Do you have any idea how sad it is when your only comforts from a friend are ramblings that don’t make an ounce of sense?

Someone has informed me that a phone number of mine was in the notebook. The number in question was an old Pay-As-You-Go phone that I had that ran out of credit, but I still had the phone (although for the life of me I cannot find it). I tried calling it and, well, that’s not my voice. That’s Logan’s. I left him a message so here’s to hoping that I’ll actually hear back from him now that I seem to have a way to contact him.

But why use my name?


~ by Logan on November 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Phone”

  1. Joshua,

    It might be of particular interest to call Logan on November 11 at or around 2:36 PM. The last post done by Logan that had the words “Hands are the key” were in reference to the Clock hands in the notebook (11:11) and the clock hands from the first post in this blog.

    • I’m scared for Logan and i never even met him, josh remember what i said, help your friends no matter what like me,im scared of this journey we are going to take but we must take it
      im here for this with you till the end

  2. Oh, god. That’s unfortunate. Now I feel like an ass for leaving such a lengthy text message.

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