The Notebook

For the sake of those interested actually seeing this, here’s Dav’s video of looking through the notebook:

Part 1

Part 2


~ by Logan on October 9, 2009.

74 Responses to “The Notebook”

  1. Intriguing.

    Joshua, as of now, the only thing left barring protecting yourself, is to keep us posted should Logan ever call you, as you requested.

    • Sorry I didn’t include this, but a page WAS missing from the notebook. Could you, perhaps, find it in Logan’s pigstye of an apartment?

      • I’m not sure what matters could possibly be taken to protect myself.

        Should I get a gun?

        Matt was in Iraq, with a squad all of which were carrying exponentially larger weapons than I could ever acquire on my own. I really don’t think that’d help.

        My way of protecting myself is to just be as uninvolved as I can. But as I mentioned, there is a certain magnetism that plays into all of this, so I can’t help but check back here every now and then.

        As for the page, I didn’t see it in the apartment, and I honestly don’t even know if his stuff is there or it got thrown out by the building owner or what… I’ll think about at least calling the owner to see whether or not I could stop by.


  2. Now you’ve gotten rid of the notebook, are you still going to try and find Logan?

    • I’ll do my best, but both myself and the police really don’t have any leads to go off of… I just have to hope he’ll leave a hint on the blog that I can follow up on. Maybe there was something contained in the notebook, but I’ve vowed not to even watch through that entire video due to an irrational yet pervasive fear of getting consumed by it.


      • From what I’ve seen, Jay’s logs, the notebook, the masked man, and the letters could be leads.

  3. Joshua, can you please comment on the graphite marks on the envelope? It looks like you may have gotten in a struggle on the way to delivering the package. Did some sort of incident happen?

    • I quickly scanned the video to see what you’re talking about, and whoever made those marks made them after I had dropped the envelope off at the post office. Anyone happen to know how clean the average mail sorter’s hands are?


  4. Find the page.
    The missing page.
    Find it.

  5. I think Joshua was writing in the notebook. Thus the streaks on the envelope from his hand

    • Choose to believe me or not, but I didn’t even open the notebook.

      I had seen it briefly when I was hanging out with Logan when he had just recently seen it, so I recall some of what was in it, but for a number of reasons I have already mentioned, I didn’t want to fall prey to whatever trance it seems to invoke.


    • There are 3 distinct writings in the notebook. One is Matt’s; he wrote mainly in pencil. One is Logan’s; he wrote messily in different color pens. And one is unidentified; the small/tidy handwriting in ink on some of the pages. But that handwriting doesn’t seem to be similar to Joshua’s handwriting on the note he sent Dav. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t Joshua, but it doesn’t seem likely. (And either way, Joshua would have been writing in ink, not in pencil that he could have smudged on the outside of the envelope.)

  6. That could easily be explained away due to him writing the addresses on the envelope.

  7. In pencil?

  8. Perhaps we’re jumping to conclusions. Perhaps the mailman/delivery guy just had dirty, greasy fingers?

    Not disregarding your theories, just sayin’.

    Occam’s Razor, etc…

    • I just going to lay this out there; the smudge on the envelope, might it no be from Alex (the one who filmed the marble hornet clips)? Clearly from entry #16 he has been active rather recently. Perhaps he has located this blog and decided to take matters into his own hands?

      • dude, entry 15 and 16 are made by J. All other entries so far were from the marble hornets tapes

  9. has aney one seen a litle girl when they went to sleep?

    • I haven’t, where is the girl you’ve been seeing?

      • Not when I go to sleep, but when I woke up this morning…
        My guitar case in my wardrobe looked eerily like a small child wearing black.
        I have only recently begun reading this blog, so I may be late in saying this, but the letters in the tree spell:

        Yggdrasil is the world-tree in Norse(?) Mythology.
        [It is also written in a similar fashion, for no discernable reason, in the back of House of Leaves.]

        Male of that what you will.

