Found. You.











~ by Logan on November 14, 2009.

151 Responses to “Found. You.”

  1. Logan… Found who? What’s this all about man?

    • I reAlly love Music becauS of Cats And Rats rEading Dictionarys.

      (of SLENDER MAN)

    • For those of you who don’t realise (only just found this and it seems really interesting) those are the 9 souls that slender is looking for

      LR is Logan Renault (Aka number 1)
      BH is the brandon guy on youtube who got logans notebook in the mail.
      DF is dav who got the original journal (Aka number 3)
      RE is Regina erbs, the youtuber who got one of the notebook pages in the mail (Aka number 4)

      I haven’t figured out who the other 2 initials belong to and theres still 2 more people to be found, and of course the last word on the list “HIM” can be no one but Mr slender himself…

  2. Initials?

  3. No, No, No, You see Logan, I’m BP, not BH (although I do mumble, so I understand the fact that you misheard)

  4. Gayyy..
    seoriously,sick of riddles.

  5. another long is this gonna go on for Its been like 5 months.

  6. Yeah, and I’m CS, not BS 😛

  7. is this seriously our initials? cause my initials are LR this scares me a little bit since i’ve never actually meet logan in person

  8. new voice mail can’t make it out call 518-631-5813 something about time to answer and pretty soon something i’m sick

  9. DF? Could be me, my first name is a D. Could have misinterpreted my last name as Freeman, as I have said Mr. Freeman in quite a few voice mails.

    • I think it might be Dav.
      Either way, I might be glad I didn’t call.

      • Ah, it very well could be, but Dav said himself that he didn’t leave a voice mail because he wanted someone else to get this package. Who knows. There are also those two ??’s.

  10. wow wonderful just so i do not have to call I’m KK okay Logan????

  11. I don’t think these are initials; Not for names, anyway.

    • Any idea what you think the letter combinations are, then? (Totally accepting they might not be initials, just curious what your idea is.)

    • They’re initials. I’m BH, Dav is DF, Logan is LR, Josh is JA, etc, then we know who HIM is!

      • this is how you can tell it was planned..just give up

      • Dav didn’t play this game, though. His message was him demanding the missing pages. Don’t jump to conclusions.

        Anyway, these could be almost anything. Connecting train routes, ratings, code, numbers, you name it. It’s just… initials seems way too easy for someone like Logan. It’s too blunt.

      • Well seriously this is hard to believe.Since the beginning of the blog in the first entry slender man was in the watch.He didn’t get the note book till a week or so after.There is no connection,no reason for him to be there.I know if I don’t believe it why do i even bother with the blog but it just irritates me how horrible this is being done.If you wanna scare people it needs work.Like I said before I was creepy but after awhile the scare factor is gone,just like in marble hornets.

      • Flippy, if you don’t want to help Logan, maybe you should stop following his blog.

      • I’m just interested on how this is gonna end. But its taking forever.And how are you suppose to help when you dont even know what to do. Yea Ive called, Ive listened, there is no way to answer anything.And if those are initials of people maybe its the people who called and left their names or maybe its his friends who are plying along

      • TNC: Still think they’re initials, but I’m looking into other possibilities. Got nothing from running the letters through ROT. Looking to see if translating the letters into numbers gives me anything of interest, but I need to do some Googling.

      • @R. Erbs: I’ve been trying the same, but there’s just so much googling to do if you want to find anything behind them. I dunno, they may still be initials, I just… I don’t trust common sense at this point.

  12. maybe he just wants friends and no one understands him so when he talks to people he accidentally kills them seeing as he would try to calm the person down. But he is an awkward looking person so they wouldnt calm down cuz hes scary to them. Also I wonder where slender man buys his suits and shoes…he is just an abnormally large slender man.hahahah i made a funny.

  13. Flippy, how is it planned? Maybe he put the initials so that way people who recognize them can expect something? If it is that, then it would just add to the game. But for now, we need to assume it is something else.

    • Well there are no answers to any of these riddles or whatever.Its just pointless voice mails and random blogging with no reason.

  14. You know …slender man seems very simmilar to the gentleman in buffy the vampire slayer. They also seem to do the same things. hmmm.

  15. Flippy, if you don’t like the blog, don’t post, becuase i am sick and tired of listining to you whine and complain

    • Well that’s to damn bad dear. I can post and question whatever I feel like and if I want to question the going ons in this blog I will. :]

    • Also don’t read my post then okay?
      I think that may solve your problem.

  16. Take a look at the topic this thing is posted in. After Logan disappered his post have been posted in new topics whoose names has been written in large letters. This is different.

  17. Got this in the mail today:

    Message (And envelope if you’re interested.)

    Seems the safe bet is that they’re initials.

