Getting Rid of It


This is Joshua. The last post was not by me. So it’s safe to assume Logan is at least still alive out there, although he clearly doesn’t seem well.

Logan, if you see this, please call me or contact me in some way. In any way.

As for the notebook… I’m taking his advice and getting rid of it. If you want it, email me your address at I accept no responsibility for anything that might happen as a result of getting the notebook. If I can’t get this mailed off by tomorrow, I’m destroying it.


~ by Logan on September 30, 2009.

64 Responses to “Getting Rid of It”

  1. Good Riddance

  2. Feel free to give it to me.

    Contact me at, so we can discuss this. Use that e-mail to reach me on MSN, or use NghSl for AIM. I’d prefer you destroyed it, however, I want to review it once.

    I’m sorry that I can’t e-mail you myself.

  3. I wouldn’t mind having a look. I have sent you an e-mail. Please update me if you send it to someone else.

  4. lock door pray

  5. You people crazy? Don’t take the book. It may sound cool but being chased and driven crazy by SM isn’t fun.

  6. I think we should make copies of the book available to all school children of the nation.

  7. Who has the book. You guys don’t know what your dealing with.
    e-mail me at

  8. I’ll take a look at it, I have training in psychology, If you don’t mind mailing it to Canada, E-mail me.

  9. Oh, how quaint. Facade Walker, next time, don’t bother threatening me, alrighty? Thanks.

  10. Oh please. There’s no way you destroyed that book.
    You still have it. I can tell

  11. Joshua–
    If you have read the late posts on this blog, perhaps you would know by now that I am Dav Flamerock, a grad student at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Mass, currently researching folk myths and legends. One of these is the myth of the Slender Man, and as I’m sure you are already quite aware, the Slender Man is most intrinsically related to the notebook you now have in your possession.

    As it is potentially a valuable part of my research, I would greatly appreciate it if you sent the notebook to me, assuming you have not already sent it off. I fully understand if you have already done so. If you need to contact me, you can guess my email from the attached link. I shall also send you my address for shipping.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope Logan and yourself are doing well.
    ~Dav Flamerock
    Miskatonic University

  12. You guys are getting into a world of trouble.

  13. I’ve been neglecting my e-mail until now -_-‘

    To the young lady offering virginity up for the book, no thank you, it’d be rather improper of me.

  14. Oh, and Dav: Please, notify me via the usual way if you get a response. I will do the same; However, I’m much better equipped to examine physical evidence rather than video/audio. I’d like to hold onto it in seclusion to see what will happen to me, should I get it. I promise to document my findings. I hope you do the same.

  15. Dav, TNC, have you heard from Joshua? I have yet to get a response.. I fear we may be too late. On a related note, do you think it has caught up to Logan..? We havent heard from him since the possible contact on 28th.

  16. Eh, I got an e-mail from someone worse than Joshua.

    Everyone, say hi to Matt.

    I blocked the e-mail in case it was… Well… Not who I think it is. But… Well, shit, man. Fucking Matt may have e-mailed me from the beyond.

    Now I NEED that notebook.

  17. Interesting…though I do question its validity..

  18. Are you guys aware of Marble Hornets?

  19. Samuel! Quiet! SM might be reading….

  20. Wait…. Samuel…M….OH GOD!

  21. Wolf, you know something we don’t.
    Like it or not, we’re all kind of involved in this.
    Tell us who Samuel M is

  22. I…I’m probably overreacting. Yes..of course I am…
    Its just.. Look at his name a little closer Ian, doesnt it look odd?
    Christ, why do the woods have to be so close to the back of the trailer…

  23. Samuel M.

    Slender Man.


  24. Sure, then he comes to your door with a ‘Hi my name is Samuel M’ nametag and you’re all not paranoid and thats how he gets you!

  25. I find it a little hard to believe that the Slender Man who, according to the Marble Hornets tapes, is incapable of speech, but fully able to use a computer.

  26. Who says he is incapable? I’ve seen no proof of that on the tapes. I’ve seen a creature who does not WISH to speak to a creature that is its lesser. Hell for all we know the sound of his voice could cause our brains to hemorrhage. Lack of a display of his ability to speak does not mean he is incapable, just unwilling.

