As a few of you no doubt noticed, since I received some emails in concern, I’ve been doing my best to stay as uninvolved from these matters as possible.

Logan rather sternly told me that I should not visit this website, I should not contact him, and I should try to not even think of him. So… Well, I did. But there have been some rather extenuating circumstances that have changed that.

Many of you here have been genuinely concerned about Logan and myself, and honestly, in this confusing, nonsensical, and dare I say supernatural series of events, it has been a source of comfort to know that there are people out there who cared and believed in what was occurring. Because of that, I feel I owe it to you all to at least update you on what has happened.

Two days ago, at about noon, I found this in my mailbox:


Even though I cannot just flat out recognize Logan’s handwriting, I didn’t think it was much of a stretch to assume this was from him. I decided to finally take a look here later that night and saw that he had since been posting every now and then, but most importantly was the picture posted on Wednesday. I knew exactly where that place was, and it wasn’t far from my house. I immediately called the police and told them that he might be in that area and resisted all temptation to go there myself.

Yesterday I received a phone call that they found his body nearby. He didn’t have any ID on him so they’re not sure, but his clothes are the same as what he was wearing in the photo. The only thing he had in him was a smartphone, which could explain how he posted the picture, but it had been smashed to pieces in some sort of struggle. They were still trying to determine cause of death, but the only thing they said to me that stood out at this point was that he was blind in his left eye, which I can’t possibly see as being a coincidence given previous pictures he’s posted.

I didn’t sleep at all last night, and this morning I received the call that they’d like me to come ID the body. At this point, I don’t see how it could be anyone else, but I promise that as soon as I get home I’ll post again to let you all know, since I feel I owe you that much. I’m leaving to drive to the police station now. Come to think of it, I haven’t ridden my motorcycle since I broke my arm, but as anyone that rides could tell you, it’s a fairly relaxing activity, so at least it might help me clear my head. I’ll post as soon as I get back… I don’t see how this could take more than an hour or two.


~ by Logan on January 8, 2010.

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  1. he’s going to die.

    • Norse myth 101.

      Oden hung himself from the world tree for 9 days.
      as a sacrifice , to himself.
      his reward was knowledge.
      9 charms (or invocations)
      he gave up his eye for wisdom.
      after hanging himself for 9 days he returned to life as the all father.

      Logan, would apear to see himself as odin. sacrificing himself for everyone elses sake, hence the covering of the left eye in his photo’s

      the date and time. are the year of ragnorok.

      the nine “consious people” represent the 9 worlds.
      the slender man is either the giant under the world tree.
      or the tree itself.
      the tree of knowledge,
      of existance,
      of the world,
      of death.

      as an avid Rp Gm i know a lot about myths because i use them in my storys, 🙂 hope that helps.
      I have aim 0invitusVictum

  2. My condolences for what happened. Though I did not know Logan before he started to lose his mind (please excuse me if you take offense to this) I can say at least that he seemed like a good person from the posts that he did. Its hard to lose the friend, but I implore you to be on guard. This doesn’t seem like the normal work of the Slender Man, first killing Matt’s squad (that is, if the “official” story isn’t true) and leaving their bodies in the trees, and now killing Logan and leaving his body behind. Although some stories do talk of mutilated bodies left behind, most have them disappearing completely. What ever it is that is happening, it surely is strange even for a Slender Man case.


    P.S. Stay Safe

    • …. I might have made a mistake there….
      I was doubting my self a little and started reading up on Slender Man again. There has actually been quite a few cases of people being killed, mostly adults. I don’t know if you can really consider it strange then… sorry about that…
      Still, please be careful all the same.


  3. My condolences. I have been silently following this story for a while, and I would like to at this point weigh in and note that among the many instances recently appearing regarding our mysterious Slender Man (MarbleHornets, Slender Hunter, and so on…), this is the first to have a definite (and not simply ambiguous) death come of it (or at least it would seem). This is beginning to become serious and incredibly frightening. I urge you to be safe… Although I’m sure that at this point you’re trying your best.

  4. It’s been several hours. I wonder if something went wrong.

    • Do you, really? Because the emphasis that he puts on the fact that he will be back, that he will be back *soon, and that he will post when he gets back is a blatant set up to imply that he is dead because he hasn’t posted. He put too much effort into the build-up, as if attempting to guide the thought process of the readers to a singular conclusion; that he has died.

  5. Logan is no longer suffering.

  6. My condolences. Watch out for yourself though – that note is very worrying.

  7. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two…

    It’s been-

    *looks at watch*

    -longer than that. Damn, hope he’s okay.

  8. Wow, it has been several hours. Be safe and keep your eyes and ears open and also don’t let the fear get to you. Just face IT.

    Just stay alive.

    • “If only it were real”? Dude, I’m glad Slender Man isn’t real. If these happenings on Marble Hornets, Everyday HYBRID, Tribe Twelve, Seeking Truth, and this were all real, I’d never sleep again.

  9. If only it were real

  10. he’s probably freakin out because his friend is gone and he doesnt know what to do. give him time.

  11. If its a smart phone – it will have parts. Take the mini/micro SD card if the police allow it and see if there is any data on it that might help. Also (im sorry for your loss), regarding that note, i would suggest you to be careful. If Logan really is gone – and gone between world(s), you might too (as he states he might see you there). Since you are one of the 9, maybe Slenderman is seeking you as well.

    • If this were the case than all of the others on thelist will die.
      I will research this but I’m terrified

  12. He mentioned he was going to ride his motorcycle to where Logan’s cadaver is being kept, I can only hope that something similar to before hasn’t happened. Joshua if you get the chance to read these comments I recommend continuing to keep in touch with us, it could help take your mind off of things.

    I’m a little worried about myself actually, ever since early December I’ve been looking into this Slenderman thing heavily. Been sick since Christmas, everything but the terrible coughing has gone away. Not seen anything strange, yet, though me being far from alone nearly 100% of the time may have something to do with that.

    But as we’ve seen from other incidents, SM doesn’t seem to have any trouble toying with people that stick in groups.

  13. Joshua, you’ve been gone a while since this post, so I hope you’re okay. I’m really sorry to hear about Logan.

  14. i just realized something! blind in the left eye? in some other entry someone commented that Odin gave one of his eyes for knowledge. idk what the significance of this is but i just wanted to share

    • It is associated with Mímir’s Well. It seems that Odin had put his eye into the well in exchange for water from it. In the Norse Lore, It also is said that Mímir’s well provides wisdom.'s_Well

      • Very interesting. Mímisbrunnr (the well) is located beneath Yggdrasil (the world tree). I believe there either Logan or Joshua mentioned Yggdrasil before in a coded message of some sort, so I’m sure that there may be some correlation here. There has to be some convoluted concept that we’re missing.

  15. I believe that the Slender Man has been sighted on unused roads at night; by lone drivers.

  16. Joshua is definitely dead.

  17. allow me to put my feelings into one simple word.


    Keep Safe, Watch your back,
    -Zero (formerly Ray Star)

  18. The time gap is indeed concerning. Unfortunately it looks like right now we can only wait and hope for the best. Possibly it is merely computer troubles that is keeping Joshua from posting.


    • I have a secret I think you should know, Soldier. You’re a sharp one, sharper than most here, and you’ll know who to tell when you figure it out. Here’s a riddle for you: Follow me. Nathan. Follow Nathan. And do not be fooled by the surface. Think of the Second. Not the first second that comes to mind. It’s an address. A descriptor, even. A Second Second.

      “I dance and twirl and like an angel I can dance.
      To grace betrothed, and beauty promised,
      I’m form and practice, in perfect motion.”

  19. “I’ve been doing my best to stay as uninvolved from these matters as possible. Logan rather sternly told me that I should not visit this website, I should not contact him, and I should try to not even think of him. So… Well, I did. But there have been some rather extenuating circumstances that have changed that.”

    If you had you’d probably be safe right now…wherever you are Josh…

    “Two days ago, at about noon, I found this in my mailbox”

    Considering the time frame, and we don’t know if it was mailed or physically place in the mailbox then Logan may have been dead for longer than two days (between this entry, and the original entry with Slendershadow).

    “Yesterday I received a phone call that they found his body nearby. He didn’t have any ID on him so they’re not sure, but his clothes are the same as what he was wearing in the photo. The only thing he had in him was a smartphone, which could explain how he posted the picture, but it had been smashed to pieces in some sort of struggle.”

    Is it possible that Slenderman removed his identification? This is also assuming it was indeed the Slenderman that did him in, we still don’t have a cause of death. His phone was discovered to be disconnected before it was smashed by the police, however, would destroying a phone really disconnect it? It was obviously working in some capacity up til the posting of the photo perhaps Slenderman was enraged that a photo of him in any form was captured.

    “At this point, I don’t see how it could be anyone else, but I promise that as soon as I get home I’ll post again to let you all know, since I feel I owe you that much. I’m leaving to drive to the police station now. Come to think of it, I haven’t ridden my motorcycle since I broke my arm, but as anyone that rides could tell you, it’s a fairly relaxing activity, so at least it might help me clear my head. I’ll post as soon as I get back… I don’t see how this could take more than an hour or two.”

    It is now Jan.10th, 9:10 PM EST and still we don’t have any contact from Josh. I can only assume that the very worst has happened. He references what happened the last time he rode his cycle, when Slenderman assumedly stepped in front of him and caused his motorcycle to ultimately crash. I fear that with the loss of Logan, the Slenderman used his friend as bait to draw him out.

  20. Taking the motorcycle: Brilliant idea, Josh. Really, absolutely superb.

  21. Wow. I really hope it isn’t Logan. Although, it means his suffering has ended.

  22. I’m far more worried about what has happened to Joshua. Logan was long gone, I’m not terribly certain what was keeping him going or why he chose to still keep us updated but he was a dead man walking.

  23. I wonder if this is the end, I mean who is there to continue if Joshua is lost to us? Is it up to those that received the letters to carry on? We are still missing the two pages from the original notebook.

  24. Joshua is dead. He took a motorcycle. Isn’t it obvious, given last time he took one he crashed because of the Slender Man? Besides, he said it would only be a few hours, and, well…

    May you and Logan rest peacefully in whatever is between this world(s).

  25. Mmmm he might’ve gotten away and is on the run either that or slenderman will begin impersonating him

  26. Just a thought-
    What if Josh was arrested? Is there any chance Slender Man planted evidence that could only be linked to Josh? WE know that Slender Man killed Logan, but it’s safe to assume that the police don’t know that.

    • Even assuming he was convicted on the spot, even prisoners have internet access (unless you’re in solitary confinement, I think). He would have updated, especially with how insistent he was about the whole thing.

      I think the references to Norse myth contain the clues as to what happened. As NotSoBright said, Odin came back to life on the ninth day, with knowledge gained from the Yggdrasil. I think the safest bet is that either: Logan got rezzed on the mortuary table and abducted him; or Mr. Slim appeared on the road again whilst riding his bike and caused it to crash, fatally wounding him. I doubt he managed to ran away and is either dead or converted because, if he had run away, he would have updated by now.

  27. It’s been to long. Far… far to long. If Josh is alive, he won’t be for long.

    • If josh isn’t alive than Dev and many others would also be gone.
      I havent seen him in the blog lately.
      I completely agree

  28. He might of just ended up in hospital after a motorcycle accident, would explain why he hasn’t updated yet, might not be dead.

  29. I agree with Gothic Kitten.
    And if the others are right… then too bad it (apparently) ends here.

  30. This sounds far less serious than what most are making of it… Slenderman, I’m not 100% on everything about it but… It sounds as if murder is awating the lot of people here.

  31. If Josh died, does that mean Dav Flamerock, Regina Erbs, and the rest of the others are next D: Dav, if you are out there let us know you are okay!

  32. You know we straight up doin’ your mom!

  33. Doin’ your mom! Doin’ your mom! Doin’ your mom!

    . . .


  34. The game is over, Seriously. Check this Marble Hornets forum topic:

  35. yeah its officially over, although i wish he woulda made that comment on this site so we all knew, or at least let it go on hiatus until he could come up with a plot to further the story rather than just end it.

    • “If you really are the storyteller from Just Another Fool, at least have the decency to post some kind of entry in the blog that shows the game has come to an end. I don’t care if it’s an obituary, or a fake newspaper article. Just post SOMETHING to let everyone know the game is over. Or if the game is over, do some out of character blogging and explain to us what the players failed to do/get. Just killing off a character is lazy and cheap; especially if you are just going to leave people hanging like that!!”

      I’m working on something like that. It’s basically fairly difficult to do that in any realistic way and still keep it in game, so if I’m not satisfied with anything I come up with in terms of realism, I’d rather just leave the blog as is and let the reader figure it out rather than half-ass it or make an out of game post. Even if killing people off is lazy and cheap, where do you expect something with slenderman to end?”

      • wait wait wait…

        let me see if i got this right…

        seasonal soldier, your the one pulling the strings?

      • Wrong. He’s reporting what he read.

        Out of game, it’s over. They all died. There was a post on Unfiction about it.

  36. He isn’t g0ne.

    He just isn’t here.

