you HAve come upon a door.

stop trying the haNDle if it’S not working.

if A dooR is locked, surEly you must first find THE KEY?


~ by Logan on November 2, 2009.

51 Responses to “KEY”


    Dammit Logan, that doesn’t make any sense!

    • he could always have put the words backwards. it could be THE KEY ARE HANDS but that doesn’t make much sense either.

      • In Dav’s Video at 2nd Video at 2:27, there is a drawing of a hand, I don’t know if that is useful…

  2. Logan, I’m worried about you. How are you?

  3. If I remember correctly, isn’t there a point in the video of Dav reading the notebook where he says something like, “As you can see, this is Slenderman in the middle here, and these lines are his hands,” referring to a picture from the notebook?

    Dav, could you see if this post could be referring to the notebook? Maybe Logan wrote something in the notebook that he’s trying to point us toward?

  4. Actually, it probably refers to the clock hands in the notebook, seen here:

  5. Logan, contact me ASAP, if you still can, that is.

  6. Should we be worried about the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month?

    Keep yourself safe, Logan. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me ( if you need my assistance.

  7. Got an email reply from logan everyone:
    From: Logan . (
    Sent: November 3, 2009 11:28:35 AM

    Okay i know this is a second reply to your e-mail, but this is Logan and i am fine, just trying to be out in public as mucuh as i can, i’m not staying aalone, i’m with a girl who is keeping me safe and away from anything harmful to me, she has been dodging bullets (literally) we wer caught between Slender and a few namless morons who shot and She was almost killed… I am fine you can tell everyone on the blogs that…

    Keep safe, Watch your back,

  8. Logan’s pretty quick… -.-;

    I can only try to stay safe, i can’t contact anyone, trying to lay low so nothing Happens to this girl i am with, very lucky to have her here. Thank you tell them all i am okay, for now that is, i am slightly crazy it seems but that will pass, hopefully. I am trying to limit the number of people who know ofme, so they will not get hurt aswell.

    stay safe everyone!


    Keep safe, Watch your back,

  9. i suppose KEY ARE THE HANDS wouldn’t make any sense either hmm?

    • actually that kinda makes sense. i mean what about THE HANDS ARE KEY? i think that makes a bit more sense. idk hands are important we know that much and they have something to do with a key. perhaps hands are the key to keeping in touch. without our hands we would be unable to warn each other on the blog as to our run-ins with HIM. so if hands are the key then that would mean that perhaps our hands are our weapons. telling people through the written word is the best weapon we have against HIM…. will someone tell me if this sounds like i’m stupid cause thats what i’m thinking.

  10. HANDS ARE THE KEY backward is KEY THE ARE HANDS, you silly person.

    • but every atepmt means the same exact thing hands are the key key are the hands key the hands are are hands the key the key are hands are key the hands hands the key are the hands key are

  11. Forget about the capital letters.
    Someone’s at a door? Who?
    Is a literal door, or a metaphor?
    And what’s on the other side?

  12. Slender man is the key possibly? To another “place?”

  13. Maybe the hands refer to the hands on the watch in the first post.
    I have no idea what significance the hands hold, regardless of what watch, but i guess only logan does. The first posts hand point to about 2:37. Once again, this could be nothing but every angle paints the picture.

    • in Dav’s video the hands on the clock actually point to 2:37
      unsure if this is coincidental or not, just an observation of an observation.

  14. It may not be in any particular order, so perhaps it says ARE HANDS THE KEY(?).

  15. possibly also worth noting that Dav mentions in the video Matt killed himself by strangling himself with his own hands. Perhaps it’s insinuating that self-strangulation is the only way to open the door?

  16. I don’t know if it has any relevance, but eleven in German (considering that the Germans had strong ties to Norse myth) is the word “elf”. Another tie to Norse myth…and there were atleast two of the 9 Norse worlds said to be connected by Yggdrasil, that were additionally said to have been controlled by “elves”, or Alfar (lichtalfar or just alfar-the light elves-alfheim, and svartalfar-the dark elves/svartalfheim), with Nidavellir (the world of the dwarves) as a probable third.

    Very weak, I admit, but still worth taking note of.

    • Didn’t Logan write something similar to “Yggdrasil” in the journal? It wasn’t spelled right, but if you knew what it meant and not how to spell it, it may have come out like it did.

  17. Watching Slender Man jump the shark!

  18. Everyone’s ideas are pretty good, but how do you know whether Logan’s addressing us, or maybe Slenderman himself?
    Just an observation…

  19. Could he be referring to the hands of the clock at the beginning of his first blog? Seen here:

  20. Logan?…….are you okay?!i have an idea of whats happening, it happened to my friend too 😥

  21. damn whatever that thing, that SLENDERMAN is dose he do this to so many people at once though?

  22. Hands….Slendermans’ hands?

  23. I had noticed the clock marks eleven eleven and as well eleven means elf in German. Elf of Elves is kind of interesting in that the Erlking or king of elves exhibits behavior very similar to Slender Man in . He haunts woods and abducts people. In fact, in the poem Der Erlkönig the child sees the Elf but the father does not. I thought that slender man had similar behavior or something. Anyway Erlkonig and its translations might be good to keep in mind supposing somebody has presented some puzzle here.

  24. Or you can ram it down, y’know.

  25. Doesn’t HE have many hands? Why don’t cut off your hands I’m sure that will work. Just combine all of the cryptic messages and see what you get.

  26. 11.11.11is also an important date in Tribe Twelve. Maybe there’s a connection.

  27. I fucking hate gamejackers.

  28. It follows. It hungers. It feeds. This is the way of the man with the black shirt.

  29. KEY 2

    he finds yOu in the land of the trees. He watches. I lOok. Nothing is there. Find us


  31. I’m personally not one hundred per cent sold on the relevance of the HANDS reference to the hands of the clock, but I woul like to point out the 11.11 does have some modern symbolism as well, in the UK and the Commonwealth Armistice Day is the 11th day of the 11th month, and a minute’s silence is held at precisely eleven minutes past eleven, in which one is supposed to remember those who have died in war. Given various theories on the Slender Man’s possible living off fear, is it possible that he would gain a kind of bolster from hundreds of people across the world thinking I loved ones lost or still fighting? This time would also be relevant and/or known to a soldier, as, while the victim himself was presumably American, it’s not implausible he would have encountered Commonwealth soldiers in action.

  32. I believe it is worth noting that not only was there a clock drawn in the journal, but the first post on this blog was of a watch. I do not know the connection between this and “HANDS ARE THE KEY” but I do not believe it is a coincidence.

  33. what about saying it without the capital letters

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