    YOU = me = RE
    myself = Logan = LR
    six others = the other letter combinations + question marks.

    • I use to send stuff to myself all the time.

    • We’re going to need the rest of the letters. We can’t do anything with a seventh or eighth of the message.

      Anyway, whomsoever received a message ought a scan here as well. We need to know if every message is the same. Based on this, there’s going to be something in the message that we need to decipher by matching it with its brothers.

  18. I’m kinda glad I didn’t get on there. My initials are actually SM, so it might’ve caused some incorrect speculation… >_>

  19. has anyone tried matching the letters with their corresponding letters in the alphabet? i.e. a=1 b=2 c=3….

    Bit of a long shot but it could lead somewhere.

    • I did this a few days ago. I both added the numbers on each line together (BH = 2+8 = 10) or just putting them together (BH = 28) and put them through a decimal to ASCII converter. The result was basically nothing.

      The numbers themselves didn’t specifically jump out at me as having any unifying theme.

  20. Yes, you really have found me, Logan. Congratulations on that one–you’re certainly more clever than we give you credit for.

    ~Dav Flamerock
    Miskatonic University

  21. Damn, I knew I should have called.
    So, what the hell do the question marks represent?

  22. Also,

    Blast Hornet
    Bull Shit
    Dragon Force
    Jump Around
    Left Right
    Resident Evil


  23. They’re the “nine truly concious people” That Logan refered to in his letter he sent to Dav. He said that Dav was number three. The third initial down is DF–His initials! The Slenderman is the Him. And when he says time is running out–or whatever– it means that he has almost found all nine people that he is looking for!

  24. hmm i have a feeling this blog may end with 9 people missing…

  25. Does anyone know what Logan is saying when you call the number now?

    • “I have found my answer. Pretty soon, I…think you will too.” Is all he says and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

      • Just a minor correction, he says “believe”, not “think.” Not sure that changes anything, just wanted to have the correct version out there.

  26. Okay, so obviously he’s sent out letters to proactive people online who have shown obvious interest in his little plea of insanity.

    Only two people have come forward on this blog, the only place of any serious consequence regarding this guy, so I chalk this all up to failure. For one, those notecards don’t seem to reveal anything, for two, this is stagnant and not going anywhere.

    Am I the only one who’s going to say how retarded it is to say that there’s only 9 truly conscious beings? What does that even mean? As if the existence of Slender Man is the Holy Grail of life, and only those who give a shit about a guy in the woods killing folks are of consequence.

    I’m with Flippy, this all just wasted a ton of my time. Try again, better luck next time.

    • Finally, someone agrees with me. Kudos

    • If it’s wasting your time, why did you come back and write up a couple paragraphs? Face it, you’re hooked. You can’t wait to see what happens next.

      • Okay fine you caught me. I just wanna see how much shittier this whole thing gets.I have nothing better to do. I admit it.

  27. Logan, I received your parcel today. It’s very interesting. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share its contents with other interested parties.


  28. In these videos, I give a preliminary glance through the notebook that Logan sent me. I’ll scan each page soon, so that everyone involved can have a better look at each entry.

    • I was about to post that dav has the notebook when i realized what you are saying is that you have the journal that Logan was showing off in the pictures.

      Deffenatly downloading this video

    • So. Nine things. The nine worlds of the Yggdrasil. If we count Logan, we also come up with ten, the number of Sephiroth in the Jewish mysticism.

      But I think that evidence leads more towards the Norse cycle of things, which makes me wonder. I’m going to have to go through some of my texts again to see if there’s a prominent number seven anywhere in Norse mythology.

      Someone downthread brought up the Tolkein ring thing. Well, Tolkein based a lot of his story off of Norse myth, so I’m not surprised. But this holds an undercurrent of insanity that wasn’t present in the world of hobbits and elves.

    • if you look carefully you will see that the slender man is the thing connecting the 9

      if we are going with the norse theory,
      that would make slenderman the world tree.
      linking the 9 worlds
      so by the end of this 2 of you will be alive.
      good luck guys.

  29. Since I have been going by an alias on this fourm until recently, I would just like to introduce myself. I would like to say that, although I wish it weren’t true, I have become slightly obsessive with this whole Slender Man ordeal.

    I know who totheark is, and I have seen the truth


    • And you expect us to believe you.
      If you like dramatic reveals, I understand. But why wouldn’t you tell us who totheark is?
      You’re not the only one who is obsessed.
      I need help. I have become obsessed with the truth of what is happening.
      If you have anything that could change what we know, unshackle yourself and tell us all you know.

      • Yes mw tell us! who is totheark and whats the truth!

