Be Gone from my Life


The notebook seems to have a magnetic quality to it. I’d be lying if I said I have no urge to look through it, but its past is far too disconcerting and personal for me to delve into it.

I’ve selected who to send the notebook to based on who gave the strongest impression that they know what they’re dealing with and will be able to resist the aforementioned magnetism. They can identify themselves if they’d like, but I won’t share who it is for obvious reasons. If you haven’t heard from me, it isn’t you. I feel like I should say “sorry, it isn’t you,” but I don’t know if an apology is appropriate in this situation.

The book is sealed in an envelope and will disappear from my life on Monday.



~ by Logan on October 4, 2009.

70 Responses to “Be Gone from my Life”

  1. Oh… so it wasn’t me?



  2. Hopefully He’ll stop stalking you. Best case scenario, the book is destroyed. But dammit, we all know that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  3. So, um…

    Whoever IS getting it…

    Wanna own up?

  4. I just stumbled upon this blog by accident and it is of great interest to me as I am someone who knew Matt. We were in the same squad before I got hurt and transferred. The reason I can share this with you is because there were 4 squad member changes and I hope it would be hard to find my identity out. I have a certain degree of knowledge that is connected to the incident in Iraq. I will go into details later but here are some facts I can tell you right now:
    A week after I transferred into the squad we did have sightings of a thin man in a dark coat. It was extremely untypical for the location we were at and the other members started to get unsettled. On the blog it has been stated that Matt was looking up information about the slander man on the internet but that is not true. Another member was very disturbed and confused by the sightings and decided to look things up on the internet.
    • This is all I can tell you for now. I will certainly write more details about the encounters we had in the near future…
    I will try to help you out any means possibly. If you need information about certain events just let me know until then I will write about incidents that come to my mind.
    You should know that I am a supporter of your cause and I hope that you will be able to uncover the truth about all this.
    My E-mail address is and I would be glad if you could come in contact with me…

    With Regards


    • Mr. G,

      While I am sure you intentions are pure, for the sake of verification of your identity, might I ask what Matt’s last name is?


      • I didn´t know you knew Matt directly. I had second thoughs about exposing his last name but after thinking about it for some time i started to doubt that it could do any harm. It is Sullivan.

      • I’m sorry, but I think you may have a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps you were stationed in the same area and encountered a similar phenomenon, but we aren’t dealing with the same Matt. If you have access to any, feel free to search your records for a Matt Selby. It was my understanding that everyone else in Matt’s squad was killed in the bombing.


      • Of course we mean the same person. It was obvious that i wouldn’t reveal his real identity to the open Internet, I was surprised that you did.
        And maybe you missed that part but i mentioned before that i was transfered BEFORE the incident. If you don´t believe me send me a mail and i will reveal my identity to you. You could then try to find some mention of me in Matts stuff.


      • This is the internet. You can find information about anyone fairly easily if they really want to. A few people here know my last name because they looked up my Facebook with my email before I changed my profile to be private. Odds are they could also figure out to look in my friends and you could narrow down Logan and Matt’s names fairly quickly.

        Your logic on how we’re talking about the same person confounds me by it not being there at all. Please, by all means, you can continue the search for whatever answers you seek, but if you honestly believe you knew Matt, I’m thinking you’re delusional. Perhaps that’s a clue for you on your search for answers. But please don’t act like you were all buddy buddy with a dead friend of mine. I’m not going to start censoring comments or anything like that, but at least realize you’re being disrespectful.

      • I´m not really an experienced user of the Internet so i wouldn´t know. I gave you a way to check my identity but you ignored it. Why is that?


      • Obviously they don’t trust you, but I do, you have my email adress, please use it if need be.

      • Matt Sullivan…MS… SM… Slender Man?

    • Oh come on, it’s obvious this guy is making stuff up off the top of his head. The fact that Joshua bothered to contradict it when he let’s most comments rein free convinces me even more- he’s just an attention seeker wanting to be involved.

  5. I hope it’s going to Dav, since it obviously isn’t going to me.

  6. I agree with your analysis Joshua–your connection to the book is far too personal. Hopefully nothing terrible shall befall it on its way to Arkham.

    However, the sending off of the notebook pales in comparison compared to the importance of Mr. G’s comment. I would introduce myself to you now, but you may read my introduction elsewhere on this blog. Suffice it to say–your testimony is one of great importance to, well, everything happening here. My research hinges upon it, as well as the mystery of what happened to Matt and now Logan.