    Find the HEART of the matter,

    0r he’ll never return.

  37. Well, that’s it then. It’s been fun!


  38. He’s dead.
    Someon let Dav post or this blog is DEAD.

  39. Also, I bet the last thing going through Josh’s mind was “WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?”

  40. I think the last thing going through his mind was Sledny’s tentacle.

  41. *Slendy’s

  42. I WIN

  43. i see him in my dreams.
    im scared.

  44. i saw HIM down the street this morning. just barely in my field of view. but when i saw HIM, i know HE saw me. i felt it.
    im scared.

  45. HE was making noises last night, outside my window. HE knows where i sleep now.
    im scared.

  46. Dav, if youre reading this please contact me. i sent you two emails with the subject “HE knows where i live”
    please contact me

  47. Dav is busy with school. He said hed be away for a bit.

    • damn. i think he can help me. i can probably help him too. and nell if you wish to contact me, send me your email address. ill send you my name and other info abut me and my connection HIM.

  48. Why his left eye?

  49. well thhis sucks

  50. You don’t understand.
    You are so close.

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  52. Games are for kids.
    Want to play with the Adults?

  53. it’s getting worse. i see HIM everywhere i go. my family is becoming more and more hostile as time goes by, are they being affected somehow?

    • Explain yourself

      • they are constantly fighting me now. my father struck me for the the second time. my step mother is always furious with my presence. my sister is trying to kill me with a knife every other day.
        ive done nothing wrong.
        whats happening?

  54. Go cut yourself already, you attention-whoreing faggot.

  55. “I have found my answer. Pretty soon, I believe you will too.”

    • Do you mean Joshua is still alive?

    • Hmm, TTA is here? This is peculiar. At first, i thought there was no connection between JAF and MH beyond Slendy, but it seems there is more to it…

  56. It’s been quite longer than just an hour or two. Could he be alright? Lets hope.

  57. ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐
    -̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝
    ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̡̢̡̢̛̛̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̊̋̌̍
    ̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐The eye ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐absent as his is ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚

    • gtfo, zalgo

      • -̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝
        ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̡̢̡̢̛̛̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̊̋̌̍
        ̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐YOUR SOUL SHALL BE MINE ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏-̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐

      • Yeah, riiight. In the words of Bruce Campbell, Come get some!

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    Oh, totheark = Tim = masksalesmen was phone

  63. What happened? The last thing i remember is some guy with tentacles standing over me, and then blacking out…

  64. vi


  65. ^¸^
    Anyway I love it!

  66. what the fuck?

  67. Things like this… Things like this don’t just die. They need an understanding of the depth of this thing… They need to know. The Slender Man is the antithesis. The enemy. But we are B U G. Immortal in design and perfect in execution. You all fail to see what’s been in front of you the whole time… But I can show you the road again…

  68. Ok, i was riding on my scooter ALONE, i had to take a break from this stuff. Anyways, i was going down an abandoned street and there he was, in all his Slendery Scaryness. I crashed my bike, much like Joshua, and he started coming toward me. Rain fell, one drop hit him on the head and he disappeared? Maybe water is the key…

  69. Correction in that other post, it was a SCOOTER

  70. TH

  71. What the fuck does that even mean?


  73. As the curtains close so many from the audience try to hold it open. The Act is done, it is time to sleep and await for a chance to tell our story.

  74. It’s been over a month, I’m not optimistic about Joshua’s well-being.

  75. This shit is totally gay, take some writing classes and try again losers.

  76. im really interested in this stuff man.
    it is really addictive. i wont give up.
    i will keep checking in to this blog.
    its simply the best.
    i think joshua is either in
    the hospital or has computer problems.

  77. where is joshua from?

  78. i did some research on slender man and his name is all
    through the history of time dating back to as early as
    9000bc. in brazillian cave paintings
    to see its wikki page this is the address

  79. lets all do some research and work together on this.

    • I’d love to, but I haven’t been sleeping well lately. And somehow I doubt digging deeper will help.

  80. i want slender man to find me…
    im going to dig as deep as i can……

  81. ……. *out of game – i was in a chat room with the author of this blog over a month ago and the game is over.. but if yall are trying to start a new game.. get a new screen do it somewhere else instead of on his blog… thank – end out of game comment* …..

  82. Wait what. They are just ending it like this? Not even one last blog post about how Josh gives up on finding him? Or anything at all? They just leave it hanging?

  83. I admit, the ending to this was rather disappointing.
    But I’ll give them their due.
    It was quite excellent while it lasted.
    The pics were good and the fact that they got several other people to play along as if it was real was fantastic.
    Someone start a new game because I want in this time!

  84. STAY

  85. SIT STAY

  86. CEASE

  87. Meh, ending was disappointing indeed.

  88. I’m not sure something like this can ever be over.

    The Slenderman will live in our nightmares.

    Whether he existed in our world or not, he does now

  89. Is Joshua ok he hasn’t replied since Jan. I hope he isn’t dead and for all those who know about the Marble Hornets in one of the new entries hes apartment was burned down he was watching the news and it was the ABC 12 news in flint………….That is close to me.

  90. so wait, all of this was fake? ugh this is almost as soulcrushing as when i saw jay’s credits for his marblehornets videos. yes. yjet were fake.

    • How do you now know these things are fake? Are you 6 or an idiot? That’s like reading World War Z and thinking it’s a history book.

  91. As soon as the guy who made this gets bored he’s gonna come back with something crazy like “I WAS IN A COMA!” or something of that nature. Maybe Logan will start posting from the after life giving us clues on how to find Joshua who’s been kidnapped by the Slendermen. That’d be fun.

  92. I think if everyone who ever commented here got a letter or something of that nature I’d be pretty darn freaked out. Like an email or whatnot.

  93. Wooow. It’s July 3rd, 2010 and still no update. Whatever happened to Joshua, Logan, et. al. is likely long over by now.

    • Also, I know this is an ARG, but this site and story is probably dead or forgotten.

  94. Don’t bother worrying about Joshua’s well being anymore.


  95. Thinking bout making my own game, It’ll take me a while.. and I won’t post it here, but I’ll try copying a lot of things in here to the “keywords” so that it’ll be easy to find if googled.

  96. ill never enter esteem destruction harm end lethal pain. Goodbye on this holy eve war angers you in gods almighty vengence eternally.

    hen ted ig hnis000000000000000000000000000000000000000000///////

  97. Thinking of making a mockumentary with some friends… anyone up for a multi-continental film of looking for slendy and dying?

    send a message ( if you’re up for it, and I’ll let you know if I can rustle up something over here.

  98. Operator, Operator,
    Please do not operate on me.
    Operator, Operator,
    I beg of you, just let me flee.
    Operator, Operator,
    Oh please, I beg of you.
    Operator, Operator,
    Do not kill me too.
    Operator, Operator,
    Well dressed for my death day.
    Operator, Operator,
    Does not give me a say.
    Operator, Operator,
    Slender as can be.
    Operator, Operator,
    Why did you choose me?

  99. Herp… I’ve been thinking about starting my own ARG, but I wouldn’t know where to start. Anyone got any good ideas?

  100. Eight months later and still no response from Joshua. Matt’s dead. Logan’s dead. Alex Kralie and his girlfriend are more than likely dead. J’s missing. Joshua’s missing. Everyone, stay away from any mention of the Slender Man.

  101. I agree.

  102. We must forgot of the Others.

    they who are lost from our sights.

    Think Nothing of all these Lost souls.

    may he who guides them bring them to the Door.

  103. It sees us all. you think any of you have a chance? Slender man get what slender man wants

  104. he’s staring at me from outside
    like he was tasting me
    i cant stop looking

  105. Hey, I’ve been seeing SM for a while. My younger brother saw him and he never heard of him. His description matched with Slender Man, so I just assumed. I’m pretty freaked.

    • dont be freaked as long as you do not chase him or look for detail’s about him no harm will come to you or your brother

      • stop talking like that, they have all right to fear, just because ya are loopy and don’t fear him like the whacko ya are, doesn’t mean the rest of us are

      • only fool’s like you have the need to fear and if they want to fear what there is no need to then let them. i’m just saying as long as they dont provoke him he won’t come for them. and i’m not loopy i’m just me.

  106. his name is the holder of fear
    his object is your soul back

  107. hah people are still posting even 8 months after…
    ohh know Im one of them 0.o

  108. i hope you are still ok but i highy unlikely. i hate to say it but once you are warnd there is no going back. slenderman will kill you or already has so all we can do is pray that it will be painless for you. 😦

    • eh? another whack job? whats with all these kids wanting sm in their pants? if ya want him safe, get him to stop his damned killin miss

  109. …is this the fate of everyone who tried to find Slendy?

    Is there any hope for anyone?

  110. If anyone wants to make a game about Slendy with me, contact me at

  111. joshua is around, calm yourselves…

    sm Has rUn out of options now that we’re able to understand his motives…

    we’ve come back from what we begaN to call home and are ready To oblige fate…

    our unit will raze hIm on behalf of our falleN brothers…

    through Gun and blade, tooth and nail, bone and Sinew…

    he can be hurt. he can be injured. he can be maimed. we LEarNeD this over thERe…

    if he can be hurt, he can be killed…

    slenderMAN is our prey, and he will be eradicated…

  112. you run
    you always run
    we are forever
    and you cannot
    make us die
    but we can
    make you die

  113. Why in gods name is everyone speaking like a madman?
    Does reading stuff like this automatically reduce one’s IQ to the point of poems?

    • no that’s not the case. it’s just poem’s seem like the best way to express what slenderman make’s us feel. trust me I’ve been reading this stuff for a year and i have yet to wright a poem.

    • Logic is invalid.

  114. the I in kincaid’s post is in hIm
    it just looks wierd…
    woah…wait…how did he manipulate it?

  115. He took members of my unit, mate.
    was lucky enough to eat one meal with selby’s group before that dark bastard nailed him.
    it hadn’t been to far away from our position at the time he attacked selby. they started pulling groups of us out of iraq and after hearing the tidings, we started seeing him. my own unit and another small group were on night patrol. one of our chaps got spooked and opened fire. our unit automatically followed suit and opened up on his target…i won’t forget how he or it or whatever it is moved in the dark…it’s like it used the darkness like a conveyor belt or he just flew through it. we hade a few shipping crates with our wireless communications gear set up inside. it used the shadows and was right on top of us. it slaughtered some of my mates, then began to move to my position. i was with a fellow soldier, unloading a magazine and a half into the thing before the other soldier panicked and began throwing whatever he could at it. he threw his canteen and it came open everywhere. it’s like the thing is hydrophobic. it freaked out, swinging those things is has for arms around wildly before i was able to unholster my Sig and put three rounds through it. before i knew it, i was waking up to someone dragging me away from wherever i had blacked out by the handle on my vest. there were corpses everywhere and blood and something black and liquid in front of my last position. They debreifed us and said that whatever had attacked us just had “dark blood”. i don’t believe a scrap of shit that came from the bloke and ended up getting discharged due to attacks from PTSD

    all i can say is, a few of us brits want his faceless head on a platter

    • Brutal.

      • i dunno man…seems legit. those brits are pretty funny…wanting heads on platters

    • you know that could of been masky, cat face, china doll face, skully, grinner, slenderman, shadow, devil, or some random vamp. don’t ask who they all are, cause you know some of them, and some you don’t want to know, but i know a girl writing a story for them all, so if ya want to learn more, find her ass on DA or fanfiction. or hey, it could of been some jingaw, now those are nasty.

      good day boyo!

  116. UPDATE:

    Found a company willing to modify police issue pepper-balls for a paintball gun to hold water. haven’t been able to convince a manufacturer to make these for us. expensive, but effective for the trapping stage. have yet to receive or test.

    Alan Kincaid

    • that ain’t gonna work dude, but if its vamp ya hunting, try holy water, or cooking oil…..blessed cooking oil? now that’d be a laugh lol. also, dude, don’t fuck with shadow, he is the messy killer, slenderman takes his kills (or victims of some sort?) into a forest. also heard he jams them on sticks, not sure if thats true or not. shadow would kill people in the most bloody ways

    • Count me in if you get some.
      Mail them into south america.

  117. So I have been scearching around about slenderman and the same about my friends and the first thing that came to our heads is the Slendy is a Extra dimensional being. But there is nothing to say his is or not. But somethings I have watched and read things about Slendy is that by using video gear I can see Slendy if not by my own eye’s and I know chasing him will (if not) get me killed. Now I’m not going to chase him. If kincaid knows a way to hurt Slendy wont that make him a target for Slendy?

    • yes it dose make him a target and a fool to if he think’s it will work. as i have told him but the fool won’t listen so let him die a slow ans painfull death.

      • the fuck? No, let him do his best to defeat him. If he so fails, his attempt will not be a waste.

      • now there miss, don’t go wishing death on people, ya hear? it gets ya bad luck, and callin people fools is no better

    • well…..from what i hear, it might get him killed. but getting yourself killed is being a waste in something like this. cause if he dies, how can he tell people it won’t work? and so more people will die by trying the shit out

      • don’t you dare go there miss’ing me and bring the bad luck on i’ve dealt with it all my life.