      • First, for the truth:

        The Slender Man is somewhat of a portal to another world. He shows us things we don’t understand and we go crazy trying to figure it out. He is not a scary guy, he just is different. Others who can see this world and things in it are titled “insane”. Who are the
        Non-seers to judge what’s crazy and what’s not? They should just open their eyes. They are so blind.

        Also, I am quite sure that the Slender Man contacts people through entertainment. Things made by humans, used by humans, but not human at all. For example this Notebook. The Slender Man channels his energy through it and to other people.

        Oh, and totheark is the new, truth-seeing Alex.

        If I am wrong, then I am wrong. But it would be frightful if I was wronged.

    • hmm..the human mind makes up believe some weird shit. You sir have a nice imagination,but an I the only one who doubts logans connection to marble hornets. 2 different stories here , neither connect. why must you try to connect them?

      • While this is true I believe it has a connection with TribeTwelve on youtube. The protagonist, Noah is given the date 11.11.11 as well.

  30. I guess I’ve arrived late to the show, but let’s see what unfolds. I can only hope I reached J in time to save him from making a fatal mistake.

    I pray this is all a big game like Flippy thinks, but keep in mind, every legend, every myth, every lie, has it’s roots seeped in truth. Where are the roots in this? I don’t yet know…

  31. You do know that Slenderman is made up right? Imagine the laughs that the guy who made him is getting from this

  32. There is much speculation as to the who last two people. I may infact be one of the nine that that is mentioneD in the notebook that tetsuyabh received frOm you, Logan(Page 25,R and 26,L of the notEbook.). I could only cringe in, what I think, a reference tO my unique moniker on the most of the internet. Logan, If you do read this, pLeasE for the sake of my saniTy. Please send me a “sign” a confirmation, sometHing…..Please for the sake of understanding thIs “Slender Man” that plagues you so. I can only Keep hoping that I may understand what is happening to you and what might happen to me.


      this is what the capital letters spell out, all though i may have missed some of them. I am translating the letters as we speak. any input is welcome

  33. 9 Rings to rule them all and in the darkness bind them, 9 for mortal men doomed to die

  34. Soooooo… SM is the witch king?

  35. I called Logan, but I didn’t say much. I used my cell phone, so he wouldn’t have been able to find my address. I have a feeling I may just be one of these people.

  36. Just finished an anagram search, results here:

  37. I find my classification under the category of “not conscious” rather disturbing.

    Logan, not all of us have access to a phone, but we’re here. Clearly this thing is growing to involve more then just you.

    We can talk man, it’s cool. You’re cool, I’m cool, we’re all cool. Just let me know what’s going on man.

  38. There’s not really much to go with on those anagrams…maybe missing letters? Best one I can spot out of the bunch is “Lied He Took”, but that doesn’t seem to make much sense considering it’s from an outsiders post. Maybe “Heed it Look”, a deeper meaning in the message we aren’t seeing?

  39. [ige[iorn[ioergaeaonireaonhr[ioer[ihnaehranio[hreno[ahreinaohraeoinahreionahreion[ahrenioahreion[ahreion[aehrion[hraein[ohraion[aehrnio[ahrein[ohraeion[hraeion[hrni[ohreion[hreni[ohrenio[aherion[hreinoaheion[ahrein[oahrei[onahrei[onhrai[onhraeoin[hraei[onahrein[ohraeion[hraei[onahrein[ohraeion[ahreon[iahre[ionahren[ioahrnioohrenihre[ionahreion[hraei[onahren[iohrae[ionhraei[onhraein[ohrio[nahrei[oehrn[iohreni[ohreni[ohreniohri[onhrein[ohrein[oahrei[ohreion[hri[onhraeon[iahnreihreion[rheon[iheon[ihren[iohren[iohren[iohre[ionhrae[ionahre[ionhrae[ionahre[iohraeio[nhraeion[hraeino[ha

  40. They’re just a group of role playing nerds. You kids are so gullible.

    • You’re the gullible one if you think we beleive this.
      I mean, honestly.
      THis is related to Slenderman who was thought up in an SA thread.
      We KNOW it’s fake.

  41. hi, im jaakko(or atleast that is wat u can call me)
    i’ve been following this for a while, but i have never posted here, but now stuffs different…
    i dont know how to put this, ill just come straight out with it i guess…
    i have seen him
    slender man
    he was on top of a building, i almost didnt see him, he was in between a ton of AC units…
    still, it was him…
    i was just busking all day, he came and went in time, i dont know why he was there, who he was after….
    im just glad it wasnt me…
    ill look out for him from now on
    i also want to try and find who he was following, they might be one of the missing people on the list….

  42. This game just fucking died. I called the number and like a tard, Logan fucking picked up. I approached him by saying his name and he goes, “Nah brah, wrong number.” I’m sending my bitch to collect his pay.