    Expect an email from me, Mr. G.

    ~Dav Flamerock
    Miskatonic University

    • Dav, since it seems you will be getting the journal, and we are all involved in this, I must ask: Could you record opening the envelope? Every detail helps in discovering what the hell is going on.

    • Anyone else notice that Miskatonic University and Arkham, Massachusetts are fictional places? Just wondering…

      • Well, I doubt that Dav would reveal his location for the entire internet to see…

      • I actually searched Dav’s name and he is not using his real university

    • i hope you are still alive
      i really hope you are

      so plz
      if you solved this mistery tell us

      at least im worried ’bout people who found the worst in this “advendture” and im refferring to matt, logan and joshua

      i hope u are fine

      i relly hope joshua isn’t dead

  7. Hello, my name is Lily, my husband works with the police and deals with the missing person reports. He mentioned the name Logan at dinner and while I think it is an absurd coincidence, especially my discovery of this blog, I can’t help but wonder. If your friend is the same Logan I am thinking of, any information of his whereabouts would help his missing person’s case. Not all policemen sit around all day. Either way, I offer my sincerest condolences to your friend.

    -Lily K.

  8. Why didn’t you burn it yourself? Why send it someone else?

  9. Is this at all related to Alex and his encounter with the “Slender Man”?

  10. Joshua, I hope getting rid of the notebook ends your troubles and you can get back to life as normal.

  11. Honestly you should just get rid of it.

  12. I have a theory… I think whatever this ‘Slender Man’ is, he is a virus of sorts. The notes and drawings that your friend wrote had a horrifying affect on him, and now it’s affecting you, second hand. The same thing to what’s happening to J who’s posting the Marble Hornets videos. His friend Alex seems to have slowly degraded, and now J is showing signs of illness.

    This thing is a virus, corrupting whatever it comes near.

  13. Virus aren’t designed to corrupt, I’m afraid, they’re designed to destroy and breed. Their only function if to multiply. I’m afraid Slender Man is more like a Cancer than anything. And that’s far more terrifying.

  14. Cancer causes the immune system to attack itself, while the cancerous cells multiply, I think that as long as we’re on medical metaphors, Slender Man is more autoimmune. The body starts attacking itself, as Matt, Alex and Logan did.

  15. As long as we’re one-upping each other on the medical metaphors… 😉

    He’s like the spiritual black death.

  16. He’s the Miley Cyrus of the supernatural world, he drives you insane and slowly and painfully kills you 😉

  17. Destroying what left about the Slender Man wouldn’t help much. It would be better to solve it. But I think solving it would need a few cases similar to what happened to Logan. I also not saying that you should risk your life or anything. And yeah, I’m half believing the existence of Slender Man. Or anything that paranormal.

  18. Relieved that you decided against destroying the notebook. Something like this is far too important to simply be destroyed.

  19. I’m a (Not so successful) scientist living in Innsmouth, New England and recently i’ve been seeing this “Skinny Man” about which is kind of strange, as innsmouth folk aren’t the kind to wear suits. i reccomend instead of sending the book away burn it as soon as possible. This slender man has been following me everywerhra

    waht sithappening ,myy srcennn iss fragmmennntting

    icnt aevbtn type properlytttt

    he’s here. i see him

  20. Running
    All i can do
    I try to escape in fright
    To the moonlit innsmouth night
    For i fear much more
    He speaks with guttural croaks and to hear him provokes a profound desire to flee
    He’s got no eyes he never blinks
    and quite frankly he stinks
    like a carcass washed up from the sea.

  21. I’d like to inform everyone that the past messages were hiijacked in mid-sending. i will post more information here:

    • really? REALLY? seriously, someone post a name with the initals Dr. P. T. Madd and then someone replies as Dr. Phillip Tinaceus Madd. If your gonna gamejack, please try and think things through.

  22. Innsmouth? Fantastic, a gamejacker with a Lovecraftian fetish.

    Did you know H.P. Lovecraft was a bigot? Did you know he named his dog “Nigger-Man?”

