Another Note from Joshua


Logan. Call me. You know my number.

As a note to everyone else: It is clear that Logan, wherever he is, still has access to the internet and this blog, or at least he does intermittently. For the sake of clarification, I’ll start every post of mine with “AUTHOR: JOSHUA,” and will go back and edit my previous ones as well.

Also, a quick update while I’m at it: I also feel like I owe you an explanation on what happened to Logan, or at least, as much as I know. When no one had heard from him for two weeks, I finally went over to his apartment, and what I found was… Interesting.

The key that he usually had hidden underneath a false rock in the garden wasn’t there, so after some convincing I got the super to let me in. The entire apartment seemed like it had been overturned, with two exceptions. The first was that the refrigerator seemed untouched, which I can only assume is because it’s so fucking heavy, and the second was his bedroom. The bed was off of its frame, books were thrown from shelves, there was a hole that appeared to have been punched into the wall; but his desk was immaculate. It was completely clean, aside from the notebook, laying dead center, a knife and a set of colored pens beside it.

And… that’s about it. We immediately called the police, who swooped in and inspected it. I haven’t heard of anything new other than that they couldn’t find a single fingerprint that didn’t belong to Logan or belonged to me and had been created when I entered. But that claim in itself makes me suspicious. There should be other fingerprints. He had people over all of the time. My fingerprints should be all over the place, not just where I touched when I went into his apartment that day. Our other friends’ fingerprints should be everywhere.

That’s all there was to it. He was gone without a trace, leaving only a wrecked apartment and that notebook in his wake.


~ by Logan on October 6, 2009.

69 Responses to “Another Note from Joshua”

  1. Oh, Thank god, we thought you went insane as well.

    Glad to know you’re OK.

  2. Logan may be on the run. Using libraries and internet cafe’s, whatsuch. Have you gotten any access to his home? Have the police been able to search it and find anything of interest? It might be best if you could get a look around his room, for anything conclusive.

  3. I’m glad you updated with a couple answers… This is quite intriguing, and startling evidence.

  4. lifegospel brought up a valid point to me; Maybe you should be staying with someone, if you don’t already? Maybe a girlfriend, or your parents? Another close friend? Maybe your officer-friend, haha. It wouldn’t hurt to have yourself some extra security. At this juncture, it’d be best to keep you safe until we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

    Heh, maybe put out a Craigslist looking for Logan, with a picture/description of him. It’s actually quite surprising just how often Craigslist can come through for someone.

  5. Strange.
    For now, my theory is that he trashed the place himself out of rage or fustration. What fustration that might have caused it, we don’t know yet.

    I’d like to see whoever gets the notebook look for answers in it.

    • Doubtless, I shall look very closely for signs or messages that might further enlighten us as to Logan’s motives for his chaos. Perhaps I shall make a video to share with you regarding my finds, in case further opinions will be of assistance.

      ~Dav Flamerock

  6. Second, can you get access to his computer? You can check the browser history to see if he went home to use his computer.

    • His laptop was gone when we got there. I guess it’s a fair assumption that that is how he has been able to occasionally post here. It’s also a shame since I’d be somewhat interested in getting the contact information for Dr. M and Dr. W. Maybe it’s for the best though.


      • You know his email, right? How about trying to get into it with the same password as this one. The contact info might be there. As well as other clues that might be vital.

      • Ash is right, people usually use the same password for many things. It has enough promise to work, let’s hope it does.

      • Actually, this is a great idea.

  7. Look to the trees
    HE CAME!

    • you are right and rong at the same time.
      what is real? is it what we see or what we think we see?
      i think this gust a game sume one is playing.

  8. The boat to innsmouth promist riches
    Instead it gave us fishes
    We ran and tried to run tward the sea
    But when the lifeboats came
    They weren’t there for meee.
    I took the hand of a man
    and ended up

    • This Dr. Madd puzzles me.

      I sent you a email, doctor. I expect a response.

    • You went to the city seeking… something good, you got ambushed, you tried to escape, when the reinforcements came, they did not wait for you, you held someone’s hand, and somehow ended dead on a trea (Trea?)
      I feel awesome now.

    • This is realy late, but I’m just saying… They say the Slender Man impales his victums on trees so I’m guessing that after he couldn’t get rescued in his bizarre scenerio, he somhow grabed SM’s hand and got killed. Which would mean he’d be dead before so the posting and his RECENTLY missing doesn’t make sense.

  9. Madd’s crazier than I thought.

  10. Phil madd is gone.

    More info here:

    • Where’d he go?

      Belgium? I think he went to Belgium.

      Also, Joshua, question:

      Asides from the notebook, did Logan leave any other sort of evidence behind? Did you check his internet history? Phone records? Credit card history? Perhaps hiring a private investigator might be a good idea, they can probably track him.

      • Yes. Oh god yes. See if you can get his bank, and get account movements. This should get you an idea of these two things:

        A: If he is using his credit card for anything, including ATM’s or similar.
        B: Where he is spending it. This might help you track him down.