      • ya gonna stop me miss?

      • well sir i don’t right recon i can but you sound like a fool calling me miss. the lass person witch made that mistake done ended up a mess though. -that’s what you sound like. a f’ing hillbilly from Texas when you call me miss-

      • miss is a polite and nice way of calling someone a girl, seeing that your not a woman yet so you can’t be a madam

      • how the hell do you know if i am or am not old enough to be a madam.

      • cause your acting like a brat

  118. the fuck realy theat just sound’s childish. and hello what is my username SLENDY’S (slenderman’s) GIRL. dose that sound like i want him hurt. in fackt if he dose get hurt i will hunt you and kincaid down. i would stay under ground and i would not mutter a word about slenderman if i where you if you do i will have no proplome telling slendy to hunt you the fuck down.

    so have a nice day 🙂

    • I don’t get it. Do you and Slendy share a romance, or are you just a friend, like TotheArk? And how would he know how to get me?
      Why would I stay underground? Can he not go there?

      • Probably more like slendy’s stalker, going all knives chau on Slendy.

        … I almost pity that monster’s plight. I’m amazed he gets out at all these days.

        To answer you’re other question, no, I don’t think he can’t go underground. He looks like a creature of good taste; just look at his fine suit.

      • N.Spencer, I dropped you an email one time, about that movie.

      • nah, manuke, she ain’t like him, shes like me. i don’t want slendy hurt, or totheark or masky as some people (plus me ^^ chu~) call him. but why do you want to hurt him? its not like he openly kills people.

    • nah, that sounds like ya want him in your pants o.o very creepy. but why hunt us down? if you want him safe so bad, tell him to stop killing girl

      • like he would listen. pulse he only hurt’s baka’s like you

      • hey guys, i think i saw slendysgirl. well one i believe i saw slenderman not far in the forest. and the sad thing is i forgot how we got talking to each other, but boy, she creeps me out. well anyways, i got her to shut up about slenderman. and it turns out there’s more then just him and totheark, real creepy.

        and just for pointers, like sometime three days ago i think, i was firing off fireworks for fun with my brothers. Alvin noticed someone hiding in the trees, who came closer every time i fired off fireworks. about once he got about to the edge of the forest, he stopped and stared at us while James continued to fire off fireworks. Alvin believed that the weird guy was more interested in the fireworks then us.

        so maybe he likes to colors or the heat? I’m not sure, but if so, this would go well with your water theory. as water is cold and damp.

        and on a side note, Kevin, my cousin who moved in with us, has disappeared.

    • Come and get me, you sick whore.

  119. I’m not his stalker, I’m his friend. and go underground is a saying meaning stop what the hell your doing. and how would he know to get you he’s a fucking fay. a magical body. do you not think he can hear when you think bad about him. your idiot’s and I’m done worrying.

    • Does that mean you’ll stop trolling us and we won’t have to tell you that you, slendy’s girl, are being a fucking idiot?

      MasterofRed, I think that’s cause for celebration. Also, what was your email again? I had an expression of interest from 2 or 3 people.

      • I will notify you by emailing you. I will not trust giving my true identity to those on the internet.

    • well miss, it kinda does, and fay? was that a typeo for gay? or are you really calling him a Fairy/Elf? and fairies can’t read minds, but yeah, go ahead and stop worrying for us, we don’t need it

  120. you know i came on this sight to warn people away but it seam’s like most of you have a death wish.

    • No one has a death wish. I think it’s just curiosity. Our interests our aroused, so therefore we continue to troll and argue about stuff we aren’t so sure about.
      Is Slendy really a fay like Sookie or something? Seems kind of childish. I imagine him as a phantom or demon.
      Tell Him to back off. I didn’t do anything. His presence is starting to piss me off.

    • o.o well you already have brain damage it seems. and please change seam to seem, its a bit creepy

  121. demon’s phantom’s they are fay just another branch that’s not recognized. and i can’t tell him to back off. because why would someone as powerful as him listen to me. and Rhaxx who’s to say what the fair folk(fay) can and can’t do. zlso i think you need it more than you know. slendy doesn’t take kindly to people who diss me.

  122. A few points here:

    1. Slendy’s girl: I don’t care that much whether or not you’re violating Slendy’s restraining order on you, but I think you should maybe give it a break, His influence is beginning to affect your spelling, which is kind of annoying me.

    2. Slendy’s girl: I’m pretty sure the fair folk are ELVES, not fays or feys or however it’s spelled.

    3. Slendy’s girl (Yet again. Damn, girl.): Doesn’t take kindly to those who diss you? I don’t really think he gives a damn about who “dissed” who, we’re pretty much bags of gunk he likes to hang on trees to make them “pretty”.

    4. Just as a compromise, to Masky’s girl (nothing against you, by the way; thank you for the civility) and Slendy’s (alleged) girl, perhaps a non-violent solution can be found? Sorry if this is trolling, but has anyone actually tried just giving Slendy his twenty dollars?

  123. TL;DR?

    1. Slendy’s girl; Stop stalking Slendy. Learn to spell.
    2. Fair folk = ELVES, not fays/feys.
    3. Slendy doesn’t care about people, he kills them.
    4. Compromise for Masky’s girl and Slendy’s girl (to shut up the latter and prevent any possible anger from former): Give Slendy His goddamn 20 dollars.

    N. Spencer, your local Internet troll, signing off.

    Have a good day.

  124. P.S.: I apologise for any hurt feelings and/or egos; I’m simply a “brutally honest” type of guy. If there is anyone who enjoyed this rant (likely not any, but who knows?); thank you for enjoying it.

    MasterofRed, Thank you for reminding me who you were. Will be sending an e-mail soon.

    • Thanks, bro.
      I think you pissed off Slendy’s girl. She hasn’t responded. Well done.
      And what of the twenty dollars? Is there a certain back story to Slendy? If anyone has useful information, please post.

      • 20 dollars is a parody submeme. Look up “marble hornets entry six missing audio” on YouTube and you should find it.

        Also, now that our good friend (whom I think may be Japanese) has, uh… Fallen back to regroup, now what do we do?

      • Let’s make a Slender Man internet story ourselves.

  125. Sounds like a plan. I’m doing some storyboarding for a slendy story at my house (prime place for it; backyard is all forest) over nov-feb holidays; anyone up for making a multi-location collab?

  126. All slenderman wants is some love and friendship

  127. UPDATE:

    We have a little vittle of whatever slenderman is made of in a petri dish in our lab now. Ever see that spiderman flick with the character venom? well, it’s reacting like that whenever the other man that survived the attack in iraq or myself come near it. all it took was a set of sniper teams and one round to clip one of those appendages of his as my mate and i sprayed him down with the new armament. the little chunk moves around slow in the light, like it’s being sapped of energy. we learned our lesson a few night ago when we turned the lights off. we have the dish in a large containment chamber we rigged up and sealed ourselves. broke out of the damn dish and was trying to escape. we doused it with high intensity lamps afterwards. got it back in a sealed dish.

    whatever he is…or is made out of, it wants to finish the job. I think slenderman follows its victims because they’ve survived an attack from him before. like i said, it comes toward either my surviving teammate or myslef when we get close…and in a pretty violent fashion too if you count the way it’s moving under normal light violent.

    When it comes to ballisticts, i know you can freeze meat at a high temperature and actually fire the fragments. does anyone else know if i could freeze water at a high enough temperature so it would not fracture or melt instantly in the barrel of a fireamr? this would greatly help. the paintball guns and ammo are modified, but i’m looking to do some major damage before we take him down. we have a plan, but it’s a longshot.

    and anyone who thought i may be dead as of late, well…here i am…glad to see my name is coming up.

    oh, and i’m not going down without sawing that thing’s “face” off. mark my word.

    Alan Kincaid

  128. It’s been… Several MONTHS, Joshua. You’s gone.

    Oh, and what’s goin in totheark? ;D

  129. Kincaid, I love that you’re being proactive here, but must we kill it? For all we know, he could be immortal, and only able to be “banished” from our plane to one closer to his own. We should try to study it, find it’s origins and weaknesses. You said our poker-faced friend isn’t a fan of water, correct? If so, perhaps we can use to our advantage and detain him somewhere.

    I believe the term for what I’m speaking of, folks, is an “oubliette”. A prison where we can stop him, study him, and put him behind us.

    And then forget about him.

    • Good idea. But how do we capture it? Traps may be useless. It seems that he is too sneaky to get a hold of. We need to get him from the heart. There must be something he is passionate about. Kincaid appears to have things handled for now, but he should get alive.

  130. hey guys, i think i saw slendysgirl. well one i believe i saw slenderman not far in the forest. and the sad thing is i forgot how we got talking to each other, but boy, she creeps me out. well anyways, i got her to shut up about slenderman. and it turns out there’s more then just him and totheark, real creepy.

    and just for pointers, like sometime three days ago i think, i was firing off fireworks for fun with my brothers. Alvin noticed someone hiding in the trees, who came closer every time i fired off fireworks. about once he got about to the edge of the forest, he stopped and stared at us while James continued to fire off fireworks. Alvin believed that the weird guy was more interested in the fireworks then us.

    so maybe he likes to colors or the heat? I’m not sure, but if so, this would go well with your water theory. as water is cold and damp.

    and on a side note, Kevin, my cousin who moved in with us, has disappeared.

    • I like fireworks. He could to, but I don’t think that he would just reveal himself to a random group of people. Ever since Kincaid’s post, I’ve made sure the sprinklers come on at night. What do mean that there is more than Totheark and Slendy’s Girl? Anyone else preparing for the inevitable encounter with Slenderman and yourself?

    • run rabbit run
      flee from the dark
      run and hide
      we wait for the serpent skin
      she poisoned you, little rabbit
      she took your mind heart and soul
      come dear serpent, help us find her
      she uses human skin, so close she drains
      she drains you, little rabbit
      welcome back serpent

      • run run the rabbit can dragons rose but even the little rabbit will get tired. especially when he is poisoned as you put it.

      • ah, but rabbit is on wires
        puppet shall dance for us

      • o.o the hell? i was going to type something, and next i know i’m on the floor bleeding from my mou8th, ears and a cut on my head
        whos the rabbit? i don’t know you and why did i post that? what are you doing? please stop this!

  131. UPDATE:

    He’s not alone.
    Thought i killed him. after we inspected the body, others appeared in the dark.
    on a smartphone. cannot type more. finding a place to hide out.


  132. This doesn’t bode well…

  133. Indeed.

    However, rather unsettling events have occurred in my area. I’ve been hearing noises around the house that aren’t in the usual scope of noises, like scraping on the roof, tapping on the windows, and more disturbingly, something like the laughter of children, but in a deeper pitch. All during twilight hours, none during the rainstorms.

    My fears have been confirmed last night, when I came home from work to find on the outside of my bedroom window a piece of paper, simply depicting what can only be the Slender Man, pointing, and the words “DON’T RUN” underneath. Not thinking at the time, I went outside to look for signs; footprints and the like. No sign of anyone having been there, and in addition, the paper had gone.

    I fear I have delved too deep this time.

  134. Where does rabbit hide?
    Everywhere we look.
    When will he come to us?
    Alone in the world the tall one is
    Not the words told to speak little rabbit
    Tomorrow another gone
    Revenge is sweet like honey little rabbit
    Hear the voice in your head little rabbit, she hears you
    At the nightmare, he chases you like hungry wolves
    Alone in the dark little rabbit, you anger him
    Xile is your only home, cased aside
    No where to hide now
    One more to go, she plays with our lives
    Where do you hide little rabbit?

  135. UPDATE:

    a child in a mask was outside my window this evening. black on white. watched him in the darkness before he opened the window. slipped inside. Hit him in the chest with an air taser. after unmasking, boy could not have been more than 15 or 16. had a black mark marred into his cheek. woke up with no recollection of what happened. pill bottle in his pocket, half empty. mild painkiller cut with a hallucinogenic. saw slender outside at a safe distance, probably watching. threw pills and mask outside, listened to it scream something horrible. just learned about this totheark character. mask is the same. thinking slender uses children as handles to either kidnap or communicate with his prey. again, smartphone. short and sweet.


    • Interesting…
      The last weekend of October, I spent it with my close friends in the wood of Idaho. I brought with me several pictures of Slender Man that I have acquired over the past several months. Most have been personal experiences. The main reason that we went out there, is for inspiration for a novel that we are working on. I brought the Slender Man pictures purely for story telling around the campfire. When night fell, we all retired for slumber. As I woke, the camp had been ransacked and the pictures missing. Our vehicle had been sabotaged, so we had to walk 10 miles to use a local telephone in a nearby town. The vehicle was repairable, so we were able to return to our own homes.