    • So what if he was a bigot? his stories kick ass, i mean its not good to be a bigot but H.P. Lovecraft lived in the 1920s, bigotry was much more common than it is today. Yes he did name his dog “Nigger-man” but H.P. Lovecraft wasn’t exactly a mentally healthy person, most of his stories were written about his nightmares and he was something of a shut in and he didn’t talk to many people. But, he was still the greatest horror writer of the last century and has inspired many things from movies to games to comics, he even inspired Stephen King and Clive Barker. They even claim he is was one of the greatest horror writers ever.

    • You do realize that the fellow who posts claiming to work at Miskatonic University is also using Lovecraft references?

  23. Wow, not only is Dr. P.T. Madd a gamejacker, he’s a bad one; His pictures are straight off of Something Awful.

    Nice try, jerk.

  24. You don’t want to know.

    Madd, if you really wanted to pass yourself off as real, you would at least do some historical research and remind yourself that Innsmouth was effectively destroyed in police action over sixty years ago.

    ~Dav Flamerock
    Miskatonic University


  25. I’m sorry, Joshua; I was getting carried away and said the wrong word.

    He’s trying to confuse people, and his posts alone draw validity from yours and makes a mockery of the situation. A missing person is a very serious thing, and posting pictures of a creature from Something Awful is disrespectful.

  26. This is quite cruel, disseminating misinformation about the situation at hand. “Dr. Madd”, please refrain from insulting our intelligence. Take it seriously.

    Innsmouth indeed. Next you’ll be saying that it’s the order of the dagon responsible for the strange going-ons.

  27. Tick tock goes the cock


    GIVE I

  28. The book has been transferred?


  30. I have a theory… I’m not saying it’s correct, or even necessarily logical, and admittedly it’s atleast semi-metaphorical in basis, but from the pictures in the notebook, the “slightly anorexic fellow” (I’d rather not give “it” any specific name, for understandable reasons) rather seems to take on a spiderish form, or atleast elongate physical form, far beyond anything humanlike (which might go atleast a distance towards explaning it’s most defining physical attribute), in a form that to my eye is not unarachnidlike in appearance.

    That said, the idea of a spider evokes the idea of a web. We’ve seen from references to the Lovecraftian “mythos” that this occurrance is something perhaps outside of what we’d (some of us, anyway…) consider our “prime” reality. But consider the possible interdimensional nature of the being in question. Again, this is extrapolation of an increasingly pure form, but might it be possible that this being is some kind of arachnidlike extradimensional predator with the ability to cross a “web” that spans possible alternate universes? One in which the Miskatonic Universe is a functioning institution, and one in which it was somehow reflected into the imagination of Mr Lovecraft?

    Could not what we term “imagination” and “inspiration” atleast occasionally have atleast partial source in realities that are not our own, but that may not be so very far, as such things are measured, from our time, our worldview, considering the widely held “alternate universe/multiverse” theories?

    This “dimensional web”, in whatever form it takes, might therefor connect one reality to another–perhaps manifesting in, say, a massive system of electronically transferred information?–and even, perhaps, allow communication across these entwined realities?

    This entirely hypothetical “web” might then be triggered, as from a fly crashlanding into a strand of spidersilk, through some sort of psychic harmonic, taking the form of a meme, or notion, interest in a subject, or simple notebook.

    Something that might begin producing a recogniseable, detectable “scent”–the aforementioned “imagination” or “inspiration” in a suitable recipient.

    Current theory holds that anything-ANYTHING-is potentially possible. In an infinite multiverse, everything exists, and must exist, somewhere, somehow. The questions are only “when” and “where”. And they really aren’t terribly important questions…

    Perhaps not a comfort, but we don’t have the fortune to live in a purely benign state of being.

  31. dont you get it…this “Dr.Madd” sounds strikingly similar to “dr.M’ from the previous blogs when Logan was still around. He probably took and killed Logan when he found out he started to know too much about the connections between Matt and the Slender man

  32. Be careful. Don’t sleepwalk through any doors that are secretly portals.

  33. Lol… Sam & Mike

  34. He came through the flames eh? i see.

  35. The best way to get rid of the SM would probably be to seek out something equally as bad or worse and have them go at it…I’ll bring the popcorn.

  36. Before WWII most countries were bigotry ripe with big and it was the norm. That is until Nazi Germany went crazy Evil on the Jewish people.

    Also, on a side note did you know that the writer of Connan the Barbarian and H.P. were very close friends and there are several allusions to each other in thier books. Such as the Snake Cult in Connan worshiped a Lovecraft mythos god.

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