  11. Did Logan have places he liked to go and hang out at that had internet connection? If so, he could be hiding around that place.

  12. Hiding doesn’t save you from Slender Man, running does.

    • Running just prolongs the inevitable, it would seem.

      • if you run he follows for the fun of the chass. but wares totheark?
        he nows more than hes saying to state the obveis.
        … yes i now my spelling sucks.

  13. Joshua:

    Get a journal, a camera, a deck of cards. The journal can help you express your feelings. The camera will provide proof in case you doubt yourself. The deck of cards creates a sensation of order within any chaos you may be experiencing. Solitaire can help calm your nerves.

    If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Logan: If you are reading this, try to think rationally. If you are safe, let someone know. Do not succumb to any fears that have developed. You can always find help. Keep yourself fit and eat well. Beef Jerky is a good source of protein, is low in fat and carbohydrates. If you’re low on energy, get a sandwich.

    To everyone:

    Be safe. Don’t succumb to paranoid delusions. Find your outlets of safety. Keep yourself open with your company: The biggest defense you have is your friends. Share your concerns.

    Sanity is your greatest weapon. Hold it dear.

    • who are you??? Do you have anything to do with J? If you do, contact me through this board, AND ONLY THIS BOARD… Keep safe, watch your back
      A friend wants to know, do you know anything about a project A14?

      • Call me… a concerned observer. I’ve spent years learning about the human mind and how easily it can break. Yet even I have become enraptured with the research into this suited individual, losing countless hours of sleep over videos, photos, and notes from the individual known as “J”, the individual known as “Alex”, and from Logan & my fellow Joshua.

        My interest was truly piqued upon the discovery of one from the fabled Miskatonic University, upon whence I chose to get involved. Unfortunately, my knowledge of this “Project A14” is nil.

        I am only lucky that my encapsulation of my own sanity has kept me going despite the insomnia that I have onset to myself through my studies of this entity.

        Protect your mind; It is your one saving grace.

      • Joshua. Do you know about the Slenderman? Can you tell us how you know so much?

    • to joshua:
      i know this is 3 years after “the incident”
      but still, if you are alive (i really hope you are)
      i want to tell you that you are a real friend
      i hope you are ok
      i hope you can have a normal life after this
      and give you my condolences
      i dont know what to say

      but i really hope that you,dav and logan, are ok

      i hope this mistery gets solved

      whishing you the best 🙂

  14. Ideas attempted:
    1. Bank account – Even though I’m pretty sure this is a felony, I’m hoping there’s no harm in admitting I tried to break into it since I failed?

    Then again, by that logic, attempted murder wouldn’t be a crime.

    Anyhow, I couldn’t make any headway.

    2. Email – No dice after guessing some things for awhile.

    Will try #2 again and also think of places Logan could be with an internet connection after I manage to get some sleep.


  15. the progect a14 is very importint. i bileve it holds the ansers to the victoms locashon. update me on eney thing you find with this email

  16. To joshua the gold one, thank you for your swift reply.
    Sorry about the A14 thing, it’s some kind of government project, something about experamentaion on human beings… i don’t think it has anything to do with our slender enemy, but it might explain his inhuman abilities, as seen in the entries… also, what do you mean by, the golden one, and what did you find about miskatonic? By the way, if you take out the mis, you get katonic which, if k is changed to c, to have rigid limbs or a paralizis of the mind or body… also, joshua, are you still in your home or with a friend or your family? If not, get to someone as soon as possible, get a firearm for defense and keep notes of your daily life and post them on the blog, even if something seems insignifiagnt, YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT WE KNOW AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! also, get away from foggy areas, forests and don’t go walking near forests or other places during the night without protection or a friend, better yet, both… Also, joshua, make more blogs, one of the other sites that held info about something like this got qaurantined and deleted by some mysterious group, you must make sure we have backup blogs incase we lose this one.

    Keep safe, Watch your back, and don’t be afraid, we are in this together, for better or for worse!

    Ray Star out

    • he can atack the mind dumass!
      if he gets in yer head yer dead!

    • Just to explain something most people don’t understand–the reason has nothing is not because the school doesn’t exist (a lot of people would say that, though I can tell you with great certainty that such is not the case 😉 ); rather, this is because the Miskatonic web presence is entirely situated on Internet-2. Some of my friends are curious as to just why they don’t have a website on I-2 and I-1, but I’m not part of administration so I wouldn’t know.

      ~Dav Flamerock
      Miskatonic University

    • Ray:

      There is no need for apologies; we are amongst friends and allies here.

      I use the term “The Golden One” as an allusion to an alias I use often online but did not wish to reference directly, and I could not simply refer to myself as Joshua, as I am clearly not the only one with this name (the current holder of this blog, mainly).

      Trying to turn Miskatonic into “Catatonic” is trying too hard to make sense out of nothing. Miskatonic is a well respected university in Arkham, Massachusetts.

      To protect my privacy, I will set up my own blog to specifically deal with this in the coming days.