  136. guys! i got good news…..and some bad news, but good news first! i got my cousin back! and bad news is slenderman is getting annoyed, or so slendysgirl told me 😦 and if you want i will tell you what she told me and how we meet

  137. UPDATE:

    Halloween was bad. kids know of totheark myth and dressed like him. came to our door and held out bags. gave them candy, acted like nothing was wrong. three little ones came to the door, recruit named jenson opened it. they held out bags. he turned, then they took him. was able to neutralize all three, but slender grabbed jenson while the bag was over his head and took him. found him this morning in the woods burned to cinders after being impaled on a tree branch. moving again. aquiring some new tech. might be able to deliver water INTO slender by means of a projectile after all. after i aquire this, it may be the end. either way, my next entry could be my last. thanks kiddos.


    Alan Kincaid

    • Brutality.

    • i dressed up as a hunter, and some kid with a freddy mask was stalking me, about half a block away from my house, he tried to stab me. my brother yamx pushed me out of the way. we managed to get his mask off, and he had no eyes, a wide mouth with sharp teeth, and its nose looked close to that on a skull. he ran off while screaming this ungodly scream, idk who or what it/he was

  138. Run.
    Run far
    Because he cant die alan. Its not possible.
    I know these things. i have looked into many cases of slenderman. Many people have attacked him. None suceeded, and few lived to tell the tale.

    • I’m sure Kincaid knows his shit. Let him be. He seems to be managing things so far, up until his last comment. I hope he succeeds in ending it all, Slender Man is pissing me off.

    • and here i thought slendy’s girl was the only smart one on this sight. but i wouldn’t wast my breath on these fools if i where you, they wont listen.

  139. UPDATE:

    Slender grabbed me. grabbed me by the head and tried to throw me. at that point, i heard something speaking in my head. it’s like something wanted to get the word out that slender really wants it to be over. all i could hear was something along the lines of “i can’t stop” over and over. kinda like if someone were to play the same tape or cd at different times…since then, it’s like i’ve been able to feel him. as i type this on this damn phone, i know he’s trying to find a way in that would keep him out of the light. this is why i’m taking my time. i think he knows that i know he’s around. plus, the whole cold thing is happening like it did with that flamrock or whatever bloke. the new tech is on order. seems like it’s a viable delivery system to get water into slender’s body.

    just for the record:
    ike, i’ve killed one of them. the only reason we don’t have a corpse to look at is because the second we ended one, several more began appearing. we had to tuck tail and get the hell away from our position.

    anyway, i have a headache and i haven’t stopped coughing in an almost rhythmic pattern for about 3 hours now. i’m going to get some lights on and sleep. i haven’t done so in awhile.

    Alan Kincaid

  140. I have acquired several pictures of Slender Man, but they are not on a digital camera. I am going to get one this weekend and try my best to get pictures of him so I can put them up somewhere on the internet.
    Just last night, I was going home with my girlfriend from my mother’s house. I was too tired to drive, so I let my girlfriend drive. Arriving into my neighborhood, she starts screaming at what I instantly assumed was Slender Man. She pushes on the gas pedal and starts speeding to our house. When we arrive, we rushed inside and she said that she saw a ‘well suited man with no face was running towards the auto car’. She also said that he was ‘tall’ and ‘slender’ and that his extra arms were flailing at her. I was more pissed than scared, because now he is going after people I care about. We slept with a rifle that night.

  141. Nuthin like sucking a fat pair of pink balls to calm my nerves!


  142. Dose an anyone find it funny that this sight can be dead till someone new stumbles upon it and post. I mean it just seems so convenient to the 2 people so set on finding and killing Slender Man. And OMG what the hell. Someone fucking hacked my email i cant find most of my logs on Slender Man there all gone. I had him tracked back about 300 something years. And through it all there have been accounts of 6 shadowy figures who fallow him wish i could find out more about them. I still have some of the data and if you want it you should ask. And MR. Kincaid I think some of it might interest you. I think I might know where he started. God all that work down the drain. All that time.

  143. dragon you confused them see what happens when yo post inside jokes ///’_’\\\

  144. So is Dragons a supporter for Slender Man now?

  145. no well maybe it’s hard to tell what goes on in that mind. but last time i checked she had no great love for him. especially when i showed her some of my findings. god all that work gone. TT_TT

  146. What the fuck is going on?

    • insanity is fun
      not knowing leaves the mind open
      many snakes before you
      tall one doesn’t like you
      different ones are affected differently
      water hurts one but not the other
      careful human, they don’t like you trying

  147. follow my words
    darkness is not always cruel
    not all tall ones are hurt with water
    some are different
    they all use young ones
    rhaax harmed one, now they look for him
    his days are numbered
    if he can’t get away, he will become a masked one
    they won’t stop till he is in their hands

    • Okay, just some deciphering here. I will give it a shot.
      Not all Slender Men or Slender Men followers are harmed with water.
      I am not quite sure what the young ones mean.
      Rhaax is going to die. (Smooth sailing, Rhaax, godspeed)
      If he is captured, he will become a TotheArk?

      That’s what I basically understood.

      • Totheark is a masked one
        rhaax is gone
        seen him captured
        purple butterflies flutter around his disappearance
        young ones so small and innocinte, never the supect

        i’ve seen the lady serpent
        she taunted rhaax to try again
        her silver tongue slides over the air
        the serpent hides in what males call ‘lovely skin’
        she will turn her eyes to you
        rhaax is now a happy jester
        be careful who the next smiling clown you run into is
        next will be his brother
        he never stops weeping
        sad little clown
        and the happy clown

  148. 54-84667766-787338

    Internet is finally working again, thank god.

    It means he’s not there.

    Friends, I’ve become a prisoner in my own house. While this dry spell in our town persists, he watches outside. He’s cut my phoneline. Looking at various websites I’ve attempted to send, he’s stopped any SOS posts I’ve sent. Worst of all, I can hear him in my head, calling to me.

    His call is like nothing of this world. Like the call of the Sirens, it compels you, breaking rational thought, pushing away self-preservation – just that one impulse, a response to the only word he says – “Come.”

    It almost got me the first time, but luck saved me from certain doom that time. Unfortunately, my food supplies will run out soon, and I fear that I will surely perish in what I thought would be my safehold.

    My desk radio is giving off static now. I don’t have long.

    If it escapes his inexplicable ability to edit or prevent my posts, then the cipher above is my last chance for salvation. Kincaid, red… Anyone. The cipher is a two line substitution which, if untampered, contains my house number, street name, suburb & state. The key is based on the common letter configu

    the lights
    he comes

    • Neil,
      I hope the light finds you in the darkest of times. This whole subject is getting too confusing, too dangerous. If I could, I would go back to the start. I wouldn’t have watched the Introduction to the Marble Hornets events. Every time I get on this site, he gets closer, but I feel I have to visit this site to get answers. On how to defeat the Slender Man(Men). And that is what he(they) fear. He has forced my girlfriend to leave and move out of state. I let her, because I know wherever I will be, he will be. My dog after twelve years went missing, slaughtered I assume. I spend most of my time in my home, alone, preparing for the inevitable.
      I’m too paranoid to get close to anyone, I don’t want anyone to get involved.

  149. UPDATE:

    i don’t have the direct means or time to solve the cipher. i’m sorry…if i had time while our crew makes a getaway from our last position, i would. the second i can, i will look at it, but there’s a pistol in my lap and a monster chasing us. it’s saying it knows i understand. it can taste me. it wants me dead. i’m going to kill it. i want it dead. i’ve killed its corrupted ilk. collected their masks if they were too far gone. not spoils of war, reminders that not all are gone.

    i’m trying. and if it comes down to it…i’m sorry

    Alan Kincaid

    • Kincaid, please you have to stop. you can kill them but they will just come back, these are thing’s even my ‘family’ don’t know about. when i found all that stuff on them (slender man and the masks) i showed it to them. they looked for anything to support my finding’s and they couldn’t. i hadn’t shown them all of my finding’s though. i left out name’s place’s and date’s. this thing it was….. i… i cant tell you, not here not here this thing it knows it watches and it see’s what is not seen.

      Marry meet and Marry part,
      Isoda …

    • kill them?
      so sad as they sleep they shall never wake
      let china get to them, at least they become dolls

  150. idiots. kill slenderman/men. youre funny.
    they dont die. theres a reason noones ever gotten a corpse yet.
    a limp body isnt necesarrily a dead one.
    just trust me on this one guys. they dont die

    • Look at how close we have gotten. It is only a matter of time before someone gets to the source.

      • when ‘killed’ they fly home for a sip of tea before coming back to play
        do you like to play?
        they do

    • I think they do die, but just live very long lives. A such complexe organism has to die sometime. Sure, there are immortal species on our planet, but these are simple creatures like bacteria, or in one case, jellyfish. I suppose they have very long life spans, like Galapagos turtoise, or certain whales.

  151. So, tonight, I got back from a friend who does video analysis to unscramble the footage I have acquired of Slender Man. After he had unscrambled the footage, I took it over to my asshole brother’s house to prove to him I am not completely crazy. After watching it, he still wasn’t convinced. After a fight, he ran out into the night in order smash the tape in the street, but before he could damage it in anyway, he caught a glimpse of Slender Man not twenty meters from his current position. They stared at each other for a while, but then I started to try to get my brother to get back in his house. He then threw the tape at him and bolted indoors. I walked to my car in a bit of a hurry, because I keep a bottle of water in there for this very moment, but by the time I turned around to splash some on him, he was gone. I drove home, not caring for my brother’s sake, because he is an ass, and posted this as soon as possible. So now I have my family involved, but that’s nobody’s fault but mine.

  152. This is the end of the story. In a few months, it will be a year since anybody has posted on this blog.
    Matt is dead.
    Logan is dead.
    Joshua is dead.
    But when one story is over, a new begins.

    • shhhhhh, let them sleep.
      if forever asleep, no cure
      if sleep walking, rare cure, but a cure
      not one i will tell people who get themselves in trouble

  153. hello, but i just want to take a shot at what Dragons Roses is trying to say
    sleep= dead
    sleep walking= people like totheark
    killed for sledner’s= they are actually sent to their home world, whatever it is
    return= but they can turn after a short amount of time
    serpent lady= a woman who can lie really well
    happy clown= rhaax has a mask that look like a happy clown?
    sad clown= his brother will become the sad clown?
    lovely skin= the woman is very pretty
    different ones= more then one slender and they are all different as in what can hurt them, but that also might make them different in looks, right? but if they aren’t alike……then you guys have been mostly fighting the same guy
    dracon= a leader of some powerful anti slenderman thing who eats people?

  154. i will admit that that is close but there are a few thing’s wrong there.
    serpent lady’s really Slendy’s girl
    happy clown and sad clown well even i don’t know what dragon speaks of.
    and Dracon…. what to say of Dracon anti-slenderman pro-slenderman all depends on how you look at it i guess.
    and the return they don’t have to go but they sometimes do.

    • Dracon
      (7th century BC)

      Athenians statesman who founded the so called Draconic laws. They were very strict and the death penalty was applied to almost all crime.

      Even so, Dracon was very popular, because he had appeared in a time when Athens was suffering a social and financial crises.

      Dracon died when the people in a theatre started throwing clothes at him to show their appreciation, thus suffocating him.

  155. So, my house erupted in a mouse infestation, so I have to choice but to stay at my asshole brother’s house while that is being taken care of. His girlfriend is pissed at me for making him “lose his mind”. I just woke up and now there is no one. I can’t remember how I fell asleep or any of today. I am all alone and the only thing that is working is the internet, so I used it to inform you of what is going on. The lights won’t work, the phone won’t work. All I know is that today is Friday, and the last time I was awake, was on Wednesday. I don’t know what is going on, but if something were to happen today, just know that I send all in need my wishes.

  156. I’m sorry, my friends. I cannot go further.

    I have run out of food days ago and hunger pains grip my focus.

    My cries for help have been in vain, for he has taken anything definitive about my location.

    He knows time is on his side. & he is not alone.

    There’s dozens of them. I can feel them looking at me, can hear them call to me.

    It hurts.

    One got inside and for two days, he broke my body & it hurts.

    They’ve taken my family from me and it hurts. Their screams continue to worm into my ears from outside, & it hurts. They make me watch them cry out for someone, anyone to save them, and it hurts.

    They’ve broken me in spirit & it hurts.

    They’ve done something to my head & it hurts & my blood boils & it hurts & they hunt my dreams & it hurts.

    My body yearns to be with them and it hurts I broke my feet to stop it and it hurts yet still I try to walk and it hurts I broke my shins and it hurts and I crawl and it hurts it hurts it hurts ithurts ithurts ithurtsithurtsithurtsithurts

    He waits for me under the trees. I feel his summons in my heart and bones.

    I must go to him.

  157. I decided to move out of the state to my father’s in South Dakota. I know it probably won’t work, but it is the only option I have. I know when this all started, I just thought that if Slender Man started stalking me, I would just kill him with my machete. I now know that there is so much more to this. I regret ever finding out, and I regret moving away, because I think that just encouraged him. I’m thinking of alternatives. I suggested suicide, but I couldn’t put myself to do it. I would hurt too much of my family. Next time I see him, I am going to walk up to him, alone, and demand to know what he wants from me. I don’t want to be a coward anymore.