  10. destry




    • guessing from your name, I would say eather your in danger or your some kind of prophet… or are you logan?
      why are you writing short sentences? What is it that is bringing you or someone pain? the journal? and what were you doing up at 5:41 am in the morning today?
      Keep safe, watch your back,

  11. There was that page with the green writing on it that said “YGGDRASIL.” Being that it was the big tree thing from Norse mythology, and the apparent relevance of the tree in that notebook, I think that it’s something important to point out.

    • To follow this up, I will point out that in many places there are references to ash, and Yggdrasil is a tree of ash. In fact, I have the page in question open next to me, where it says Yggdrasil shivers, The ash is as it stands, The old tree GROWS and the giant slips free.

      ~Dav Flamerock
      Miskatonic University

      • Yggdrasil is the world tree in Norse mythos. Around it exist nine worlds. Believed to be that after Ragnarok, Two survivors would live in Yggdrasil. If I got anything wrong please let me know. I hope that helped.

      • In mythology, a creature was trapped under Yggdrasils roots…Níðhöggr i think…which was a wyrm…not sure what sure what it has to do with anything, but i am not one to figure things out, i leave that to others.

      • I believe Níðhöggr was slowly eating away at Yggdrasil.

      • Quite intriguing, honestly. With references to Norse mythology, it could very possibly be that Slender Man has been around for far longer than any of us have ever guessed. And, as 8bit has suggested, of the nine who are eventually found, only two will survive. I do know quite a bit about Norse mythology, having always found it to be particularly interesting, and should anything else come up in which it is referenced to in relation to the Slender Man myths, I’d like to be notified. I have this set to alert me by email should I receive any feedback.

        ~Isabelle Wall

  12. Looking at video 2 and the house with SM outside it at 1:44 I would say that it at least bears a resemblance to the house (Alex house – from Marble Hornets, perhaps?) in the clip “program” uploaded by totheark;
    What do you think?

  13. V, I’m dreadfully sorry, but you’re looking for connections where they don’t really exist. If this IS Slender Man, that’s the only thing binding these events. From research, he can move across the world at will. Research has brought up German woodcuts from the 1500’s. Not to mention, Alex and J are in a completely different state, with the package going East, farther away from Alex.

    It’s highly unlikely.

    • Yeah I do think I got ahead of myself regarding the house connection, although I feel that more aspects are (disturbingly enough) connecting the events.

  14. Actually, it bears no resemblance to that house.

    A few details have me worried–Logan living on Ash Tree Lane (Yggdrasil), the frightening resemblance of the scratches on the cover to something too dangerous to discuss on these unreliable networks, and the two missing pages being the most important points.

    Joshua, you made the right choice to rid yourself of this book.

    • Dav, Why did you not use your regular signature? I’m getting a deep feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, and I don’t think it’s becuase I havn’t had lunch yet…
      By the way Dav, has that cough cleared up yet? two reasons i’m asking; 1. your cough sounds frighteningly close to what the noise messups from the entries sound like, 2. J, the poster of the entries, has been getting sick and blacking out, and i am afraid for your health. (although it could just be a mild dose of h1n1, i have the same)
      Last thing, e-mail me about this frightening resemblance of the scratches on the cover of the journal… oh, and Dav, just becuase you had the ability to point your camera up and look behind you without turning around, doesn’t mean slender wasn’t there… i’m pretty sure a creature such as him is smart enough to know how to conceal himself
      (email is:

      Keep safe, Watch your back

      • I don’t think that Dav’s cough is anything to worry about, other than a cold or some influenza. We’re just hoping that something like this will be a link to something else. Again, if anyone wishes to contact me, send an email my way @

      • Apologies, but I cannot discuss WoI on the internet. My hands are tied; now I understand what Professor U was talking about when he lamented his inability to speak on the matter with those he wanted to trust.

