~ by Logan on November 10, 2009.

95 Responses to “ALMOST TIME?”

  1. God dammit god dammit god dammit…

    Wait…. That’s the watch you bought.


  2. I thought Veteran’s Day would have something to do with this. Matt was a Marine, after all.

    Guys, some bad shit’s probably about to go down tomorrow.

  3. O.K, I can tell that Logan’s eye is edited to make it bigger, because the size it’s at isn’t normal… or maybe log has finally lost it… 0.0


  4. It’s not edited. I’ve screened it twice, and checked the EXIF data. The only thing that seems strange is the tag “Photo Booth.”

    • Photo Booth is a piece of software that ships with iMacs, and allows you to take self portraits with the built in webcam. Clearly, wherever Logan is, he’s using an iMac.

      I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow? I don’t like this.

  5. Who’s there?

  6. logan man i’m worried about you i mean god i’m worried about all of us but especially u me and dav. i haven’t seen a post by dav recently but maybe i’m not looking hard enough. dude hang in there we need to stick together

  7. A dauntless god
    Drew for drink to its gleam,
    Where he left in endless
    Payment the light of an eye.

  8. It’s almost November 11th.
    The post a few days back says that the hands are the key.
    A clock in the notebook points to 11:11.
    It’s almost time for something important.
    Well, hell.


  10. There is a new entry.

  11. Veteran’s day does seem significant. But does anybody see his watch? What’s it say? 3:30-ish?

  12. Both picture have his hand covering his left eye. Don’t know if that is something.

  13. I just called Logan. The original message, “This is Josh, please leave a message at the tone, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can,” has been replaced.

    The new voice message is Logan laughing hysterically.

    • OH, MY GOD… 0.0

      I am know assured that logan has gone insane and has either lost his eye or is just doing that for dramatic effect,
      either way, this is not good


    • Is it me or, during that pause of the laugh, does it sound like someone’s talking in the background?

  14. In Canada, and other British Common Wealth countries Novermber 11 is “remembrance day.” On that day, at 11:11 a minute of silence is held to remember those that have died in war. The date and time itself is derived from November 11th, 1918, when the armistice was signed ending the First World War.

    Then again, Logan is American, so I have no idea if that’s relevant or not.

  15. Almost time? Probably not. It looks like he’s teasing, with that crazy grin.

  16. It’s veteran’s day.

    Matt was a veteran. Well, before he died, anyway.

  17. Time’s passed. There’s a riddle on his phone now.

  18. Mind posting the riddle?

  19. Or the number?

  20. just found the number.
    here’s the riddle:This phone is the door. The fact that you’re listening means you’ve selected and brought the key. Now I’ll just present you the lock. “When you woke up this morning, when conciseness finally took over your body after a brief skirmish with sleep, what was the very first thing you thought. Just consider this for a moment. Tell me. Leave your thought, as well as your name, and your address. I assure you, we will discover who’s who in time.

  21. What’s the number?

  22. 518-631-5813

  23. Now this is getting… interesting.

    But for the riddle, he is looking for something specific or is he asking, sincerely, what we think in the morning?

  24. does anyone think that “where am i?” might be the answer to the riddle? seems a little plausible, right?

  25. “hands are the key” right? It could be literally “hands” or maybe it could be referencing to the clock, so it would then be a time.

    “where am I” is plausible though. Try it, maybe it’s right!

  26. Where am I, or..What am I?

  27. This looks like a job for Cthulhu!

  28. it’s actually quite obvious, hands are the key is the answer.
    He basicly said that in earlier

  29. The very first thing that I thought after when “conciseness finally took over your body after a brief skirmish with sleep” was GOD DAMN ALARM CLOCK!!!!

  30. “what time is it?”

  31. Logan, the answer is HANDS, I already called you, are you alright?

    • You think “hands” when you wake up?

      • I think he’s still thinking of the HANDS ARE THE KEY snippet Logan left us.

        But we’ve SOLVED that. The hands were the key to knowing when to contact Logan.

  32. I wonder what Dav’s up to.

  33. It’s morphin’ time!…

    Or it’s payback time?

    But seriously though. “What time is it” seems like the most correct answer.

  34. Then, if the question is “what time is it”, is he referring to the time on his watch in this picture?

  35. TOOL TIME!

    Maybe the hands are the key, hands on a clock, as in a certain time is the key for… something something something

  36. Anyone want to compare that window in the background with those on the house J enters in Marble Hornets? Logan seems to fit the profile for our masked friend.

    • Logan’s operating on EST (GMT-5) and I am pretty sure J is in Pacific time (GMT-8). Logancould be J’s masked man, but I also think it’s really unlikely.

    • I doubt it.