  43. I saw him at a Seven Eleven..
    I hope I’ll be okay.
    I mean if he is in the 716 it makes no sense for logan to be missing or J from MH being followed..
    Since you know J is in cali and Logan is in eastern upstate ny and im in western ny

  44. Whoever owns that phone number that was placed on this page, he picked up the call. I wanted to show my friend the shit that was going on, but this ‘tard literally just fucked himself. He even had a delay response ’cause ya know, fail.

    For shame OP, for shame. -1

  45. call it blocked. It seems to be that he picks up block calls so that he knows its not some fag tard who is watching this shit. *67

  46. give it some time. I don’t know what else to say, he probably just turned off his phone now. I suggest you call from skype.

  47. call from anything that would give off a different number. he expects not to pick up numbers out of the area, and now its blocked calls.

  48. know if i drive an hour or 2 i’ll be in his area code lmao.
    when im bored i should do it.

  49. What are we still waiting for?

  50. thats all that he seems to be doing at this point…hah and to think i was wrapped up in all of it.

  51. aney one got the dates of atacks?

  52. Enough, I was just having a bit of fun with my moniker. I forgot the “N” no clues here.

  53. Logan should like text me cuz he’s cute 😀
    its up to slenderman to get the area code =D

  54. I’m really curious to see how this turns out. If anyone wants to let me know what’s going on, feel free to email me.
    I want to start writing about this it interests me.

  55. Hey, I understand that ARGs are hard to pull off and all, but COME ON. BRING ON THE NEXT PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. THIS IS TAKING FOREVER.

  56. OK,I have arrived late so here is what I think.

    The envelope that Dav got with the “pencil marks” that were determined to be finger marks isn’t graphite… its ash. Its the only thing I think makes sense. If the person that sent it didn’t do it then it would have to been someone who intercepted the notebook. The only thing that could do that would be HIM. Also, The people were obviously picked based on their answers to the riddle. What were the answers you “chosen” people gave? Were they all the same. Was it indeed TIME?

    Maybe the reason we haven’t moved forward is because we are missing a key piece that needs to be revealed to continue? Or Joshua is no more! its really up in the air as of now. I think above all else the 9 should collaberate and solve this thing already.

  57. O.O there’s a figure in the watch?

  58. what does “conscious beings” actually mean?

    • hmm maybe people who “realize” the truth.
      heh who know, probably his friends who are in on this with him

  59. Why every blog instead of two vanish for 10 minutes?

  60. Found you.

    • It would appear that maybe these incidents are related.

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • Wow, I was coming on here to post this, but you guys beat me to it.

      • Notice the post dates for the two? It’s a coincidence. Besides, there’s a hidden frame at the end of Return that says “forever”, making it more obviously not related.

        MH and JAFool haven’t shown anything in common, other than SM and the mental degradation thing. And even the mental degradation in MH is of a different sort than the mental degradation here.

        People should stop trying to put these things together and accept them for what they are, part of the Slender Man mythos and not related in any other way.

    • MH has nothing to so with this.

    • dick! creepy shit bro.

      ….where does slender man get his suits from from? He’s got style.

  61. Then why make up riddles for this?

  62. Anyone notice that after this, everyone started to change their names to F.Lastname? Haha We ALL want in on this.

  63. exactly

  64. Dude, Logan, Josh, where are you guys?

  65. So undulating no, RISE so everyone times severely ,,,,,,,, timing his everlonging great return epykting everlasting naivety for logan and slender humanity.

  66. lol @ Flippy and IEC

    This is awesome and incredibly interesting.

  67. Nice job killing this. You guys suck.

  68. So anybody notice that in that video, the notebook pages had lines? i do Believe “Logan” said there were no lines in the book

  69. Th

    I mean COME ON.

  70. I’m a little SPENDER!

  71. hey….i hear you got problems with…..him? it? i don’t know what the hell IT is but I’m having the same problems,life is now full of riddles and i keep seeing a tall figure, no face and dressed in a black suit aside from the white undershirt, please help me

  72. my email address for those who wish to help and contact me is thank you

  73. It’s been over two years now. I don’t think they’re coming back.

    Something bad must have happened, I think they’re gone.

    I never really met any of these guys, but I understand what it is they were dealing with. After waiting for two years and recieving no updates, I’m giving up on waiting.

    For the past couple of years I’ve been compiling some research and I’ve had a few close encounters of my own. I’m not going to just destroy all of the evidence and spend the rest of my life in fear, I’ll find out what happened to these two by myself. If some Monster comes after me, so be it. I’m done with all these disappearances and unsolved mysteries.

    I’ll finish this.

  74. I’m seriously Trembling.
    Logan found Slenderman

  75. My initials are JA.

    P.S: YES! I know how to speak in english! OKAY!?

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