The Reward.

Knowing is knowing is knowing is knowing.

Light flickers as hope bickers as the tree grows quicker as your path becomes slicker as you can hear him snicker as if drunk by liquor you’ll just get sicker.



Where are you.

Perhaps you can help.

The Earth shifts.

The earth shifts.

Time shifts.

Reality shifts.

And he just.




~ by Logan on October 6, 2009.

24 Responses to “The Reward.”

  1. Wait, what? Joshua? Logan? Who is this?

    What’s going on?! Don’t do this to us again!

  2. Fuck, we lost him, now all we can do is wait for Dav to get the notebook…
    If anybody can contact Joshua or Logan, please do so. But be carfeul

  3. I’m holding out it’s another of Logan’s blog entries. Note the “REGRET.” And the title, “The Reward.”

    If it IS Joshua, it looks like he regrets mailing the book to Dav.

    Maybe something was in there that could stop the Slender Man. But it looks like whoever this is, they’ve gone mad.

    And are quite good at rhyming.

  4. Well, I’m glad to know Joshua’s OK for now, jesus man, scared me for a while.

    …One thing that makes me wonder is the title.

  5. It could even be Matt. He DID say that the reward was knowledge…
    And his regret is that Logan was lost.

  6. The reward is knowing–yes, this is familiar to me. And I fully expect to be knowledgeable when I am through with this research–perhaps you would do well to think a little before you write, Logan, wherever you are.

    ~Dav Flamerock

    • “perhaps you would do well to think a little before you write…” Do you perhaps know more than you’re letting on, sir?

  7. What do you mean Reality shifts? What does any of this mean?

  8. You say that “Perhaps you can help” How can we help? Please respond.

  9. 8bit, I don’t think he’s addressing us, or even Joshua.

    I believe he’s addressing Dav.

  10. Oh. Yeah that makes sense.

  11. What if he’s addressing himself? Or J?

  12. Or he could be adressing all of us like I said. Not likely, but still a possibility.

  13. Logan, you mustn’t aggravate yourself. The reward is knowledge, yes–that is why it was sent to you. That did not cause the arrival of the Slender Man, nor did it make him see you. You are not alone. You are not the only one who can see him. If you learn one thing from me, it is this:

    There is no why.

    Do not let your shell break. Protect your vital heart and your mind.

    He is in our world. We are NOT in his. Do not let yourself fall to delerium. Do not give up hope.

    ~Dav Flamerock

    • Dav, I dont understand. Is he intruding in OUR world, or was he ALREADY here in the first place? I dont understand, the only other people that might know more are insane or MIA.

  14. This must mean…Slender Man is a Timelord?

    • I snorted when I read that.

      But, gosh, you know that Time Lords are (were) aliens, right?

      So if he’s from HERE, he has no power over TIME, necessarily.

  15. I really hate all the rhymes that turn up in this Slenderman thing.

  16. I have heard that “Slendy” can manipulate time and space to a certain extent

  17. I want Slender Man’s slender dick

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