      Logan has much lighter hair than the masked man. Also I do remember him saying something about traveling with someone else, and I doubt she’d be in on hiding out in a creepy dark house to attack some guy

      • The source for Logan having a traveling companion seemed sketchy to me. Like someone was pretending they were traveling with Logan for attention, not actually traveling with him. I agree that Logan probably isn’t involved in the stuff with J, but I don’t think Logan has a traveling companion.

      • Hmm, I can see why you would say that.

        It does seem kinda fishy, but then again look at what we’re dealing with. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

      • I think totheark was the masked man attacking J

  37. hands on a clock……”what time is it?” sounds plausible….something relating to hands could be included though…

  38. Wait, who said they were traveling with Logan? Or did he say someone was traveling with him?

  39. The phone is the door, and your hands are the key. The riddle is the lock. Or, your first thought in the morning is the lock.

    Logan, I left my answer the other day. I hope you’ll be able to decipher who’s who. I left my real name; I will not be calling again unless you require it. I don’t want someone else trying to call you using my name, and their address.

  40. I think “hams” when I wake up, because I do enjoy a nice piece of ham. What say you, Samuel M? Do you enjoy ham also?

  41. Hey, folks. Don’t answer with ‘Hands are the key’, all right? They WERE the key to finding out when Logan wanted us to contact him.

  42. You know all these fake slender man things scared me for awhile but after some time things just get boring. Like this, I was all like OMFG for maybe a few days and the I read it over and since the beginning it was planned and you can tell. Btw “logan” is quite adorable even though this is supposto be his “gone crazy” photo

    • i concur. if logan IS staying with this kai person, who has since disappeared, are you two, y’know, together?


  43. stop posting the lady gaga poses. I know that ‘hands are the key’, yeah, but you didn’t have to do such a ugly pose!

    • btw if you leave you name and address on the voice mail what happens? Cuz i was thinking about it but then decided no

  44. “Who Could I Trust?” Seen in the previous post

  45. I hope the Slender Man comes on and is like… “Yo bros! We’s gonna have a partay! Lez crack open some brews and have ourselves a rock out!”

    Seriously. Why can’t the Slender Man come on? I wanna talk to him. Ask him diet tips. Maybe challenge him to a knife fight.

  46. I wonder if all these post that aren’t related to finding Logan will be deleted….I find this quite entertaining now that I don’t give a shit about some riddle

  47. Creepy thought just occurred… is his eye still there?

  48. There was a reference to something about how Slender Man has no face, and never blinks. Maybe there’s something going on with the eyes about that?

  49. I called and the voicemail changed. He’s found the answer and im still scared.

  50. KNOCKKNOCK. This is freaky shit.

    • Knock knock…and you can see behind him, the door to the room that he’s in is open.
      This is some scary shit.

  51. The first thing im able to think of when my consciousness takes over is depends on what occured in my absence. For example – if i was having a dream, my thoughts would be “Is this reality, or another illusion.” Otherwise, on a normal day where i have no recollection of the night past, i wonder “How long was i out for?”

  52. I knew my answer to the question immediately.

    “Let me back into the dream.”

  53. This is the most awkward thing ever. But instead of my first thought being “Oh god, what the hell is wrong with you!?” it was “Logan looks really cute <:3c"

  54. The first thing I thought, the last time I slept for more time than a catnap: Nothing but mental dry heaves. The first words I thought: “What’s behind me?” (that particular sort of “what” that can also be applied to the more unusual “who”s).
    Not that it’s relevant. Not Slendy. Before here.

    I agree that the answer may be “What time is it?” if it has not been confirmed.

  55. Odin sacrificed his eye to Yggdrasil to gain wisdom.


  57. When I’m scared and losing my mind I always take webcam photos of myself and screw with the contrast.

  58. Guys, I searched the number, this is what I got.

    He is somewhere in New York, or at least the land line the number has is. Hmm.

  59. I would do terrible things to Logan.

  60. Yggdrasil. Norse mythology..

    The Norse god, Odin lost an eye.. And I believe it was his left eye as well..

  61. Shirtless Logan. ME GUSTA.

  62. I’m pretty sure Odin didn’t give up his eye to Yggdrasil, but to Mimirs spring. But it was his left eye and it was in return for knowledge, which is what Logan’s been looking for, knowledge of slender man.

    That’s not to say that Odin doesn’t have connections with Yggdrasil, though. He was hung from it for nine days and pierced with a spear. If Logan’s already drawing up parallels with the experiences of Odin, that can’t mean good things.

  63. Joshua, i would recommend getting the HELL away from that watch, logan had it, it cant be safe.


  64. Photo’s offline. Anyone have a backup?

  65. Is the photo gone forever?

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