        As for my cough, it’s mostly gone away, though I haven’t gotten enough sleep of late to make it go away entirely and give me back the rest of my singing voice. You can rest assured that it’s not the swine flu.

        ~Dav Flamerock

  15. Wol?

  16. Dav, Miskatonic does not exist, so why were you using that in your signature… also, this doctor U, is his title at the university “Professor Upham”? if so, he doesn’t exist ether
    What is this Wol you speak of? Finally, Dav, this may be a streach, but from examination of entry 16, it is possible that slender man has the ability to cause a coughing fit when near, as shown by J when he was sneaking into Brians home… if your cough is receading, hopefully slender is backing off for the time being…
    2 final things, 1. According to the marble hornets wiki, J fell down a set of stairs in a fit of coughing… i have to ask, is he ok? 2. Has anyone heard from Joshua?

    • Ray, what evidence do you have to back up your claims that Miskatonic doesn’t exist?
      Although I do think you might be correct about the cough… hopefully Dav isn’t suffering from the same thing, although I think it would be foolish to exclude anything, given the circumstances.

      • well, i look up the school on wikipedia and aparantly it only existed in horror stories, specificly ones by the author, H. P. Lovecraft and a few others in a serial called Herbert West—Reanimator, after scrolling down to the fictonal teacher list i found that a professor upham was a teacher of math and was featured in “The Dreams in the Witch House”… I know that you will probably say “wikipedia isn’t always right” or whatever, but I’m just putting out my ideas and info that I find
        Keep safe, Watch your back,

    • Without going into too much detail;

      I must have posted this on my youtube video, not here, but the reason Miskatonic has no web presence is because we work exclusively on Internet-2, so none of our webwork can be accessed on Internet-1 (what we are using now). I think it’s silly to be completely invisible on this network, but the esoteric have their reasons and I’m not exactly in any position to argue. As for why Miskatonic only shows up as a fictional school, such is an unfortunate side effect of the school’s desire to stay obscure. Lovecraft, as you mentioned, went there and wrote about it, and that was the first really public view to the school. As I’m sure you know, the first story sticks, and so now everyone knows it as “that school that Lovecraft wrote about.” Oh well, I’m not going to make a big deal about that either–it actually works rather well for us.

      Dr. Upham is not whom I was referencing, I was referencing Dr. Ukrytywicz (and you wondered why I shortened his name). You won’t find him on the internet much, because he’s a bit secretive himself, but perhaps someone knows of him.

      I don’t understand why people keep invoking the Marble Hornets entries here, due to their dissociation, but I have no power to stop you from doing so.

      Good day, and have a Happy Halloween!
      ~Dav Flamerock

      • Thanks for getting around to replying Dav, and sorry about the Marble Hornets association, it just seems that becuase Slender may be involved in both cases, it may be informant, and these may tie together somewhere. Once again, sorry for the acusastion, and have a safe and Happy Halloween!
        Keep safe, Watch your back,

  17. Yggdrasil. hm.

    Matt sent an e-mail, didn’t he? And he left streaks on that page. In fact, he’s the only one with a pencil. The possibilities are a little chilling.

  18. This becomes a little more disturbing everyday….
    No matter,
    One question though, ISH, How can we be so sure that Matt is the only one with a pencil, I have a pencil sitting within arms reach, and I hardly think that I am Matt.
    Any questions, email me.

    • Heh. Maybe I’m trying to read too deeply into this. I’m just thinking… I doubt that the marks mean nothing, but I kind of wish I could see the folder lined up with that page.

      Maybe I should just shut up and keep lurking, eh?

      • Not at all, it might help us.
        Dav, if you’re still reading this, does there seem to be any special pattern in the streaks?

