this Joshua has brought his own fan club…..
    Go get ’em, buddy.
    And J! If that IS you in there…..;) Good work.

  31. Anybody sees here some common point to the DeatNote anime??


  33. the only people who can see him are his victims

  34. Listen to me it this is very important…go out and find an eldritch abomination grab it’s attention and lead it back to your house then find the SM grab it’s attention and lead it back to your house. Then film the resulting interaction you must do this FOR SCIENCE!

  35. thatwasnobusinessman+

  36. Remember stay away from this “businessman” and logan your friend logan is gone even if he’s still alive.

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