Game Over


~ by Logan on January 6, 2010.

51 Responses to “Game Over”

  1. Cally me crazy, but that shadow looks oddly similar to Slender Man.

  2. Seems the story has run it’s course. Oh well…

  3. This could have been great. Hope this isn’t an actual ending.

  4. Well, damn.

  5. That’s definitely a slender-shadow.

  6. God damn it.

    Hey…does this mean Logan can get this blog back?

  7. Trust no one
    Trust nothing
    Embrace all knowledge


    P.S. Stay Safe

    • Okay… that sounded a bit jackass-y. What I meant was that “truth” can not always be taken from the first example… if that made any sense… the “Game Over” doesn’t necessarily mean that this has ended and SM has won…. or something, I’m not good with words XD

      And isn’t this the first picture where he is showing both eyes?

      • Yes it is the first and only picture of Logan showing his left eye as well as his right, My reason to this:

        As Josh said in his last blog before disappearing “Logan was blind in his left eye”.
        The words the police had told him, my theory is Logan had slowly gone blind in his left eye due to SM hunting him, but because he knew his time was up he found no reason to hide his “corrupted” eye from view anymore, that’s just my take on it

  8. Nonsense. A story has to actually run its course before it ends. The ‘game over’ must have some other meaning.

    its game over for him.
    As in, game over, he’s dead.

    P.S. Don’t yell at me i”m just trying to help!

  10. Not all stories come to a complete end. Some are left hanging, due to being cancelled or just the author’s desire for endings…. or we missed something and its just too late to go back and help.

  11. Emo kid is . . . emo?

  12. PS- you suck at Photoshop. 😀

  13. itsnotGAMEOVERuntilisayitis

  14. I hope this isn’t really Game Over….

  15. He has the background showing for an obvious reason, and its photoshopped FOR SOME REASON. We need to figure it out guys. Does anyone personally recognize the area?

  16. I like MH better. I don’t think I’ve played such a frustrating ARG before this one.

  17. The phone he had us call has been disconnecktied. Maybe this really IS the end.

  18. Ok so my two cents – Game over as in he knew that his fate was sealed with the events that were occuring. Maybe paranormal activities have not ceased for Joshua – we will see.

  19. Slenderman is in the woods. He’s right there in black and white.

  20. Theirs definitely a slender shadow behind him.

  21. No, no, NO! This can’t be the end! Everything is still going on for me!

  22. why why why?!!?!
    I could swear there was a blog post with this about 20 minutes ago
    Not the end!

  23. Think about sucking those penises

  24. This could have been great. Hope this isn’t an actual

  25. actually, i came here looking for a way to get ps1 games strait to my ps3 instead of going to a computer because my current situation doesn’t make it easy. i’m posting this on a saturday, a free day, the sabbeth, the day of reast, so im not lazy and some of the people here aren’t either, they just happen to cross this forum and type fast and check their e-mail like they supposed to.
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  26. Searching was posted Jan. 8th, this was 6th. Two days before he died. Obviously SM was stalking him.

  27. iz diz design at photoshop?

  28. Oh, so he does have his left eye. No longer got the knowledge or were we all getting carried away with the norse mythology? Ah well.

  29. Cela aurait pu être grande. J’espère que cela n’est pas une fin réelle.

  30. watching everything, eyes (X) (X)
    don’t worry, “it” wont hurt joshua yet, there its still some time, but he has to hurry

  31. please don’t overreact

  32. maybe in time we will all understand, that this is all just a phase and I am still the light at the end of the tunnel

  33. 11110011000001001110000 YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFTHIM ALONE

  34. il est la , avec moi….toujours
    il ‘m’observe mais ne me vois pas
    il me suit , mais il n ‘est pas derriere moi
    je l’aperçois au loin…mais il est tous proche

    j’abandonne…je le laisse me prendre , m’emmener la ou il en a emmené bien d’autre avant moi…
    vous l’avez tous créé , nous l’avons créé…il attendait cela , tapis dans les ombres de nos peurs…
    simple cauchemard devenu réalité , il ne disparaitra jamais…

    alors moi…je disparais

  35. The road fills with shadow.
    A tall man comes.
    Woods make fun,
    of his hanging robe.

  36. Your Photoshop sucks.

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