  19. Ray,
    Taking anything on Wikipedia as fact without further research is nieve. Lovecraft used a lot of factual places and events in his writing. (I don’t know how to phrase this without sounding pertentious or insulting, but that is certianly not my intent)

    • hey, im just putting out the facts… anyway, does anyone notice in the first couple of seconds of j looking into brians house there seems to be a shotgun lying on the floor… 0.o; that really does not boied well with the fact that j found a bullet casing…
      keep safe, watch your back,

  20. Everyone, please keep Marble Hornets discussion at Unforum.

    • my mistake sorry, it’s just that this hole thing is about the same creature, atleast, that’s what it seems… anyway, does anybody know of anyway of contacting joshua? I fear that he may not have checked in awhile becuase he is unable to…
      Keep safe, Watch your back,

  21. Mr. Ray Star, a way to communicate Joshua HAS been discovered, unfortunately, he does not respond. I’ll update you should this change.

    • Thank you for your time, and please, just call me Ray. Anyway, what kind of method of communicating with him has been discovered, email, letters, phone number? Anyway, thank you again. Also has anyone heard from Joshua (the golden one) yet? He posted twice and now he’s just dissapeared… Not only was he a very calm and ingelegent man (or woman) he also seemed to be very good at thinking out solutions to this problem. Anyway, Dav, are you o.k? You haven’t made any posts on the journal here in awhile… if my accusastion of you not being at miscatonik as it doesn’t exist upset you, i’m sorry, i just tend to blurt things out sometimes… -.-;
      Keep Safe, Watch your back,

  22. Can anyone provide me with further information on this? ANything at all caould help please e-mail me at

    thank you

  23. why are only young men involved in this slenderman shenanigans?

  24. Dav, I think that there’s an importance to the phrase you mentioned: “In fact, I have the page in question open next to me, where it says Yggdrasil shivers, The ash is as it stands, The old tree GROWS and the giant slips free.”
    It is worth investigating the myth of the chained giant who escapes from his bonds. He is the one who has transgressed all human and divine laws and brings about the destruction of the world. Also, as far as I recall, in Germanic myth, trees were a place of sacrifice. Hanging victims from tree limbs was part of the ritual.


    • Loki, no? The half-Jotun (giant)? Chained below Yggdrasil beneath a serpent for arranging the death of Baldr, only to be freed at the end of times. Unless Ragnarok has been happening since 2005 and Loki got a lot more subtle in Messing With Mortals, I don’t know that it is related beyond the Ash (though, like to like).

  25. dude for real though all my friends and i have seen slender man so if we could hurry this up and figure out a way to survive him that would be kickass

    • Ok, your obivously drunk, seen that kid in the slender man costume, your insane or your telling the truth… my vote is on the first 3, as if you had actually seen him, you wouldn’t have time to dial 911 let alone post…
      regardless, if you are telling the truth, we can’t speed this up, this proccess is complety moving with its own power, and there is no way we could find a way to fight of slender, as this would require having him captured, and tested upon…
      Keep safe, Watch your back,

      • i’m really freaking out man i came to visit some family in another city and i found out my brother had been following this and doing some research also. He’s seen him too. i think i’m goning to cry i haven’t slept in a week and a half this ain’t cool. i’m scared

      • and about not having time. i think he’s ****ing with us.

      • ray man please you seemed like someone that would believe and could help me. please don’t just write me off man

  26. Ok,seriously i think everyone needs to calm down a little bit not everyone dies after seeing him sure they are probably scarred for life, but Logan is still here, i finally saw him today again, no worries right??

    • so i mite live but i’ll be crazy as hell or just be followed for the rest of my life which will eventually drive me insane i can’t sit in class anymore without drawing a picture or writing something about HIM i’m afraid to look out my window at home. i reach across the kitchen to open my freeze so that i don’t have to get to close to the back door window. i’m losing my mind!!!!!!!