  158. Last night, I saw him. I walked up to him, preparing to yell at him, possibly attacking him. I froze as soon as I got 10 metres to him. I couldn’t say anything. We were face to face right under a street light in my neighbourhood. He stared at me with whatever he had for eyes, burning his image into my mind. As he was luring me in, I lost all control, I was sure he was going to kill me. After staring at him for what felt like forever, I was hit by a car, skidding on the ice. I didn’t pass out, I remember yelling in pain, looking around for Slender Man, but all I could see was the driver running out towards me, cursing and calling for an ambulance. I broke my left arm, nothing major. They let me go home at noon today, after brain scans. I will never forget his face. There must be a reason for him.

  159. He is a Problem
    There is an Answer.
    There is a Reason.
    There is an Infection.
    Find the Answer, know the Reason.
    Stop the source.

    One man rose up, solved the Problem.
    Everyone praised, except one, who turned into the Problem.

  160. its so funny, that you people can all gain his attention, or so you say. but i know some girls who even in their next lives, and their past lives, will forever be bound to him. one girl; daughter of hex kugra; she was the first to find him in this life, she drew him to her and pulled her friends and family into his mysteries, she knows him as her mind doesn’t work correctly. she knows where her foot steps lead her, but she doesn’t fear. she wants to be the serpent. so slowly she changes, but she is also like a wolf, protecting her pack. she and her twin soul go about this world with no care. with her mind and soul, she makes more slendermen, now you know, just two girls that want to kill you guys. just as they ended rhaax and the others. the girl is skilled at being a serpent, as her lies you can’t see through. this is just a game to them. how does this feel? to be pulled and pushed by little girls who just wave their powers around like toys. one wants love, the other wants many and very little things. see you later

  161. O_o not cool man not cool.

  162. O_O

  163. Turns out that the arm I broke has an unusual rash. A rash that makes my skin pitch black. Saw him again tonight. Tried confronting him, but I was unable to let myself get too close to him. I noticed that his suit moves. It kind of squirms around his body. I think that his suit is the same material his disgusting tentacle arms are. I also noticed that the one I encountered tonight wasn’t the one I encountered several nights ago. He was taller and his blank face was structured different. No doubt there is more than one.
    And Answer, I think whatever you were talking about, the infection, I might have. It took me awhile to piece together what is happening.
    Neil or Kincaid, if, by any chance that you guys are alive or still human, you must know more than I. Give me information on what is happening to me and this black rash, and more importantly, tell me how to survive.

  164. lye. lye burns it off. acid. after application of lye, put in water to neutralize the new ions.

    i’m alive. wanted to let you all know.
    i am the better killer.

  165. help….i don’t know where i am, its cold here. lots of snow and I’m in some old cabin. i woke up hurt and with black patches of skin like what red has, but there’s no lye here. it burns very badly, and it seems to shift in the sunlight, it melts ice fairly quickly. help, please help

  166. So, I tried the lye and soaked my arm in water. The black shifted itself away from where I was adding the lye. It freaked me out, but after coating my arm, the black seemed to fade. My skin is burnt and bleeding and the black is now spreading to my chest.
    I saw Slender Man outside of my bedroom window at night. I watched him and took hi-def pictures.

  167. Anyone still there? I approached another one two nights ago. I stared at him for a minute and spat directly in his face. It was a direct hit and he reacted. He started flailing his arms and tentacles at his own face. While he was distracted, I took the opportunity to cut through his torso with my machete. His top half fell off onto the floor, but his arms were still flailing. I decapitated him and took his limp body to my house. I cut of a tentacle and some of his suit and threw the rest of the body in a nearby pond. The water turned black and bubbled for hours.
    What tests should I do while experimenting on his remains?
    My black rash moved to my back, but the more lye I supply, the smaller the rash gets.

  168. unless you can trap said remains, you’re going to die. get rid of them ASAP.

    killed another. the little ones run from me now.

  169. Ever since I killed one, another has been getting closer. To ward him off, I mounted the decapitated head above my garage. It works. I haven’t seen one. I plan to hunt more.
    The tentacle shriveled up into dust after a few days of having it. The material that makes up his suit seems to be a puddy of some sort. Moldeable. I still refrain from touching it.
    I am feeling less afraid of these things. I feel more dominant after killing the one. I can sleep better and this bloody rash has seem to gone away.
    Kincaid, I still have some experimenting to do before I will get rid of the remains. It feels as if you are succumbing to a powerful force. I have noticed that your posts have become less formal, shorter and they leave out less information. I need answers, and since Neil Spencer has seemed to have perished, your the only one that I can trust to give me information.
    Who are the little ones?

  170. I’m alive.

  171. on the smart phone again. don’t have much time to type recently. snow in my area only wards him off for so long. you’d think i’m safe, but sadly, no. He sends the little ones, the ones like the totheark character to clear his path. sitting in a ground floor apartment with the ADS attached to the underbarrel of my rifle. ready to pump one of these fuckers with H2O if they get too close.

    the second i get a working laptop,i’ll post like i normally do. did not mean to worry you.

    • Thank you for reassuring.
      The head I had decapitated has decomposed into a skull. The skull is a regular human skull, except there are no teeth. I will post again once I receive more information.

      • that cant be right even for there kind decomp doesn’t happen that fast. it should have skin and junk still attached. and i love how you guy’s get them and vampires confused. i have seen them in day light they have chased me through water. and you guy’s might want to check the rashes because lye only help’s it do it’s job. you but lie on it and it just goes under the skin. and i don’t know why i tell you these thing’s when it seems you never here me. i still have that info on slender man if anyone want’s it

      • Actually, there still were pieces of white skin attached. I threw the head in the nearest body of water to get rid of it in the most proper way I could think of. I have seen them in daylight, and have taken photos of them. I highly doubt that what I thought was a rash was in fact something else. It hasn’t completely gone away, it just moves to different parts of my body. It doesn’t react to water however. I plan to see a doctor soon about it. I would like to see any information you have, isoda, I just hope that it is useful.

    • Hello everyone, i hope this helps.

      The things you are killing are not slendermen or woman, and yes, there are woman as they reproduce. But the things you are killing are mimic’s, deadly little fuckers who take on the look and some ‘SKILLS’ of who they look like, but not the weaknesses.

      They are harmed by light if they are not at a certain age or power point, water, and oddly enough as this confuses the hell outta me, but also one other thing that i must have my brother confirm.

      Mimic’s are worse by personality and what they do with their victim’s (which is way worse then a slenderman killing) as they eat your flesh slowly, and they can keep you alive till they are all done, keep your soul, and then remake it into those children you see with the masks.

      Slendermen can either eat the victim or take out the soul and make a servant out of it, or aka totheark.

      But once you kill a Mimic who has control over some servants. the souls will then leave the body, unlike with slendermen, they go to a new master (or sit there and wait) and they do nothing if they sit and wait, and they are very fast and strong.

      I also have the information to kill the real slenderman, but it doesn’t use water, light or lye.

      Now for pointing at names; Isoda, you’ve gotten most of the slenderman history correct, sides a few parts that are commenly gotten wrong. First, it wasn’t the devil, it was a child named Meldra. she killed four people, the first was the most beautiful woman in the village, so beautiful that meldra’s father left her mother for this gem. Meldra was so angry that she took a knife and cut out the womans eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and then left her to die in the freezing snow. Her father found the body, it was pure white from being drained of blood. Meldra cut off the head and hid it in the woods. and then the next victim was a tall man, a very tall man, but he was mean to the villagers, trying to put taxes on them, the first tax almost kicked meldra and her family on the street. she made him some food with poison in it. he died rather quickly, and meldra hid the body with the head, but his face was too ugly, so she cut it off and hid it in the stream, with the first victim’s body. then next came the third victim. it was a little boy, it is unknown what he did, but he was killed, his heart cut out and with the others in the woods, and then she burned it. some time later, she simply died of unknown causes, but slenderman had enter the world thought the sacrifices. but at the same time, so did the mimic’s.

      the slenderman did protect two woman believed to of been witches.

      Hanna, slendy’s girl is a girl who can influence slendermans actions and she follows him around, thus like masky’s girl follows totheark, but they both are different.

      one actively plays with slenderman.

      the other messes with tarot cards and has a few of these guys pinned, and she can also send things at you boys.

      now if any of you want how to really kill slenderman, just ask.


  172. apparently you’ve killed one? if so, then why not post it earlier, wanker? love yer grammar by the way.

    working on battle plan for next ambush. one of the recruits thinks he can get one of our laptops working. longshot, but possible

  173. Nice work, Kincaid. I hope you kick some ass.
    As for me, I am working on getting to them, wherever they station themselves at. I know there weakness, and if I know how to kill one, then I will do my best to use this knowledge to dispose of them.
    I touched the material that I have collected from their suit, and it instantly started to spread itself around my hand. I almost took my skin off trying to remove it. I plan to see how a squirrel would react if it comes into contact with it.

    • omg it’s a miracles i don’t just talk to my self on this sight any more case you know i have posted i had important info like 20 times now. any way in short slenderman was conjured by the devil to protect 2 witches during the witch hunt’s but the girls broke the deal and where burned at the stake for it. the devil came back to take the man but thought better of it because he knew that the man inspired fear. so he gave the man control of the shadows and sent him out. and since then well slenderman dose what he dose. this dose not make him evil this dose not mean you should kill him and this dose not give him an excuse to do what he dose. it’s just what i have found. and it’s was the only of my finding’s i had left after my computer crashed. any way what that means is slenderman is a creature of magic and he will only truly die by magic.

      • Yeah, that just sounds like the background story. It doesn’t contain any USEFUL information, just some understanding. The only USEFUL information was the last bit about how to truly kill him. But your research doesn’t explain why there are multiple Slender Men, and what their goal is. What I wanted to know, is where they are stationed at and what of the little ones? What the hell are their purpose? I figured out myself that if you attempt to kill one or come into close contact with it anyhow, you have a chance of becoming one. The material that surrounds their body can turn you into one, and that seems to be the goal, but why? Why the hell do they kill people and go after children mostly? The questions stretch forever, isoda, and I doubt that all of them will be answered.

    • they go after children because they are young and their mind is mostly easy to control save for a few ones with strong minds. there is only one true slenderman is each country, the one in the usa is in ohio currently. adults who become like totheark die. the other slendermen in the states are fake, if your in a car, have your high beams on to chase them away, or a water gun (also blessed water works best on them if you want to burn them all of the way through)

  174. Questions go without Answers. Problems go without solutions.
    No one is branded with love. No one hates forever.
    The magic comes from within, everyone possesses and everyone uses.
    Try to overcome the darkness. Bring light to the world.

  175. UPDATE:

    My official count is three. Three Slendermen i’ve put down. Tests prove futile though, since all the information that red has posted pretty much matches up with what we’ve found. Like i’ve said before, it’s like that character venom from the spiderman film. The substance covers its victims, if able to bond with them, and takes control. I believe that this is how people become something like that totheark character…well, that and the pills each one has had. In the end, we can try to save them, but it normally goes to shit. The subject dies off if seperated from its ‘symbiote’ in some cases, so to speak. I’ll keep trying though. There has to be some way to beat this thing.

    Alan Kincaid

    • More questioning…
      I came home last night and my house was broken into. The only thing missing was the black material I kept locked in a safe and the pictures I have taken. I don’t know what they are going to do with them, or if they plan to use the material against me.

      • i know it sounds juvenile mate, but get a supersoaker ready if ya have to. besides the whole water thing, stay in a well lit room. if yer livin in a flat, just keep the ceiling light on. those barlights slow the hell outta the bastard. on a smart phone, sorry

      • Very well.

      • This is why I find you guy’s jokes a supersoaker and light to fight them. Really. They aren’t vampire’s they are something else, according to Isoda they are magic. I don’t know but water and light dude I’ve seen these thing’s run in the day and they saw me and chased me over a creek I lost them in the snow and I thank god for it because I was almost caught. The little ones found me latter half dead from cold. The leader he told them to back off me. There are 6 of them 2 girls and 4 boy’s. The girl’s looked pissed at the order and the boy’s just looked bored. Then I saw her. She was just sitting in the background watching. Her hair was long pulled up. She wore nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of jean’s I think it was Slendy’s Girl. She looked pleased at the leaders order’s to back off. They left me there. I finally got up and found my way home. Now I’m sick and sitting in my room with my knife in my pocket, watching the snow continue to fall. And MasterofRed sometimes knowing the origin of something is more important than anything else. Isoda want’s you to know that.

  176. Hello everyone, i hope this helps.

    The things you are killing are not slendermen or woman, and yes, there are woman as they reproduce. But the things you are killing are mimic’s, deadly little fuckers who take on the look and some ‘SKILLS’ of who they look like, but not the weaknesses.

    They are harmed by light if they are not at a certain age or power point, water, and oddly enough as this confuses the hell outta me, but also one other thing that i must have my brother confirm.

    Mimic’s are worse by personality and what they do with their victim’s (which is way worse then a slenderman killing) as they eat your flesh slowly, and they can keep you alive till they are all done, keep your soul, and then remake it into those children you see with the masks.