  27. I you speak to cockroaches or other creatures you deem below your existence? There’s a reason Alex removed those sections of audio yaknow..

  28. Damn, you HAVE been more involved in this issue. I’ve only been researching Slender Man for a week or two… At first I thought it was an elaborate prank; Something to be revealed next April. Seems like it goes deeper than that.

    You have a good point, and from now on I’ll try to remember that Slender Man is a figure of superiority to you and I… Trying to figure out what he is is useless. All we can do is watch and try to put two and two together.
    Not surprised if everyone else reading this has already come to this conclusion.

  29. Well, well, well.

  30. Who says Slenderman is above us?
    We have no fucking clue what he is, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically superior. He could be a rat from another dimension with an elaborate illusion wrapped around him for all we know. Guys need to stop jumping to conclusions.

  31. Just so everyone knows, I am not Slender Man, my initials just bear an uncanny resemblance. Sorry for any trouble I may have caused.

  32. I’ll take it! 😀

  33. Bitches Don’t know about my slender powers

  34. if this was authored by Joshua, why does it say “~ by Logan on September 30, 2009.”?

    silly user. you’ve logged into the wrong account.

    or maybe slendy has sucked logan’s computer smarts out of his brains and is now toying with us, while the real logan is decaying somewhere in an “oddly contorted” shape…

  35. It’s written on Logan’s account, that doesn’t mean it has to be written by Logan himself too.
    @ the “Bitches don’t know about my slender powers”… there should be a shirt of that, lol.

    • LOL, I’d buy that shirt and wear it proudly! It should have a little slender man doodle in the corner, too.

  36. Guys!!..Samuel M could be the mysterious Dr.M..aka Slender Man..Matt didn’t commit suicide, Dr.M gave him drugs that altered his perception of realty which ultimately led to his death. Matt, being the only survivor of the incident, Dr.M knew he was gonna get caught so he erased the evidence buy killing Matt

    • dude i love u for sayin that!!!

    • However, if this is the case, why would Dr. M then contact Logan to give him the book? From what I’ve seen, Slender Man doesn’t generally search for victims – the simply happen to see him and, thus, become ‘prey’.

      Besides, Alex’s videos have no evidence that Slender Man speaks, and if Logan was indeed in contact with Dr. M, then I highly doubt the connection.

      People never trust the insane, yet their minds are often the clearest. While I don’t believe that Dr. M is the Slender Man, I do believe that Matt knew a great deal more than any of us who are clinically sane can ever begin to comprehend.

      • in MB ther is no Slender man only the Observer altrough they are simular they are not the same guy

    • This is so late it hardly bears saying but… well, this is the least of the things wrong with your post… but seriously, you just used the wrong version of by. You said ‘buy killing Matt’, like ‘killing Matt’ was something we could purchase…

  37. This will be our end. Searching for SLender man is a fools errand and a dead mans wish. We are all now his prey by looking for him. I have been marked and I am now probably going to be tortured. May this ride be one fun and from hell.

  38. Well, honestly, I still need to read the rest of this blog, but really, What the hell’s going on?

  39. There are far worse things in this world then slender man.
    Ever wonder about all the stories you here?
    Really think about this now.
    Of course you’ll likely wright this off, but…
    Reality is a strange thing.

    Kids are more easily led because they still have magic
    In their hearts. Still able to believe.
    Night is not the only place where our demons hunt. Just a place to
    Go where it is easy to hunt, because we make it that way. WE do. US!

  40. 3 or 4 years ago, I had dreams of “Slender Man”, but the thing is; I had no idea he exsisted. Also, I was looking through old sketchbooks and I stumbled upon a drawing of a tall man, with long arms and legs, completley black, with no face. At the time, I called the sketch, “The Shadow Man”. I’m kind of disturbed. People say this is a “myth” and that it’s fake. It’s a made up thing @ a meme site. But, why would I have dreamt about the same exact man, and drawn him without prior knowledge? And then stumble upon him today and find out he’s fake? I’m so lost..

    • Relax. Things with human outlines but inhuman proportions are pretty much par for the course for nightmare imagery. The familier made scary and all that. This whole thing is just an internet game (albeit a fun one), your dream was just a dream, do not let it concern you.

  41. Or she’s already gone

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