      • Which is a city that doesn’t exist =3=
        Really, it would be on google maps/earth, mapquest, atlus’ of the united states.
        And it’s not.
        And if you asked a geography teacher about it they’d laugh in you face.

        Less obvious fails plz, kthx.
        God, I don’t even like Lovecraft.

    • i believe you mean caTAtonic, not katonic/catonic.
      sorry, no dice.
      also, slendy has snake-like, billowy arms, not rigid ones.

  17. guys, found another site, may have to do with dav…
    Dav, if you read this, get good security, health care, and anything else you may want to keep yourself safe!
    We’ve already lost Matt and Logan, possibly even Alex.
    I want to say that i have high hopes for Joshua and J, but i really don’t know if it’s really worth hoping…
    Keep safe, Watch your back

    -Ray star

    • Yes, that webpage is my personal site, and it is where I store things I wish to access online and where I host what stories I write. It will not have any relevant information that I will not post here–do not look through the site looking for more clues regarding this particular investigation. You may, however, feel free to read the fiction I’ve posted.

      ~Dav Flamerock

  18. Ray Star, that is Dav’s personal webpage, now all we can do is hope he get’s the notbook in the next few days…..

    Keep safe.

  19. Joshua, unless there is another Josh A out there sending my friend mail, he has received your package. I’m driving up to Maine tomorrow anyway, so I’ll pick it up then. For those of you who are curious to see the journal, I shall make sure I am filming when I open the package. Perhaps you would be so kind as to make a new blog post with my video when I upload it to youtube?

    Thank you for sending the notebook,
    ~Dav Flamerock
    Miskatonic University

    • Dav,

      I’m planning on stopping using this blog fairly soon. I can only hope Logan may continue to occasionally use it, since as long as he’s making posts, it means he’s still out there. If you give me a link to a site/blog/YouTube account or something I could make sure it’s prominently displayed here for when I stop posting.


  20. hello again. Since Joshua has decided to stop using the blog, i will do my best to set up my own. the name i have been using is fake by the way, I’m taking every precaution to make sure slender can’t find me… though he probably will find me anyway
    i will post again when i have the site up


  21. But this site will still be up, right?

  22. hello again, the site is up, feel free to post anything you think of.


  23. Hello Joshua, et all

    Here is the link to the first of my two-part opening and examination of Matthew Selby’s Notebook. Perhaps if you could make a new blog post with this (and the second?) video, that would be awesome.

    ~Dav Flamerock

    • You call yourself a myth researcher, and you don’t recognize the word Yggdrasil? The Norse Tree of Life? Nice.

      • The study of mythology often is specific to certain areas. A person who studies Ancient Chinese mythology wouldn’t necessarily know about Mesopotamian mythology, just like someone who studied modern myths (like Slenderman) wouldn’t necessarily recognize Yggdrasil.

  24. Find. Logan. Now.

  25. lol. were gona die

  26. further, Dav, as much as i admire you for your projected wisdom, i am forced to wonder why your school is called “fake” by wikipedia? (
    why would wikipedia, sketchy and often-erring though it may be, deny your existance? why is it that, when one does look at the various websites for miskatonic u, the faculty members are not the same and, when individually investigated, proven not to be affiliated with the setting of an H.P. Lovecraft fiction?

    just wondering.

  27. @ Slender Girl
    It’s an ARG… can’t blame them if anything appears to be different than they tell you.

  28. lack of sleep is the couse of the insanity.

    • I think clinically insane is three full days.

      Still, I don’t think sleep deprivation is the cause, because wouldn’t they all feel batter after they inevitably zonk out? That’s what happens to me. Then again, I’m not usually haunted by fearful imagery in my waking world.

  29. check out marble hornets….alex’s place was trashed too, althought i dont know if there were any clean spots…also check for pills haha. im getting WAY too into this

    • i just kinda wished that J would’ve gone to Alex’s house during the day more often…you know, cause then it wouldn’t’ve been so dark and creepy with the possibility of him being attacked (again) or really..use logic people(please?)

  30. said that in Logan’s apartment there were books scattered all over the floor. Perhaps this person was looking for the notebook without knowledge that Dav already received it. It had to have been someone very close to Logan assuming he knows where he lives.

    Like i said in an other reply, this Samuel M person sounds a lot like Dr.M ..aka (slender man). It was under Dr.M’s care that Matt died, it all makes sense now, i believe Matt didn’t commit suicide, Dr.M murdered him cause he knew he was the only living survivor of the incident so he had to get rid of the evidence, and now he went after logan cause he had the book .Joshua, he wants the book!!!…tell Dav what i have told you regardless of how little evidence i present to you. Its better to be safe then sorry i always say.

  31. Martyn, you imbecile. If you read from the beginning you would know that he was only in Dr. M’s care for a little while. Dr. W was assigned to take over where Dr. M left off, if you will. Next time, read everything before you post utter bullshit on here.

  32. But Phil… If you turn M upside down, don’t you get a W??? So, is Dr.W the Jekyl side of Dr.M??? OMG, I’m sooooooooooooo into this!

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