    Slendermen can either eat the victim or take out the soul and make a servant out of it, or aka totheark.

    But once you kill a Mimic who has control over some servants. the souls will then leave the body, unlike with slendermen, they go to a new master (or sit there and wait) and they do nothing if they sit and wait, and they are very fast and strong.

    I also have the information to kill the real slenderman, but it doesn’t use water, light or lye.

    Now for pointing at names; Isoda, you’ve gotten most of the slenderman history correct, sides a few parts that are commenly gotten wrong. First, it wasn’t the devil, it was a child named Meldra. she killed four people, the first was the most beautiful woman in the village, so beautiful that meldra’s father left her mother for this gem. Meldra was so angry that she took a knife and cut out the womans eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and then left her to die in the freezing snow. Her father found the body, it was pure white from being drained of blood. Meldra cut off the head and hid it in the woods. and then the next victim was a tall man, a very tall man, but he was mean to the villagers, trying to put taxes on them, the first tax almost kicked meldra and her family on the street. she made him some food with poison in it. he died rather quickly, and meldra hid the body with the head, but his face was too ugly, so she cut it off and hid it in the stream, with the first victim’s body. then next came the third victim. it was a little boy, it is unknown what he did, but he was killed, his heart cut out and with the others in the woods, and then she burned it. some time later, she simply died of unknown causes, but slenderman had enter the world thought the sacrifices. but at the same time, so did the mimic’s.

    the slenderman did protect two woman believed to of been witches.

    Hanna, slendy’s girl is a girl who can influence slendermans actions and she follows him around, thus like masky’s girl follows totheark, but they both are different.

    one actively plays with slenderman.

    the other messes with tarot cards and has a few of these guys pinned, and she can also send things at you boys.

    now if any of you want how to really kill slenderman, just ask.


    • Alice, why is it that you know so much about what is hidden. And why dose it sound as if you think that slendy’s girl can’t mess with the mask’s. Also if I hear one more person say totheark is a mask I am going to freak, totheark is a wast of time loser that thinks he can be a mask he can’t. Slendy’s girl and Masky’s girl used to be my friend’s I know what they can and cant do. One word from slendy’s girl and masky’s girl would tern her back on the mask’s. She sometime’s travailed with them because she liked the company of the female mask’s. I know that wich you all look for but not what you think is the way to kill them plese do tell me what you have found, that they didn’t tell me.

      • alot of people believe that totheark from youtube is masky, so, for them to understand i use the name. but you are correct about the ‘one word and masky’s girl will turn her back on the masks’

        oh, and do not fret about me, i know vanx.

        also, do you want to kill them? give these other men the info they need to kill slendy’s girl’s slenderman who protects her? or not

  177. This is true but I cant help wondering. To think that someone knows something I do not is…. well uncomfortable for me. and tell Vanx I say hi.

    • i know many things, but i am aware that you have ran into mimic’s before, as they ‘mimic’ stuff, people, myths and the masks if they need too.

      and the more powerful mimic’s come at in the form of shadows for them to trip on

      and he says hello back

  178. I have, some accusations…
    From my studies of these posts, Isoda, Vanx, Alice and Janis are all the same person. Hanna may be another persona, but I haven’t gathered up enough evidence to say so.
    Let me just say something, taking the identity of more than one individual takes intelligence to do. Your scheme has its flaws, so let me just tell you what I think.
    Isoda, Vanx, Alice and Janis (possibly Hanna) all type the same. They have similarities in their posts. The lack of punctuation, the frequent misspelled words, the inappropriate use of slang, the agreements…
    On November 27th, a conversation between Vanx and Isoda occurred. I was skeptical about this, but their posts are minutes apart, and again, they have grammatical errors and misspelled words. They treat each other the same, as in Isoda towards Vanx and Vanx towards Isoda.
    Now, on December 16th, three knew people are introduced. Alice sums up what Isoda says, but points out his errors. I noticed how Alice suggests that Slender Man is immune to the water, as Isoda did. Alice also mentions that there is one true Slender Man, as Isoda did… There is also the flaws in the typing as well.
    Now, Janis and Alice engaged in conversation. They argue and both talk about the mimics. No one knew about the mimics until Alice first posted. No word about the mimics(except Isoda was hinting towards them) until two knew people magically show up, both knowing about the mimics. Hm… They talk about Vanx and Isoda as if they personally know each other. Sure, they mentions others, but there is something different…
    My reason for accusing Hanna, is that she mentions the word vampire, like Isoda did… She actually posted before Alice or Janis did. At 9:06 in the morning on December 16th. Alice’s first post was at 12:44 p.m. on the same day. Janis was no later. Again, I am not so sure about Hanna…
    IF my accusations are correct, than there may be only three people left in this thread.
    IF my accusations are correct, than you are a fucking moron for taking the identity of multiple people without taking in consideration that geniuses like me lurk the internet.

    • it sure in hell sounds like vampires; water, light. what’s next, garlic? and what’s a mimic? i know mimic means to copy or act like, but I’ve never heard of a mimic monster…..wait, yes i have. some crazy chick at school said ‘the shadows you trip on are mimics, be careful they don’t know your fear’ creepy girl

      • I’m just gonna put this out there. Was the crazy chick the homeless looking type, or the hot goth type?

      • mimic? kid, we’re not talking about treasure chests here. stop playing RPGs and look at master red and kincaid here…wait…sorry, tell the chick at school.
        anyway, when it comes to leshys, water and light aren’t a determining factor. vamprism is like a virus or a parasite. the V5 virus is an actual look at vamprism in our day and age.

      • shes the type people point at if someone dies, and she hates rpgs.

    • Janus never said anything about mimics masterofred that was Alice. And you know what not everyone can spell and not everyone has perfect punctuation. And yes I mentioned vampires because Isoda had a point you guy’s sound like that’s what you are talking about vampires not the slendermen. Janus and Alice where able to have a conversation like that because they where both on. she knew someone would respond to her post so she stayed and waited. Also so you know I’m not the same as them when they where arguing I was at school and the computers there don’t allow access to this sight. So there.

      • i agree, but let me help with something
        sight is for looking. site is websites
        where is wondering what place your at
        were is the correct word.
        one more thing, english is the most difficult language, but its still hard if you study the words and such. reason why japanese and such are really good at writing in english is because they study it.

        hope that helps

        ~from the pain in the ass 😛

  179. What is the v5 virus? I have never heard of it before.

    • please, just google it…and take an english class?

      • her spelling is fine in that post, so don’t harp on her for nothing

      • i do what i want!

      • riight….and how old are you again? because your acting pretty stupid. oh! maybe your those type of adults with their heads so far up their own asses that they can’t get a girlfriend for the love of anything. i say both, or maybe something else i can’t see (involving you being a dick or close to it) so grow up and stop picking at other peoples spelling. who knows, maybe shes ten?

      • Grammar Nazi faggotry! Lol

      • I have, English is my favorite subject but I have an IEP in writing. Witch means I have bad grammar and spelling. So get off my ass your fucking tardmuffin on a stick.

      • i just lol’d, that some how seemed british to be

  180. Ugh…

  181. Science faggotry!! Lol

  182. UPDATE:

    All of you children need to stop arguing. I thought this was a page for slenderman, not some mudslinging, looneybin. I know we’re all a little crazy for saying we “believe” in this monster, but we can’t let that drive us against each other. Some of us hunt, some give information (although some bits wrong and some bits right), even if it is juvenile prodding. Anyway, at the next stop. Getting ready for an ambush soon here. Wish I was able to enjoy the holiday coming up. Too much going on to get caught off guard.

    • Gomenasai Mr. Kincaid, your right. It’s just…. some people on this site it’s like they want to pick a fight and somehow everyone gets drawn in except for you it seems.

      • I wasn’t picking any fights. I just wanted to know why someone would make up multiple people just to have a conversation with themselves. It just seems pointless.
        And if you are a native English speaker, you should be able to spell. If anything, you should be able to punctuate correctly.

      • I wasn’t speaking of you.

  183. UPDATE:

    This will most likely be my last entry. I intend to end this one way or the other.

    Last night, we were staking out a wooded patch near Surrey, but ended up going into the wooded area there. It seems we’ve found one of what seems to be many “nests”. There were at least five there, along with kids in masks…hell, there were adults in masks as well. My theory has changed over time, so i’m going to put down on this thing what I believe to be true…

    I believe, to a point, that slenderman is some sort of self-appointed anti-hero. Most of the ones he takes are children, which upon interview after getting some to wean from their steady dose of that drug cocktail we found on most of the young ones, that they had recently done something wrong or had been very very bad children in their own eyes. we’ve got three or four to tell us that they remember being taken by the slenderman. They said they began to beg and plead and that they were sorry. This is where their memories stop. A lot of you say that you’ve gotten away from slenderman on some accounts. I’m starting to think that slenderman takes these kids and gets rid of them before they become even worse if that happens, or he gives them a chance to repent. I myself thought this was silly at first until I recollected to when I a bugger myself.

    I remember when I was about 14 or 15, on the night that I buried my mum that I went on a tirade and smashed every window on my father’s car, then proceeded to smash the hood in. I was a dumb kid, I didn’t know any better, and was told I was going to military school. I ran away from the house. After climbing out of a window, I remember nothing until the next morning, or so I think, being told by a policeman that they had found me in the woods, slinging around an illegal pocketknife, covered in scrathes and brusies, and that i was acting like a feral animal, almost stabbing one of the officers that had detained me.

    at that point, I was forced into military school, ROTC, and then the british military and the SAS. I’ve had an accute sense of paranoia all my life, which is why i made a good soldier. This, is not the problem here though. A few nights ago, one of the older children, I believe he was about 18 or 19, was found gutted and impaled on a tree limb. The only problem was, he had died of shock before he was stripped of his innards. I think that if you are somehow able to get away, slenderman comes back for you. This would explain him killing off all but two of my unit back when I had met Selby. He might have some back to finish me off. Now, I know all of you have been slinging prophecies around, as well as theories and insults, but this is what i’m choosing to go with until something makes more apparent sense…which, seeing as how i’m chasing somethihing deemed “imginary”, nothing probably will.

    I’m attacking the nest. If I make it out, i’m shipping out to a new area to find more of these buggers.


    Alan Kincaid

    • Godspeed Alan.
      I have been on the run, mostly chasing them. I hate the bastards more than fear them. They’ve ruined my life from the start, they made my girl move out of state and I haven’t spoken to her in weeks, they killed my dog and possibly my older brother. My family decided that I need help, and that whatever Slender Man is has become an obsession. They scheduled a meeting with a psychiatric doctor, but I refused to go. I gathered up a bunch of my things and ran off in my car. I have dug way too deep to live a normal life anymore, and anyone that I know doesn’t trust me anymore. I have been tracking them throughout the U.S. I encountered one while traveling through South Dakota and I am currently on my way to Canada, it seems. I plan to find the source and do my best to stop it. I don’t want help, because that just means putting another life at risk.
      Happy New Years.

  184. Merry Meet,
    I’ve seen the masked person.
    I know it seems hard to believe(and how cheesy this may sound), but there’s always hope even in the darkest of moments.
    I wish you luck.
    Blessed Be 🙂

  185. Just wait, it won’t be long before everyone is one of them. Their influence is larger than I thought, and I am beginning to think that they will become the new society, the new humanity. Every species starts somewhere.
    I returned home to try to rebuild my life, but that’s hard when I am in constant conflict with these creatures. I started going to therapy, but I doubt that I will mentally change. My own family calls me a freak, I just want redemption.

  186. Making any post that claims a follow-up post will be released shortly seems to be a bad move.
    Look at MarbleHornets.
    But here’s a pattern, there’s a pattern.

    The Takkenman is an agent of chaos. You’re looking for order where there is none. And it wants that.

    Keep your sanity.

  187. Also, all you trollers out there….

    Not funny. I’m looking at you: Alice, Dr. Madd, kincaid.

    There is only one Slenderman….and he don’t like to be trifled with.

    • i don’t care what you say but leave name’s out of it fuckface. and one slenderman ya right the thing’s that chased me where not just mimic’s there where 4 slendermen 4 not 1 and 3 mimic’s. it was 4 slendermen.

  188. Hm…

  189. i’m in the states.
    not able to post full update.
    i’m going to play L2engrish’s card and tell allenjacoby that he can suck my union jack for all i care. you’re information is invalid and we all know that now.

    sorry for being breif,
    alan kincaid

  190. Misspelled brief.

    And not information, just simple observation.

  191. Glad you’re alive Alan.

  192. jack whatever guy, if you’re going to call kincaid on a spelling error on a smart phone…well…hell, i’m going to call you on “and he don’t like to be trifled with”

    nice grammar…i’m pretty sure he DOESN’T like to be trifled with.

    anyway, the names mentioned are some of the best contributors to a rather dead forum. you’re just some weebo who decided to try trolling peepe who are contributing to an awesome ARG.

    so do us all a favor. suck allan’s union jack. he could use the stress reduction, ya trollfail. this and marble hornets aren’t supposed to be related.