      • Leo, calm down, i am sorry for my rash and quick writing off of your story, we are all in the same boat, as i have already said and it is not fair that i would act like that. So, things you should do,
        1. NEVER BE ALONE!! It can be a diffrence between life and death
        2. HAVE SOME KIND OF LIGHT. Prefferably something that is not battery powered.
        3. Do not go wandering around during the night or near forests, and do not go out during misty times.
        4. Keep posting here, but try to think rationaly, we can’t help if you can’t discribe what is happening
        5. There may be a chance that we will be unable to help you, I know this isn’t a happy thought, but we must face the fact that slender man is very powerful
        6. Make sure to have a recording device, such as a camcorder or tape recorder, or even a journal with you at all times to record what you see
        7. Remember, slender has more power over you if you panic and don’t keep your cool… so don’t act like a chicken with it’s head cut off
        Remember we will do the best we can to help
        Keep safe, Watch your back,

      • AS Ray said be careful and watch yourself, do not panic Slender Man is less likely to bother you if you are calm and collected about it, if you run he will chase. Logan and I have had a run in with him as i stated before at our hotel, but also again early this morning when we were walking outside his house we ran foolishly, and i’m not sure how close he was behind us, Logan said he was very close. I didn’t look back, so there’s no way of me knowing. follow Ray’s rules they will help you and anyone else who may be in the same situation.

  27. Logan and i were at a hotel recently and we saw him straight up, at the end of our hallway, and then a few more times throughout the stay there, a few other people saw him too. Maybe it is possible that other people are seeing him, no one should be ruling anything out…

    ~Remeber yet Forget~


  28. Hey everyone, Kai has just let me know that i can post these. There email that we’ve been exchanging:
    all is good, i haven’t seen him this weekend though, umm you can post them i you want i do not mind, doesn’t bother me at all, so do as you wish, i know very little of what i am getting into, thank you i hope the information will help me.


    Subject: RE:
    Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 09:30:14 -0300

    my mistake, sorry for the confusion, anyway, you say you have met with logan recently!?! Please i need to know where he is!!! It’s imperative that he is kept safe and that we know what his current health is!! Can you get him to email me from your account? Also, would you mind if I placed these messages on the blog fourm? I think I should let everyone else know, but if you would rather I not do that, i guess thats ok… Anyway, be careful, you don’t know what your getting into… I will send my next email with as much info as i can in a little while…
    Keep safe, Watch your back,

    Subject: RE:
    Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 17:24:25 -0500

    Well Caleb isn’t exactly here, but okay moving on, I’ve read everythign ,and Logan talked to me just this afternoon like 3 hours ago, he’s the one who wanted me to do this research for him, he can’t really do it himself, he’s unable to i suppose. Thank you, and whatever information you have please, let me in on it, anything at all.


    I always watch my back everywhere i go, you do the same.


    Subject: RE:
    Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 13:19:57 -0300

    Hello, Caleb, thank you for taking time to consult me.
    You say that Logan told you about this? First thing, when did he speak with you, becuase he’s been missing for the last couple weeks, possible a month now… anyway, you may want to head over to this blog;, it was the blog logan was writing up until he disappeared, it’s now controlled by Joshua… Anyway, Slender man is someone you may not want to know about… he is dangerous, and as you might know, he’s the cause of alot of child-knappings, and how Logan’s friend (i think his name was Max?) became silent and eventually killed himeself over, (you do NOT want to know how he managed to do so, it’s unpleasent and not a very comforting thought) once again, thanks for the mail, and if you decide to continue along this path,
    Keep safe, Watch your back,


    Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 18:22:13 -0500

    I’ve been doing some reasearch on this “Slender Man” and i am curious to know what your thoughts are, i have stumbled upon this becasue of my friend Logan, he has recently told me to begin concerning myself with Slender Man and informed me to read this, i obtained your e-mail please if you can reply to me anything yu know can be of great help.

    Thank You

    Kai, where is logan? we need to know as he may be in serious danger…
    Keep safe, Watch your back,

  29. thank you guys. your right i just need to calm down. i need to keep myself occupied but at the same time watch my back. one of my friends said HE only exists because we think about HIM. his solution was try not the think about him…. i haven’t seen him for 2 weeks.

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