I can hear the laughter.

Through this endless night and after.


I can hear the singing.

Chorus, verse, and refrain ringing.


~ by Logan on November 4, 2009.

30 Responses to “Laughter”

  1. Trust us! trust Joshua! Just don’t trust him!

    • JOSH!you can trust us man just don’t trust that…..that thing!please don’t do something stupid,you can trust us

  2. How can we convince you to trust us?

  3. That’s the hardest part to understand, is we can’t.

  4. I suppose you can always trust yourself, Logan.
    And whatever God or Gods you believe in.

  5. Matthew Selby is not the only one who has encountered this “Slender Man.”

    I’ll call myself Arturo for this post. I’d rather not say my full name.
    I’m a medical officer for the U.S. Army. If this Joshua or Logan would contact me, presuming that Logan contacts anyone, from what I have read here. He seems to be a recluse of sorts.

    Nevertheless, if Joshua would please contact me. I leave my email for you only. I’d rather not have a flood of emails. I’m assuming you know how that feels.

    Please reach me as soon as you possibly can.


  6. That’s not Dav. It’s not Joshua.

    Mr. Logan, I presume? Now, here’s the curious thing. When was that picture taken? I see lines on the paper. Picture flaws, or a new notebook? One with ruled lines?

    • i would think new notebook. because i don’t remember seeing those pages when dav opened the book online. but then again he said that a page was torn out maybe this is it in progress because i don’t see a line connecting both right now but it could have been added later idk but i would say new notebook. yes i know i analyze every aspect of the possabileities because i am in deep shit man we all are and we can’t miss a single detail. it helps that i’m ocd but it doesn’t help that since this all started i haven’t been in control of the dissary in my house. i’ve been kinda preoccupied.

      • It isn’t. I’ve gone back and looked, and the pages are unlined and the opposite page is too different from the one facing the torn-out section.

    • logan said he sent matt the wrong (unlined) notebook. this might be the matching one that is lined.

      • You’re probably correct. I find it curious that he’s still drawing..

        But, what is that? It looks like it’s probably the Slender Man on the right page, but what’s on the left? ‘We do’…?

        Hold up! That dark blur. Does that look like a clock to anyone else? Nine-twenty, nine-twentyfive, maybe?

      • ISH: It’s definitely a clock, but I interpreted it as being on the reverse of the page on the left which would mean the clock is flipped: picture. That would make the time around <a href=""2:35.

      • Well, R. Erbs, the main question now is the significance of the time. (It looks more like 2:37 now.) But without many more clues… Well, I’m useless there.

        We see WHO CouLd I TruST written on one page. Look at the ‘L’. Is it just me or does it look like an arrow? Another set of hands, maybe?

      • I thought the L looked like clock hands, but I can’t tell if it’s a message or just because Logan likes clocks.

        Some of my colleagues have suggested the 2:35 (2:36? 2:37?) time might be of some importance on 11/11 (see the clock with 11:11 on it in Matt’s notebook), but to be honest, I really don’t know anymore.

  7. If you’ll look at the watch acting as a base, it’s two minutes past 35. So.

    That’s two days from now, isn’t it? Veteran’s Day.

  8. The “L” in could is a pair of clock hands.

  9. This is Logan.

  10. Well, we know Logan isn’t totheark.
    TTA has disconnected earlobes.
    So far, everyone involved with Slenderman has connected earlobes

  11. Did anyone by any chance see a creepy masked short guy anywhere, and more importantly, stalking anyone?

    • Masky perhaps? And um..I’ve been having “Slendy trouble”.. I’m very terrified at this point. It’s come to the point where I’m sleeping with lights on, looking over my shoulder every now and again, shutting and locking my door to my room at night, having dreams where I see things…I can’t handle this anymore..

  12. Oh hai myspace.

  13. Just gotta love verbose comments

  14. As I sense the one who’s reeping, I can hear the children weeping. At every hour of every day, I feel the madness pulling me away. All the while that Im crying, I feel the world around me dying. Anytime or anywhere he’ll be sure to see you there. If you are wise you shall not flee, but rather stay and behold his glee. Although time may be the essence, that shall not effect his presence. Stillness, stillness is what I feel, but to him that I shall not reveal. Although I find his appearance appauling, I can hear his presence calling. If you find yourself in his flex, you shall know: you are next.

  15. why does the last line terrify me no matter how i read it
    ‘i can here the singing
    chorus verse,and refrain ringing’
    why does this terrify me?

  16. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading?

    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s
    the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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