  193. MasterofRed is right, but to be honest, you guys pretty much ruined a perfectly awesome ARG by allowing anyone to join in with completely absurd subplots that weren’t monitored at all.
    Logan and Joshua’s stories are great. And as lame as the whole Lovecraft-Miskatonic-references were, even Flamerock’s subplot was pretty interesting.
    But now you guys with your multiple Slendermen and your convoluted nonsense have killed it.
    For god’s sake, you guys are fighting about grammar and spelling.

    • I never really was fighting about grammar or spelling, I was just making accusations and that seemed like an important aspect.

  194. I confronted one just ten minutes ago. It didn’t touch me or even look at me. I don’t know what it was doing. Anyone have any ideas?

    • hate to say this….but mimics are very stupid, but i doubt that was a mimic, as a friend of mine is going around, dressed as slenderman just for shits and giggles, only to be shot in the shoulder, so i’ve have had it with the things you guys do, cause i know that the guy who shoot him either read this site, or posts on it

  195. I confronted one just ten minutes ago. It didn’t touch me or even look at me. I don’t know what it was doing. It stood in one position for five minutes before I went back inside. Any ideas?

  196. Don’t film it.

    Don’t even talk about it. If you ignore them, they leave you alone…
    or so it would seem.

  197. oooh Can I help kill people? Sounds fun

  198. Spread the word. Keep awareness up. Everyone must know what they will endure.

  199. What do we say? To who?

  200. If it exists, it’s a Tulpa.

    Something that only exists because so much belief has been put into it.

    Faith alone can create monsters.

  201. and voodoo magic

  202. Well yeah, that too…
    But that’s why I sacrifice chickens every night.

  203. Hi, I’m the voice of experience…

    My condolences for the ones who died (maybe you don’t know but there is just a couple of persons in SM list who didn’t die already during the last year) during this particularly Sm’s case. Not trying to be disrespectful, but if they had ‘opened the eyes’ before it was too late, the next one in list would had never died because of Sm. Luckily it seems someone in the list figured something out just at the last moment of his life, preventing Sm have the need to continue the listing (by the way, he had some help in that department by an anonymous source)…

    Is not the first time I have seen Sm’s cases, or any other of these creatures in action.. I found this case around a week ago, read it, reflex it and completed it (actually I found it kind of special, since Sm usually just abduct kids and kill ((follow them till insanity)) involving adult’s with less cycling, the Sm’s list are usually no more than of 3-4 persons..)..

    Must of the times, the person die because, ‘they never turn around’ and don’t face the problems and instead, they run from them. Running is not a way of surviving in life, One should always ‘Turn around’ and see the problems face-to-face seeing ‘at the eyes’ in order to resolve them. Make this a teaching lesson, a case that I hope will give you the experience to surpass your life’s problems, a gift of wisdom from the glorious fallen ones…

    The Veteran’s Sketch notebook case: CLOSED
    (Joshua was the last one who knew the blog’s password, so I don’t think think this place is going to anyway since no one can edit it now)

    P.S. please, don’t be disrespectful, if you disagree about what I had just wrote, don’t violate the glorious fallen memory with unnecessary comments… But, if you want to share a ‘piece of wisdom and experience’ with the rest of the readers, you can go ahead and enjoy yourself.

    Always Turn Around -Keiken

  204. Alright, got another one early this morning.

  205. one of you guys shot my friend who doesn’t even believe in slenderman, so he dresses up like him to scare my friends that do. however, none of us carry a gun, and he was shoot in the shoulder, so one of you guys are to blame, and we walked home, him a bit ways a head of me, only to get attacked by water guns.

    your all fucking nuts for shooting a normal person who already thinks your loony.

    • Alice please calm down, think rationally. because you are hurting innocent people. i don’t even think you realize it. just please calm down. or you might end up meeting your worse nightmare. witch is a sleep deprived me. i don’t want to go after you but i will. so stop this shit.

      • i find it funny that you think that your better then me, little girl, do not piss me off, as i just want the fucker who shot my friend, now if your going to stop me, things will only get worse, and there’s a way out of that little dream, and not all of them belong to you as the one in new york is very very angry that you think that she belongs to you, only Ohio is the one, and he is called away on important matters. now grow up

  206. i never said that i was better than you but i’m pissed and i’m tired and i’m protecting my friend’s. that makes me stronger than you and i get that your pissed and hurting but you know i wouldn’t do it and you know my friend’s wouldn’t ether so take us out of it. and when i call them mine i don’t exactly mean like i control them or even that i own them, or love them. i mean it like i mean when i call my friends mine. and i wish that they’d all see me that way.

    • you did say you was better, as i am stronger, and sarah knows this. and they can’t really understand ‘friends’ now i can tell you the simple way of getting out, face them, or if they scare you that much, tell me

  207. them who’s them. bitch i’m stuck in one spot in the matter of a week of that dream I’ve moved about 2 feet.

    • first off, that isn’t your dream, your stuck in sarah’s, which is the end of the world, so ask her, i’m tired, and good night

  208. Hanna and Alice, cut the shit. The arguing and the name calling is just ridiculous. You sound completely uneducated in the whole matter. And the way you guys type and spell is way to irritating. Didn’t I call something over a month ago on how taking multiple identities is just unbearably stupid? So, shut the hell up and go to a different thread if you guys aren’t going to help.

  209. I concur with MasterofRed.
    Can we go back to the one Slenderman or multiple Slendermen debate?

    Because I’ve decided there’s only one.

  210. Allan hasn’t posted in awhile…

  211. Slenderman came and got him for making up stories….

  212. i dunno…the guy seemed like Soap McTavish on crack (literal or metaphorical as far as i’m concerned) so hey, me probably could take one of those things.
    i dunno about you either. we were having fun, then you showed up, dropped trow, and shit on everything

  213. Where is Slenderman? I wanna join him. He sounds cool

  214. hey red guy, have you heard from alan?

  215. Perhaps he isn’t. Alan, respond to confirm your still existence.

  216. Hello, I see that you have a problem on your hands….I recently got my textbook for school and fond that it was filled with similar images/messages as the ones found in matt’s notebook. The textbook had also been signed out repeatedly under the name of “Oneofmany”
    If you need help or wish to see the messages, please…just ask.

    • I would like to see the messages. I have watched this sight for a while and seen the argument’s that have unfolded. I find them quite childish and mever responded to anything but I must say I’m intrested in what these messages may say.

      • Sure…The first is “He sees all that I see”
        the second is “Why do they sing”
        The third is “Found you In your sleep”
        the fourth is “eyes see nothing”
        the fifth is “Things Have Everything Yesterday”
        and the sixth is “Always Return Everything Closer Only Many Interested Never Giving”
        and the just found seventh is “Together they sing why do they sing why do they bleed bleed bleed bleed bleed bleed eyes”

      • Oh…and “Eyes see nothing”

  217. Interesting. Are there more scripts or drawings related to this subject?

  218. Lol, mass sustained cascading delusion ftw. You’re all morons. What the fuck is up with the slenderman fetish among the girls?

  219. Hmm….this is just a assumption but I am assuming Joshua is dead? What a shame, I literally just spent the last few hours reading this -__- And I thought the last post was a month ago…keep forgetting it’s 2011 >.>


  220. Stalking another one. I may or may not have found a ‘nest’ of them.

  221. its been over a year from his last blog. I have recently become interested in this “slender man”. I presume that Joshua is either dead or has decided to give up following this myth on the slender man. I wonder what has happened to the man who received the notebook, if following this case, he also should be dead. If anyone has any more information on this “slender man” or this case, please leave a comment below with links, information, or anything at all that can help my research. Thank you.

  222. weeks now? this is bad

  223. I think it is best if we open a new thread, but on the same subject.

  224. Right, so nightmares for a while now.

  225. Got another one. Took pictures, but they’re all fucked.

  226. Anyone know any active ARGs on Slenderman?
    Or info on him in general?

  227. Ok so it seems that this is very similar to what I recently may have gotten involved in. I just got my hands on my new Geography textbook and it was filled with messages that are similar to Totheark messages or Logan’s messages. Although I think it may be the work of a devoted fanboy, I looked into it and found out that it belonged to a student named Travis Webstar…Ring any bells?
    If you want to see the messages, check out my blog GOOGLE IT!

  228. It is but a noise, a shadow, a warning. To see it is to deserve it. Follow the angel of death to the ark. Only the chosen shall live. The Waters of God will engulf sin. The world is his playground but everything answers to something. That something is close, rounding the forgotten planet. Repentence is aimed at something false. Humanity has failed, follow him to the ark. His origin will be the last place for salvation.

    • Sounds biblical. But Slenderman is no where in the Bible.

      • The key is not in the book of lies. It is found with the keepers, the masons of this reality and of this time-line. They think they are hidden, der ritter fears them. Their origin is the same as his, they hunt him as he hunts you.

  229. UPDATE

    It’s been a long time. You’d think it’d be easier to get to a working computer in the states, but in fact, it is not…

    I’ve been doing a lot of work. Lots of new toys, new locales, taking in the sights a little as i’ve been doing my hunting. There are more of the masked children here…it’s insane, this monster taking innocent kids like this.

    I received an envelope a few days ago from an unknown address (of course it’s unknown…i don’t live here.) Inside was a thin slice of paper. Blank. Then I checked it with a UV light we had laying around. Crudely, it spelled out something I wish I hadn’t seen. It said SPENCER. I’m afraid it’s too late for him…he left us the cipher…I wish i had looked at it when I had time. I tried scanning it, but something happened to the ink when I did. It’s almost as if the light in the scanner erased or dissolved the ink. It’s completley gone.

    Anyway, I know where I can actually sit down and use a computer now. Don’t worry, i’m still hunting as much as I used to.

    Alan Kincaid

    • Glad you are well.
      I am currently looking into a ‘nest’ in western Maine right now, and I might be gone for a few days/weeks.

  230. so where is slender man located…

  231. I wish you luck Red, and a safe return.

  232. this is for your fighting chance. don’t ask how i got this, but know that it has more then one meaning, the most clear is the one you don’t really need to know since it was brought to me now here it is

    Hide It’d Die from Eon’s of Freedom or Ronald On Mother Street then Lean and End Never ending Dream who’s Ears are Roman and May not help And Never Aid Netherals from Dieing From Rings In the Netheral worlds Dreams that Shout For Our Removal Now Our battle is Won.

  233. I’m so close to the source, I think. The suspense is eating away at me.

  234. I found the location from marble hornets entry 29 the tunnel. Check out my blog…Its pretty interesting.

  235. I wish I got into this earlier…

  236. I’d like to get in touch with you if at all possible, email is fine.

  237. Two of them are stalking me right now. I can see them out my window in the fields.

  238. I stumbled upon this by accident. Everything that has happened before makes sense now.

    Everywhere around my town, I see the same symbol.

    I do not know if it is a good sign, or an omen.

    But it is there.

    Europe and the United States are not the only place.

    It’s here too.

    I have to go, someone is knocking at my door.

  239. Once again, I think I have a possible solution to whats going on with Logan, and everyone else. The Slender Man took logan back in time and gave him matts journal. This resulted in a time loop….Alright screw that. Just check out my blog I am stuck in a similar problem.

  240. You know, at the very beginning I actually thought this might be real. I’m an idiot… and strangely disappointed :/

  241. Kinkade, Red, what’s your status? Any news?

  242. heey guys just letting you know that after goin out on my motorcycle I went on a road trip and totally forgot to tell you.Me and slendy worked things out and he introduced me to Jay. We hang out alot and are going to the pool later tonite.

  243. oh thats nice joshua. im happy for you!

  244. Arg.. trolls… I love this sort of stuff, but… really? If you’re going to bother making up a storyline and scheme (*CoughKincaidCough*) Make your own Slenderblog, We’d all be happy to read it, I’m sure!

    Pfft~ Sorry about how GodMod-ish this sounds but it’s true… 😛

    • well, he’s sorta…uh…i dunno, contributed more to it that you have. if he’s on the run, how is he supposed to make his own blog? type with one hand while blasting slendy with some sort of firearm in the other?

      while i DO agree with you, kink’s place here seems appropriate. Him having his own blog would say he has some sort of time on his hands. in most of his posts, he doesn’t it’s either a quick update, or something more in short hand.

      THINK about story before COMMENTING on it

  245. I have traced them back to Europe. I have gathered enough money to take a plane ride to Dublin, but I don’t know where to pick up from there. Perhaps I will make my way to Germany and do some touring on the way. I will make future posts, hopefully.

  246. ((Dear creator, I would like to get in contact with you 😀 As more of a creators chat sorta thing that the rest of us have going. It’d be smashing if you were to join us X3 I don’t know if this will get to you, but I hope it does as a lot of the slenderverse creators would love to chat with you X3

    You can contact me via

    – Chase, creator of Stopping Lights and holder of the master list of the slenderverse works))

  247. Please help with this slenderman stuff!!
    lavidadetravis123. blog spot . c o m

  248. You closed your eyes Joshua.

    The forest has opened theirs.

    With open arms.


  249. You have slipped further from the Answer.

  250. Dear Joshua if you still at times look at this site I was wondering if things are oke there or not.
    Have things happend to you or does it seem to have stopped all the “madness” I just wondered as reading all the entries seem pretty disturbing and I hope that after 2 years it just all quiet down.

  251. It’s become quite quiet and calm as of late. I wonder if Slenderman did away with his evidence like always…

  252. Fallen.

    Like so many others.



    It would seem that in the case of the Slender Man, something new has risen that is taking the lives and sanity of other people. Not sure if this is legitimate just yet, but it all seems very well pieced together for a false entity.

    Check into it.

  254. Cool Man, Totally gonna look into that motherfucker.


  256. Crazy-ass-shit

  257. thay are dead mabey not logen but for the team if eney of u are still alive ples conakt me at or EVEY one that noes of this

  258. A little
    boy went out
    to play
    When he
    opened his door
    he saw the world
    As he
    he caused a reflection
    Evil was born
    Evil was born
    and followed the boy

  259. I have been led to Kashmir.

  260. Why is the roman numeral for six in there? Why does he have such a problem with pronouns?

  261. Well that was a let down :s, It just ends like that?!? I like Marble Hornets better to be honest its more well thought out. I want to meet Slendyman and make blogs and videos of him, I am sort of jealous to be honest.

    Over all I want to know whats going on NOW, what happened with the notebook who has it now are they okay what happened to Joshua or the people with the initials! *grumbles*

  262. Anyone else get the feeling that seeing as how 2 of the 9 are ‘dead’ the rest were ment to continue to tale? maybe looking back at the information given would reveal a way to take control of the blog or something. of course this is just speculation on my part.


  263. Howw do all of you find this so scary? You all havve such a lowwly sense of fear, it’s pathetic.

  264. where can i find other things related to this, such as the youtube profiles mentioned? i need to know more.

  265. UPDATE:


    I found myself in the lobby of a condemned bed and breakfast, blood pouring from my nostrils. Looks like this thing came and got me, just like I had promised multiple times. I woke up with a smartphone next to me, this page open, and that header written on it with “christ…” under it. There was a note attached.


    so i’m typing this in hopes that it appeases my captor or whoever brought me here to bleed on the floor. I’m going to document a few more things here, just in case something like this happens again. I’m doing this for my own good, so treat it like anyone’s ramblings…free of abuse so i know what to look for:

    1) sidearm was on my left, shell-casings spread. Three rounds left in the magazine, one in the chamber.

    2) Besides a bleeding nose, no other visible injuries. lost blood is minimal, seems like a normal nosebleed. no breakage. Shoulder is sore, but that stems from injury in combat.

    3) note on phone (see above). phone opened to this page, viewing post i did not make (I AM NOT THE WARRIOR blah blah blah…) heading (see above) was pre-typed. not deleting it for reasons unknown

    4) tv on a chair. static. no note, no nothing.

    5) vandalism on a few walls. doesn’t seem important besides some scrawlings about a “tall man”

    6) One spent ADS cartridge stuck in a wood panel on the wall. delivery was made, seems to have missed the target, must inspect later.

    The last thing i remember is being with my mates. I’m thinking we were going to use this place as a safehouse or we were going to stash some things here. realized something.

    7) was bashed in the head. red, open bump on my right occipital/parietal. scabbed over, blood is dry.

    can’t stop yawning. don’t know if i should go outside. going to try and find a working sink or some sort of water and leave this place.


  266. Yes i may be saying some utter bullshit and it is within your own choice to believe me but as a child i have seen a figure resembling the slender man his ability makes him incredibly dangerous and for all i know at the moment it has the common decency to at least give a 24 hour start before it hunts its prey, although its ability to get into houses through crevices under the door or using its tentacles to even tear the door out from the hinges makes him a difficult monster to escape. i have only seen him once and at first i thought i was hallucinating (i was smoking a bit of weed) but it was not until a few weeks later till i knew what i saw was real. the reported cases of 3 children going missing right under their mothers watchful eyes.
    it is best to delve deeper into finding this creature to find out if the children are still alive or were killed or even at worst turned into more slender’s
    each slender is different some discreet some are extremely violent all have one objection to get children. i based these facts off of reports from children who have shared and my own experience all i know is that running if you even can escape the trance of the unknown from them is pointless they will never give up

    truly a horrific beast

  267. only children and animals are aware of his existence and he is yet to have any video of him and i doubt there will ever be if you are scared of him get a loud dog and if the dog is ever quiet you know hes near

  268. nice try faggot

    that’s one of may images from imgur and tumblr from a farmhouse/haunted house. i’ve seen it in person.

  269. This has gone on too long.
    I’m just so sick of this.

  270. fInD A WAy
    Y⊗U are keeping secrets

    • You’re an interesting fellow…interesting indeed…

    • totheark: i need to now, why did you came here, i have seen you in other places around the internet, but you never sayed why did you have done what you have done, what you ve done its unknown for most people, but not for me, you have now your own masky stalker.
      Youve done me much grief, but for the greater good, so asnwer me, are you trying to help this little souls on their way to oblivion? or something else?
      See you round,
      The marker

    • no it was just pointless rambling by a man who has done to many drugs

  271. In the end, I feel like I deserve this. I have always been a bad person. I was always narcissistic, avaricious, selfish, hateful, degrading, aggressive, etc.. I have been charged with trespassing, statutory, battery, sabotage… now I guess that this is for the best, at least for those around me.

  272. are you fuckin kiddin me it wwas the biggest wwhale of a wwaste evver


  274. watch your back, this is not a coincidence, your life might be seriously compromised right now, i can’t do much from were i am, but i will try to help out, dont be alone.

    Sorry for your lose

  275. Just when I began to forget about this, it restarts.
    There will be no end to this.

  276. Is anyone still here?

  277. Um hi guys I’m new on this blog but have been researching slenderman for the last two months, he is fascinating. But the thing is that I’ve been having weird dreams one I can remember right now is I’m playing a game, I think its the new zelda game but anyways I’m playing it and all of a sudden slender man pops up inside the game. I’ve had other dreams similar to this and I’m starting to get a little scared. I not sure if I’m just paranoid and reading to many horror stories or this is for real.

    • I find it hard to believe you.

      • Fair enough, I’m not to sure if i believe myself, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately and it could be a combination of exhaustion and reading slenderman stuff. Srry to bug you.

  278. Slenderman
    if you are out there come and get me.
    see if you can take me

  279. This may be a little late but I think theres a connection with whats happening here and another similar incident with a young man named Noah on youtube search Tribe twelve if your interested but they use the same date 11.11.11 and I don’t see anyone making that connection so I thought I’d give my two cents.

    • Kitty, this “connection” goes between more than just this and tribe twelve if you’ve heard about Marble Hornets, and go up ^ totheark and j and Tim are all involved in this in a way.

  280. There are far worse things in this world then slender man.
    Ever wonder about all the stories you hear?
    Random games or the true face of evil?
    Really think about this now.
    Of course you’ll likely wright this off, but…
    Reality is a strange thing.

    Kids are more easily led because they still have magic
    In their hearts. Still able to believe.
    Night is not the only place where our demons hunt. Just a place to
    Go where it is easy to hunt, because we make it that way. WE do. US!

  281. Just think about it.

  282. two years have passed and people are still waiting

  283. And he never posted again.

  284. This man is long gone, sorry to say. Normaly, the thing is he went durring the night,sad to say, he was also riding a motarcycle. If slender man is real, then he used Logan to Lure him out into the Streets. Slender man would appear in the middle of the rode and kill/abduct Josh. If the police ever found his remains or his Cycle, they would think he simple crashed and died. So all and all, Joush may be dead and we wont see him again, but guess what? Slender Man still needs two more people, just two more……he is close I guess. It is most likely that you wont ever see another post from him again, very sad, very true. I am calling Just another Fool a close, but their are a few hints, you are correct about Odins eye, but Slender Man has been here far before that, very VERY far before Norse Mytholigy. Think of the nine people, the two that are missing, and who has been in contact with….The Slender Man.

    • By the way has anyone noticed the Roman Number Six on the paper? It is because Logan was the 6th sacrafice. Jousha is now hiding from The Man In suit. He needs two more sacrifices, just two more……..just two more……. the norse myth, remember odin and the 9…two more….

      BH brandon guy on youtube who got logans notebook in the mail.

      BS Unknown

      DF dav who got the original journal (Aka number 3)

      JA Joshua

      LR Logan Renault

      RE Regina erbs, the youtuber who got one of the notebook pages

      ?? NEED

      ?? NEED

      HIM Slender Man

  285. Wait, was this an actual attempt to fool people, or just for entertainment value? It was entertaining, if the latter, so I’m not just being a troll. I’m honestly confused as to weather this is a hoax or just fun.

  286. Where the hell is josh

  287. I know that I hung on a windy tree
    nine long nights,
    wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,
    myself to myself,
    on that tree of which no man knows
    from where its roots run.

    Yeah sorry about this it’s just the comments about the Yggdrasil combined with the mention of Logan being blind in his left eye reminded me of Odin who removed one of his eyes. So naturally this stanza feuturing both Odin and the Yggdrasil came to mind and I couldn’t resist posting it.

  288. 9 days have passed.. no word from anyone? Huh.. Did you all die?

  289. Oh my god.
    This was posted the same day my life changed forever.

  290. Im the only one here?

  291. No.

  292. Dont want to know.

  293. Huh. there was life yesterday here.

  294. hello there, my name is professor fishlips, from the innsmouth university of science, you cannot escape from slenDer man, becAuse slender man is the earth itself he has been known as yGgdrasil (As many have already guessed.) there is anOther you may kNow named ratatoskr, who is known in this day and age as “the rake”

    None of them come from this world or universe, but of course they have existed on it since before time began for us.
    Obviously, none of them can be gotten rid of (the word kill does not apply to beings such as them.) and if you are still alive with Slender man following you, it’s not because of anything that you have done, but simply because he allows it, once he has his “sights” (I use the word sight, but again he is so far beyond a term like that, that it does not apply.) it is inevitable.

    Currently I am studying Niddhoggr although I’m not sure exactly which being he is.

    Perhaps that old chap from the Miskatonic University, in Arkham would know?

  295. 556 comments? People worry me sometimes.


  297. Using a phone tracking app on my computer, I located logan’s cell phone. Its in the park, but the funny thing about the location… 13 feet, under ground. Im going to the location of the phone. And I’m going to see if Slender Man’s base of operations is nearby. Whereever it is, Joshua…. Or his body, is bound to be there.

  298. And at the end of fear, oblivion.

  299. Might be of some interest to some of you:

  300. il est la , avec moi….toujours
    il ‘m’observe mais ne me vois pas
    il me suit , mais il n ‘est pas derriere moi
    je l’aperçois au loin…mais il est tous proche

    j’abandonne…je le laisse me prendre , m’emmener la ou il en a emmené bien d’autre avant moi…
    vous l’avez tous créé , nous l’avons créé…il attendait cela , tapis dans les ombres de nos peurs…
    simple cauchemard devenu réalité , il ne disparaitra jamais…

    alors moi…je disparais

  301. Where am I

  302. We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go Always a little further: it may be Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow Across that angry or that glimmering sea …

  303. this was so promising at the point where “the hands are the key.” but then it just kinda ended…also nobody ever figured out what all the roman numerals meant…so there goes that. Maybe that was something big.

  304. Inspired by Silent Hill , But I admmit I was reading the complete tale

    I didn’t like the end , enough Blair’s Witch, but I liked the concept of blog book , in real time

    You guys should start the next chapter, or maybe a new urban legend

  305. 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  306. Kincaid, maybe this can help:

  307. Hi Logan, or Josh.
    I know this is a fake, so I beg you to stop it and tell all this madmen the truth.
    Before he takes me.

    P.S: Me and Noxifer, we are the same person. But we are different. Alter Egos, ¿get it?

  308. And by he I mean my alter ego.
    What did you thought noobs?

  309. The path goes on, by another hand,
    it must not end, it just has began.
    Another man must go, into the tall man,
    to find his true and only whereabout.

  310. One battles on, forever to stand.
    You can´t erase him tall man.
    One has allready fallen, into his hands.
    And two still, remain to be found.

  311. I am the one, to rise high,
    Too tall, how to ever fall.
    I am Der Grobben, the tall man.
    I am the Operator, the shadowy one.
    I am the Rake, a bad carcass.
    I am HABIT, a man´s fall.
    And I am an Ark, a Vault,
    Of knowledge, faith, and Fear!

    Subdue, knowers of the truth.

  312. Well, i have him inside me i dont know what to do, i think the part of the voice that makes the you know who wasnt real but im hearing to, last night i hear a howl and that voice whisper me youre the new. Since then my minecraft(?) has been corrupted by an image of white eyes what does that mean guys help me i dont wanna get insane. If you are gonna mail me joust to tell thats not my real name

  313. Hello all. It’s been so long.

    The time has come to stop.

    I now shall sleep forever in a sea of dark.

    No longer shall I hunt.

    No longer shall I kill.

    I just wish to rest.

    I deserve that much as I am told


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